Bakery: Maman
Date Eaten: 11/5/19
Cost: $3.75
Maman is one of Oprah’s favorite things so I had pretty high hopes. There are several Maman’s in the city, all selling chocolate chip cookies, so we went to one that was close to us, thinking that all the cookies would be consistent. The Maman we happened to be the closest to was in a Paper Source – kind of a cafe/stationary store concept. There were a couple of cookies the case, but when I ordered one, they pulled it from a warming tray. It was a good sign! The cookie was about 4 inches wide with a super thin edge to a medium-thick center. There were lots of crackles and lots of nuts, with giant bits of chocolate that looked like feves. It was dense and very chewy in the middle with very caramelized edges. Surprisingly, it wasn’t very sweet, which I kind of held against it because it didn’t really taste very chocolate chip cookie-y to me. It was kind of disappointing really because I had hyped it up in my mind but really, it was a DNF.

Edge: 2.5/5
Middle: 3/5
Chocolate: 2.5/5
Cookie: 2.5/5
Taste: 2.5
Total: 13/25

Follow along as I search for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie: methodology, what makes a good cookie, and a list of all the cookies I’ve eaten, right here.

Maman's famous Chocolate Chip Cookie |

Maman’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookie

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