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Friday Finds: 5.8.2020

Posted May 8, 2020 by Stephanie

Oh hello! It’s been a while since I posted a Friday Finds. A lot has been going on in the world. I hope everyone’s doing well. Around here we’ve been cooking a bunch, ordering takeout, enjoying healthy social distancing walks, and essentially just trying to stay positive. I have good days and bad and Mike, well, he is the most well adjusted person I know. I thought I’d bring back Friday Finds since maybe you have a lot of time on your hands? Most of the stuff on the internets these days is about Covid, but I found some cute links that (mostly) don’t have much to do with it if you’re looking for a little bit of a mental break.


  1. Nostalgic snack foods. Tbh, these rarely end up tasting as good as you remember, but heck, are they nostalgic.
  2. Don’t feel guilty about having pancakes for breakfast.
  3. Is a perfect avocado even possible? Lasers can help.
  4. I binged Never Have I Ever in just under two days – I really liked the soundtrack too.
  5. These doggos are good bois.
  6. Adele has lost a lot of weight and people are both happy and angry about it?!
  7. Have you made dalgona coffee and now want to level up make dalgona candy at home too?
  8. All cereal is basically mini-fied dessert foods now. I’m not mad about it :)
  9. Do you agree or disagree with these Ben and Jerry’s rankings? My faves are Half Baked and Cherry Garcia!

Link Love:

  1. These buns look so fluffy!
  2. I haven’t gotten my copy in the mail yet, but this book looks SO beautiful!
  3. I love scones and I love Erica’s bake off series. YES :)

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. We’ve been making more pourover than usual and it’s kind of making me want to get a new carafe. This one is super cute.
  2. Speaking of coffee, this is the lil whip I use to make dalgona — it’s insanely strong and I love it.
  3. Mike go us this dual wireless charger and my life is changed! I love it so much!
  4. Reusable parchment paper than can be trimmed to size! I custom cut it to use it to line all our baking tins.

What to cook from I am a Food Blog:

  1. This ruby chicken from Dishoom was to die for.
  2. Viral mini pancake cereal!
  3. Giant singles serving size cookies, for those times when you want to bake just one GIANT boi.
  4. Have you made dalgona coffee yet? How about dalgona matcha?
  5. Chili oil is trending because it’s delicious.
  6. How about some wontons to go with?
  7. And of course, maybe some super easy dan dan noodles!

Please have a wonderful weekend :)

xoxo steph


  1. Bach P. says:

    Always enjoyed your Friday Finds. Thanks for this!

    1. Stephanie says:

      aww thanks bach! i’ll try to do more of them!

  2. Milena says:

    I just discovered your Friday Finds and they are an absolute treat. Thanks!!

  3. Roxane says:

    Could you please bring back “Friday Finds?”

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