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Camp Gear: Part 2

I talked about the big ticket camp items: tent, sleeping bag/pads, and coolers – now it’s time to move on to the fun stuff! Part of the reason I love getting into new things is the discovery of so many specialized…

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Camp Gear: Part 1

Mike and I are planning on doing a BUNCH of camping this season. The last time we went camping was in 2011 – damn that was a long time ago! It was a random trip, in April, in Yosemite. Highlighs included: wild…

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London, 2016

Last month Mike and I had the pleasure of visiting London. Mike had a couple of meetings and in a happy twist of fate, I was invited by British Airways to try out their #bleisure concept (business-leisure, get it?) and…

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Honolulu Eats 2016

Oahu, from what I can tell, is all about the eats! Here are some of my faves:

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Maui 2016

  I went to Maui! This was my first time to Maui and I didn’t have any expectations beyond getting to spend a week with my girls, Alana, Molly, and Lily. Here are a couple (okay, all) of my highlights:

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March in LA

I’m in the air, on the way to Hawaii and for once I’m being utterly productive instead of watching all the movies. Okay, I lied. I definitely watched one movie (The Intern – I liked it!). I think Molly working…

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Chicago: The Windy City

Last month Mike and I visited Chicago. It was windy, cold, and there was even a bit of snow! We’ve bean (heehee!) before so we didn’t do many of the classically touristy things. Instead we wandered around a bit, eating,…

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Stockholm and Swedish Meatballs

Last November, after our epic trip to Iceland, Mike and I took advantage of the budget airlines in Europe and headed on over to Stockholm. In my mind, Stockholm was a city full of gleaming white buildings, new and shiny, kind of like Ikea…

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Iceland: The Ring Road

Last November Mike and I took a trip to Iceland. It’s a place that we’ve both been wanting to go to for a while and even though we’d been flirting with the idea for ages, we never made the plunge….

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Tokyo Food Guide: Where and What to Eat in Tokyo

So, you’re planning on going to Tokyo? First off, congrats! I’m so jealous. Tokyo is one of my all favorite cities. There is so much to do, so much to see, and most importantly, so much to eat. Tokyo has…

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A Little (Big) Bite out of New York

Mike and I have been back from NYC for a couple of days now and I’ve got to say, as much as the city was a ton of fun, I’m happy to be home. My tummy is happy to be…

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Kururi: The Best Miso Ramen in Tokyo

NOTE: Kururi is now closed forever :( To me, travelling inevitably means one thing: good eats I can’t find at home. I almost always fall for hype so you might find me patiently waiting in the longest line with my…

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sushi sho tokyo - www.iamafoodblog.com

Sushi Sho, Tokyo, Japan

To me, travelling inevitably means one thing: good eats I can’t find at home. I almost always fall for hype so you might find me patiently waiting in the longest line with my camera and empty stomach. Or you might…

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Cadillac Road to Table: Dallas

A couple weeks ago I was invited to Dallas to go to a Saveur Magazine/Cadillac event hosted at Oak. Of course, I jumped at the chance. Usually I’m a down-home kind of girl who spends her Friday nights in, so heading out to…

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ushi no kura - yakiniku in tokyo

Ushi No Kura

Tokyo is full of food. Walk down any major street and you’ll be surprised by the sheer amount of restaurants. Even on tiny side streets you come across tiny dedicated storefronts selling roasted sweet potatoes, mochi, or rice rice crackers….

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Yamamoto Menzou, Kyoto, Japan

Want to know a secret? I’m horrible at post-processing. Horribly slow that is. I’ll take a million or more photos while on vacation, or even while cooking for the blog, but I’ll only post-process a handful. And while I know…

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London Burger Bash

  I have a mild obsession with burgers. I think that —when executed right—they are a perfect food. Juicy, chargrilled beef; soft, yielding buns; and savoury toppings come together in a glorious explosion of flavours and textures.

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