There’s a new coffee shop in town and it’s adorable. cowdog coffee – one word, no caps – is a twice a week pop up coffee shop, open on Sundays and Mondays. It’s located inside Dear Gus Snack Bar on Quebec Street and it’s Vancouver’s newest cafe darling.

About cowdog coffee

Started by partners Ryan Dean Dexton and Joe Lee, cowdog coffee is a pop up shop that operates out of Dear Gus Snack Bar in Vancouver, BC.

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What to order at cowdog

I love it when a cafe has a limited menu and cowdog is no exception. Their features are definitely tea lattes: matcha, hojicha, and the especially photogenic strawberry matcha. They also do pourover, batch brewed coffee, and espresso with either a little milk or a lot of milk. Typically there’s a seasonal special as well.

The drink they sell out of the most is definitely the strawberry matcha latte. Not only is it pretty with distinctive layers of color, it’s delicious too. The sweet-tart house made strawberry puree, high quality grassy matcha, and your choice of milk combine into the perfect quaffable sip. Unfortunately the strawberry matcha latte is a limited time drink, so double check their instagram to see what season ly specialty they have before you go.

They’ve recently added a cookie butter latte and it is AMAZING. They use the cookie scraps from their speculoos, blend them up into a syrup then do a latte that is spiced and perfectly balanced. If you like cookie butter or biscoff cookies, this is the drink for you.

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Something sweet?

cowdog has the CUTEST little biscoff scottie dog cookies aka speculoos. Warm spices, crisp and crunchy, there’s a reason why speculoos are the biscuit to have with coffee.

They also do canelé in different flavors. If you haven’t had canelé before, they’re a French pastry baked in a copper mold. Canelé are delightfully caramelized, crunchy, and dark on the outside with tender custardy insides. cowdog bakes them fresh in the mornings. Some past flavors have been: coffee cream, lemon pistachio, and salted caramel. These guys sell out quick, so hop in line early if you’re looking to snag one.

When to go

They’re only open two days a week, so you don’t really have much of a choice, go on a Sunday or Monday. Sundays are usually busy with line ups because it’s the weekend, but Mondays are pretty busy too. If you want any of the more popular items, I’d say plan to be there before 10am. Also, be prepared to wait in line. They hand craft all of their drinks and good things take time.

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Location and hours

Inside Dear Gus Snack Bar at 2040 Quebec Street, Vancouver BC
Sundays and Mondays from 7am – 3pm

Extra notes

They don’t charge extra for oat milk and they don’t accept tips! They are also workshopping a hojicha caramelized white chocolate cookie that looks absolutely amazing.

I hope you support this lil pop up. I think their branding is super cute and their drinks, from what I’ve had, are delicious. It’s always fun to watch people work towards and achieve their dreams :)

cowdog coffee vancouver |

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