Bakery: Jacques Torres
Date Eaten: 11/6/19
Cost: $3.50
This is the chocolate chip cookie that kind of propelled chocolate chip cookies into a fancier, not just a cookie that mom bakes after school category. There’s a 24 hour resting period and two kinds of chocolate feves. It’s not really on many people’s NYC chocolate chip cookie radar anymore because of Chip and Levain but it was a really really good cookie: I loved it. They keep them on a cake stand so it’s pretty obvious that they aren’t warm and to be honest, they aren’t that pretty, but it has a depth of flavor to it that a lot of other chocolate chip cookies don’t have. The cookie was very flat with a lot of crackles and an even color throughout. It was HUGE: crispy and chewy and but very much the same texture throughout with almost no differentiation between the edges and middle. Maybe the edges were just the tiniest bit crispier. By no means was this a soft and tender cookie, probably due to the fact that it’s made with bread flour. There were large disks of chocolate that weren’t melty but weren’t solid either. The flavor was almost perfect, not too sweet and very balanced with a distinctive caramelized brown sugar flavor. This was my favorite of the NYC cookies!

Edge: 2.5
Middle: 2.5
Chocolate: 3
Cookie: 3.5
Taste: 3.5
Total: 17/25

Follow along as I search for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie: methodology, what makes a good cookie, and a list of all the cookies I’ve eaten, right here.

Jacques Torres's famous Chocolate Chip Cookie |

Jacques Torres’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookie


  1. Barry says:

    Chocolate ok, but cookie just average
    Not worth the $
    Just Meh

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