Bakery: Levain
Date Eaten: 11/6/19
Cost: $4
Levain, Levain, Levain. It almost needs no introduction. If you’re even mildly into food and you tell people you’re going to NYC they will inevitably ask, are you going to that cookie place?! That cookie place in question is Levain of course. They sky rocketed to crazy cookie popularity partly in thanks to Instagram and partly due to their very large 6 ounce cookies. This is a big, big cookie, irregularly shaped with lots of craggles and small cracks. Still, it was actually a touch smaller than Chips, mostly in height, probably becuase their dough slumped more in the oven. The signature chocolate chip cookie has walnuts in it, which is not something I’m a fan of, but I think they helped with the texture and monotony. The chocolate was regular semi sweet chips, nothing to write home about. The cookies are served very slightly warm, with very crispy edges. The inside of the Levain cookie was far superior to Chip: gooey and chewy with a good flavor, if not a touch underbaked. If you like an underbaked cookie, this is the cookie for you. Definitely eat it warm because after it cools off it’s not worth the calories.

Edge: 2.5
Middle: 3.5
Chocolate: 2.5
Cookie: 2.5
Taste: 2.5
Total: 13.5/25

Follow along as I search for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie: methodology, what makes a good cookie, and a list of all the cookies I’ve eaten, right here.

Levain's famous Chocolate Chip Cookie |

Levain’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookie


  1. Carolyn L Dixson says:

    LOVED the Chocolate Chip Cookie reviews! Thanks bunches!

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