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Friday Links: 9.26.2014

Posted September 26, 2014 by Stephanie
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It’s finally officially Fall and I’m loving it! Today I made a big ol’ pot of bolognese and this weekend I’m looking forward to making a lot of super hearty, fall-friendly dishes. I’m going to hole up, finally watch The Fault in Our Stars and be prepared to bawl my eyes out. While I’m doing that, Mike will most likely be in the other room, rolling his eyes at me.

I can hardly believe it’s the last Friday of September. October, here I come! Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been checking out on the internet.


1. I wanted to fly KLM and lose something based on this video alone. Then I realized it was all a LIE. The puppy is still cute though.
2. Last week it was Nicki Minaj, this week I’m reading up on Sia. She’s fascinating!
3. I love me some pork buns and the brand spanking new Eater.
4. A new Snack Time video! Truth: I suck at selfies.
5. I need this in my life – I can never decide where to eat.
6. I legitimately want to live in one of these illustrations.

Link love:

1. I need to make cheez-its ASAP.
2. I would wake up early for these buns.
3. I still dream of St. John Bakery doughnuts. Now I can make them at home!
4. These summer rolls are essentially all-season rolls in my house.
5. Cynthia made the risotto from my book and it is unbelievably beautiful. She said so many nice things about me that my face felt on fire for a good hour.
6. A Couple Cooks made the coconut carrot soup from Easy Gourmet and their photos just kill me with gorgeousness.
7. Carrots are in the air – Izy made the carrot cake pancakes which I was ridiculously excited about because I love her pancake photos.
8. No carrots, but The Food Gays made the mushroom orzo!

And, in case you missed it, this week I made: waffled sausages, honey garlic eggplant, and Chinese sausage carbonara.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and see you on Sunday for brunch!
xoxo Steph

PS – I finally got my copy of Izy’s new book, Top with Cinnamon in the mail and I can not be in more awe of this gorgeous, gorgeous book!
PPS – Missing Tokyo so hard. Was looking through my photos and found that gem above. It’s what we saw every evening as we made our way back home from exploring the city.


  1. molly yeh says:

    you are so BRAVVVVE for watching fault in our stars!!!

  2. Sylvia says:

    I love bolognese!!! And yes, have the tissues ready for that movie!

  3. You deserve to be complimented for your awesomeness and humble attitude as Cynthia did in her blog! :D I hope to meet you one day because I’m lovin’ your down to earth attitude…;) And I love that scenic picture of the city!

  4. aw that is a killer photo indeed… oh man, made me want to travel! hehe! awww cynthia’s post and words about you – EVERY WORD TRUE, sweet lady! so excited to see the world embracing easy gourmet. man, i cannot WAIT to get home to my mailbox and find my copy, finally! (should’ve shipped it to grand forks, hehe!) xoxo

  5. cynthia says:

    omg this photo!! i can see why you’re nostalgic for tokyo, this photo is so dreamy … japan is at the top of our travel bucket list for sure. i can’t wait to talk recs when/if the time comes. and obviously, so many hugs for you, my lovely friend!!! xoxoxoxo

  6. Adrianna says:

    That movie is on my to-watch list…but yes, the crying that will probably happen. Bawled when I read the book and Josh judged me. ANYWAY thanks for the shout-out! xo

  7. Oh my gosh. How was the film? Did you cry your eyes out? I’m pretty sure I sobbed my way through most of the book. And I cannot believe I missed this post. All kinds of x’s and o’s!!!

    And I’m now dying for a trip to Tokyo!! Japan is one of my all time favorite countries to visit and Tokyo is an amazing city.

    P.S. I might need to devote a month or two to cook my way through your new book.

  8. Bev says:

    I made your eggplant this week and it was amazingly delicious! I always just threw eggplant into a pan and crossed my fingers that they would brown evenly and it always turned out mushy. Your technique of spreading it out and not overcrowding really did the trick. The sauce was fantastic too. Loving all your comfort recipes, perfect for the season changing here in Vancouver! Your book makes the best housewarming gift too! Congrats on all your success!

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