Bakery: Standard Bakery Co, Portland, Maine
Date Eaten: 10/10/19
Cost: $1.95
I heard that this was a really good cookie in Portland and when we got to the bakery I was excited because there was a little sign right next to the chocolate chip cookies that said “fresh from the oven!” When I got the cookie (popped into a wax bag) it felt just the slightest bit warm like it just came out of the oven about an hour ago. Things were feeling promising, but when I took the cookie out of the bag, it looked pretty average: lightly golden, without much chocolate and smooth, slightly crackly surface. It was a big cookie, about 4 inches and 3/4 inch thick in the middle. The edges were crisp with a good amount of caramelization, and the middle was thick and chewy, but also kind of had a slightly cakey texture with larger crumbs. Perhaps the most disappointing part of the cookie was the chocolate which was overly sweet without enough chocolate flavor. They were chunks, so that was slightly redeeming, but there definitely wasn’t enough of them. All in all, it was a DNF (did not finish) cookie for me.

Edges: 3/5
Middle: 3/5
Chocolate: 2/5
Cookie: 2.5/5
Taste: 2.5/5
Total: 13/25

Follow along as I search for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie: methodology, what makes a good cookie, and a list of all the cookies I’ve eaten, right here.

Standard Baking Co's famous Chocolate Chip Cookie |

Standard Baking Co’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookie

Standard Baking Co's famous Chocolate Chip Cookie |

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