It’s the last Friday before Christmas! Are you in a Christmas panic or are you chilling out in your festive Christmas sweater laughing because you finished your shopping in November. I’m pretty much a cool cucumber because we don’t actually really do many gifts for family. Just for my nephews and those were easy because, well, they’re kids! Mike and I aren’t don’t gifts this year so that’s sorted too, so I’ve just been chilling, reading things on the internets and baking. Here are some fun finds, if you’re just chilling too!


  1. The holidays are stressful, especially for integrating your boyfriend/girlfriend into the family.
  2. My all time favorite Christmas song finally hit number one!
  3. Mike and I often spend Christmas in Japan and I admit, we’ve done the whole KFC Japanese Christmas thing.
  4. The memes that define the 2010s. LOLz
  5. I have never seen this ad but I think the fallout is hilarious.
  6. Why are people obsessed with tallness?
  7. Speaking of obsessed, who do you stan? I’m not sure I’m obsessed enough with Taylor to be considered a swiftie, but she has had a heck of a decade.
  8. It appears that Cats is a cat-tastrophe.
  9. On monoculture.
  10. Chrissy Teigen is making a documentary about fries!
  11. Competitive yoga is a thing.
  12. To be honest, this sounds like a dream job to me.
  13. I love pizza toast.

Fun things to bake and eat next week:

  1. These mini pull apart cinnamon buns are cute and tasty.
  2. If you want a zen project, making crepe after crepe will put you in a gentle meditative mood. Stack em all together with whipped cream, white chocolate, and peppermint for a showstopper peppermint bark crepe cake.
  3. If you love almonds and chocolate chip cookies, these marzipan chocolate chip cookies are a festive twist.
  4. I love macaroons even though they aren’t the most popular cookie in the box. These coconut matcha guys look like snow topped mountains – perfect for winter!
  5. Triple coconut french toast has to be the perfect thing to wake up to on a snowy morning.
  6. One egg, four different kinds of cookies! For those people who love variety: snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, sugar, and ginger cookies.

Last minute gift ideas:

  1. Because I think making a Christmas puzzle is one of the coziest things to do at Christmas. Especially when there are snacks!
  2. If you know someone obsessed with kakigori (Japanese shaved ice), this is the perfect winter-y present.
  3. The cutest donut holiday sweatshirt ;)
  4. A garlic press sounds like a weird gift, but trust me, whoever you gift it to will thank you every time they use it, which will be literally everyday.
  5. If you’re looking for more gift ideas, you can check out my gift guide from last year! I wanted to do one this year too but totally missed the ball >_<

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is festive and cozy :)
xoxo steph

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