Yay! It’s Fall! It’s been getting chillier where we are, but the days are still lovely and warm, the way fall should be. I’m all about the cozy sweaters and crispy cool nights and eating more food to get a little more fluffy to stay warm during the winter. Maybe not the last one, but man oh man, is it hard to stick to my keto diet here in Montreal. I literally at an entire slice of kouign amann and it was so full of butter that it was practically oozing out. I didn’t regret one bite, it was SO good.

If you’re into that whole eating vicariously through others thing, please follow our other instagram, we_eat_tokyo. It’s more little snippets of where we’ve been eating slash mini resto and snack reviews. I love it because it’s where I can post whatever without worrying about the insta algorithm and also because i abandon it and come back to it in fits LOL.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been peeking at on the Internets!

  1. Webstuff:
  2. Turns out, money can buy happiness! All those studies about winning the lottery and not being happy are false!
  3. I’m not into TikTok but after reading this article, I decided to download it and give it a peek. Tbh, I still haven’t opened it, but I think it might be something that would interest me because I have a very short attention span. Plus I like how the food videos are not supposed to be taken seriously.
  4. A study is saying it’s not carbs, it’s processed foods that are causing obesity.
  5. SLIME! Do you like it? Do you know it? It’s so sparkly and sometimes I do find myself looking at slime videos on YouTube. I kind of want to make my own but am also way too old to be interested?!
  6. A new way to Tinder: find love in the apocalypse. Apparently swiping right isn’t enough anymore and now you can instead play an apocalyptic role playing game and then find true love!
  7. Speaking of finding love, this KFC anime game looks absurdly fun.
  8. Oh man, that’s a lot of sugar.
  9. Would you ever get a maid?
  10. Kids playing chess is the cutest. Also very depressing because how do I not know how to play chess.
  11. I forking love cup noodles!
  12. Hai, I’d like to volunteer as garlic bread taster tribute!

Link Love:

  1. MMM nothing says fall like warm brownies! PS – Michelle’s book is coming out soon, order it so you can weeknight bake!
  2. I love pickled red onions!
  3. This butternut squash hummus is so warm and full of fall flavors.

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. Looking forward to this cookbook – I love Mandy’s site, so I just know it’s going to be amazing.
  2. I just finished reading this book and I loved it. I mean, I didn’t love the main character but I loved the story. It’s best if you go in knowing nothing about it.
  3. My hands get so dry when it starts to get cold and this cute mango shaped hand cream will totally make me want to lotion up more.

Lately on I am a Food Blog:

  1. Next level pancakes: aebleskiver!
  2. Bacon and eggs and noodles, I’m in!
  3. Hello warm and comforting Thai red curry keto friendly noodles :)
  4. Where to eat in Montreal! We’re definitely going to be updating that list soon!

Alright, time to go put on some extra fluffy socks!
Stay cozy out there friends,
xoxo steph


  1. Robert says:

    I miss these posts. Why did you stop?

    1. Stephanie says:

      ahh i haven’t had the time! but i hope to do one soon! thanks for letting me know :)

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