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Sunday Stuff 8.10.2014

Posted August 10, 2014 by Stephanie
spam onigiri -

The past week I spent a lot of time reading, enjoying the sun, and doing one of what I consider a most indulgent past time – watching movie trailers. Mike and I don’t go to the theatres a lot – I prefer cozying up at home and watching in our living room where the snacks are more along the lines of the above pictured spam fried rice onigiri instead of over-buttered, soggy popcorn. But of course, there’s something to be said about the movie experience too! How about you guys: movie theatre or living room? And what movies are you looking forward to seeing?


1. Can’t stop watching the twerking ice cream cone in Katy’s new video. So strangely…cute?
2. This looks like the just the kind of gloriously heartaching romantic comedy that I love.
3. I have  soft spot for rom-coms and Mark Ruffalo.
4. This is a definite must watch.
5. I LOVE apocalyptic, end of the world movies, especially when directed by Christopher Nolan.
6. Reading-wise, I just finished Robert Galbraith’s (aka J.K. Rowling) second novel, The Silkworm. I enjoyed it, but I liked the first book, The Cuckoo’s Calling, much more.
7. I’m looking forward to reading Murakami’s latest, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, but his books feel like more fall reads than summer ones.
8. How amazing is this glass stock pot? I’m dreaming of the photos I could take!

Link Love

1. I could eat this salad and this salad every day for the rest of summer and be happy.
2. And I’d drink this right along side.
3. For dessert a decadent milkshake and a mini cake perfect for two!
4. The next day I’d spend all day eating these and these!

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!

PS – I added a new RANDOM button on the sidebar! Check it out – it’s mildly addictive :)


  1. meg says:

    Great list! That pot is fabulous. I really enjoyed the links too…the link for the peach salad is killer. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for the link to my Frittaffles! And I love that random button!!

  3. Love the list!!! Totally want to see what if and the theory of everything too! And the salads, swoon!!

  4. Thanks for the link love, Steph! Happy to be included with Cynthia – we (accidentally) had a virtual summer salad party last week. Also, movie trailers! I’m often binge watching them :P They’re often better than the actual movies.

    Have a great week! xo

  5. molly yeh says:

    ohmygosh i need that onigiri in my life!!!!!

  6. do we have the same birthday or something? the similarities are getting eerie… ROM COMS! ^__^ (guilty pleasure)… that twerking cone, i’ve shared that now with a few people too! EEKS.. i just saw Begin Again with some gal pals! it was the perfect haven’t-been-to-a-movie-in-6-months movie. I was giddy the whole time. I love BOTH things – movies at home with a mega giant bowl of ice cream, and the theatre experience – loved it since i was a teeny kid!! xo

  7. NolanRyyan says:

    Living room movie watching for sure! I love the convenience of being able to pause a movie and take a bathroom break and raid the kitchen. Definitely want to see Gone Girl and looking forward to a marathon viewing of True Detective.

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