Bakery: Flour Bakery, Boston, Massachusetts
Date Eaten: 10/13/19
Cost: $2.50
Flour Bakery is pretty famous in Boston. Bostonians love Joanne Chang’s baked goods, especially her banana bread. But in the literal state birthplace of chocolate chip cookies, how does hers hold up? Surprisingly well! Chang based her cookie off the classic Tollhouse and it has that same flavor, homey and sweet, but with a few twists. The cookie was on the thinner side, but thicker than a Tollhouse, maybe about 1/3 of an inch thick and about 3.75 inches wide. There were large chunks of milk and semi-sweet chocolate and the edges were more on the soft side rather than crisp. The middle was chewy and fudgy and there were distinct rings of texture, where the edges were a bit more caramelized and the middle more pale with those ripples that cookie fanatics on Instagram love. There was a nice light brown sugar flavor and it wasn’t too sweet or salty. I loved and finished it!

Edge: 3.5/5
Middle: 3.5/5
Chocolate: 3.5/5
Cookie: 3.5/5
Taste: 4/5
Total: 18/25

Follow along as I search for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie: methodology, what makes a good cookie, and a list of all the cookies I’ve eaten, right here.

Flour Bakery's famous Chocolate Chip Cookie |

Flour Bakery’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookie

Flour Bakery's famous Chocolate Chip Cookie |

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