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What to Make this Father’s Day Weekend Plus Friday Finds 6.14.19

Posted June 14, 2019 by Stephanie
Make the ultimate burger: the juicy lucy. Juicy beef patty stuffed with melty gooey cheese. #burger #recipe #easy #dinner

Can you believe it’s the middle of June already!? Hope everyone is eating all the fruit and barbecuing all of the things. This weekend’s Father’s day but we’re not doing any grilling – instead we’re going for dim sum with my family and pizza with Mike’s. My dad loves Chinese food and Mike’s dad loves freshly baked bread so they both made sense. Other than that, no big plans, just going to enjoy the summery weather. But, if you’re are planning on grilling for dad – and you should! – here are a couple of recipes that’ll be sure to show him some love.

Sweet and Savory Garlic Shallot Grilled Chicken -

vietnamese steak summer roll party #vietnamese #recipes #summerroll #steak

Sweet and Spicy Beef Satay Burger -

Cheesy Tacos Al Pastor Recipe -

spiced beef shawarma kebabs #recipe #easy #beef #dinner

carolina style ribs recipe #recipe #dinner #grilling #easy

Nem Nuong/Grilled Vietnamese Pork Sausage Recipe -

What to Make This Father’s Day Weekend:

  1. The Ultimate Cheeseburger, a Juicy Lucy
  2. Sweet and Savory Shallot Grilled Chicken Skewers
  3. Vietnamese Steak Summer Roll Party
  4. Sweet and Spicy Beef Satay Burgers
  5. Over the Top Cheesy Tacos al Pastor
  6. Spiced Beef Shawarma Kebabs
  7. Carolina Style Sichuan Peppercorn Ribs
  8. Garlicky Grilled Vietnamese Sausage

And, here’s this week’s Friday Finds!


  1. I have a fear of cutting avocados ever since I had to go to urgent care once for an avocado wound, so using the idea that a plastic knife keeps avocados extra green really appeals to me. Maybe I need this avocado slicer?
  2. I love crushed red pepper flakes. But what are they, really? Maybe I should think about upgrading to single origin flakes? LOL
  3. I’m always interested in film festival movies but never know where to watch them. This movie about two siblings is getting rave reviews.
  4. Yes to extra cute granny panties!
  5. Do you think you would like this robotic Ikea furniture that saves space.
  6. Salad frosting seems just plain wrong.

Link Love:

  1. Cardamom cinnamon buns will forever have my heart.
  2. This veggie cobb salad looks AMAZING.
  3. I know it’s not mac and cheese season, but omg, this looks so good.

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. We’re thinking of doing a Hot Ones type wing thing so I’ve been looking at hot sauces. This one looks like a good contender for the beginning of the hotness.
  2. This one seems deadly…starting to rethink my participation in this LOL

Alright! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. Julie says:

    My husband just bought that very hot sauce and LOVES it on everything. Its def got an extra kick but not like take you out spicy, unless you have a low tolerance! and not super vinegary or too sweet. It goes with so so many diff flavors!

    1. Julie says:

      The aardvark one that is

  2. Nikki says:

    Re: Hot Sauce….
    Secret Aardvark is awesome. It has great flavor and a good kick to it. Da Bomb is awful, it packs some serious heat, but the flavor is gross. If you want something dreadfully hot with good flavor, getcha some Mad Dog 357.

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