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Friday Links: 12.05.14

Posted December 5, 2014 by Stephanie
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It’s full on Christmas decorations and music over here in Tokyo. I can’t wait to buy myself a traditional Christmas cake! Apparently, they celebrate Christmas by eating fried chicken (preferably from KFC) and having a strawberries and cream Christmas cake for dessert. Christmas cake is definitely something I can get down with!


1. This show is absolutely the cutest thing on TV right now.
2. I unabashedly love pop music and this mashup is the bomb (dot com).
3. Blogger burnout and how to avoid it. (Thanks for the link Lyndsay!)
4. Are you more independent or interdependent?
5. I totally use pet names – do you?
6. You always hear about lazy kids, but, man, are there some crazy driven kids out there too.

Link Love:

1. My perfect winter meal.
2. These Christmas spice marshmallows!!!
3. Edible gingerbread terrariums! I die.
4. Christmas in a cookie.
5. This is a galette I’d like to eat at a wedding!
6. This noodle bowl looks absolutely dreamy. (It’s gluten free and vegan to boot)

On a side note, the waffle sundaes here in Tokyo are so damn delicious I wish I could eat them everyday. The “soft cream” (soft serve) is rich and creamy, yet still light and fresh. The waffles are toasted and when you reach the end, there are bonus crispy caramelized cornflakes. Heaven. Here are some pictures of a waffle sundae I had recently at Hands Cafe, the cafe on the top floor of the Shibuya Tokyu Hands: a wonderland filled with everything you could ever want. Tokyu Hands has an amazing selection of kitchen goods, DIY craft stuff, and an incredible pen and stationary section, so if you’re ever in Japan, be sure to check it out!

Happy weekend friends – have a great one! xoxo Steph

hands cafe -

hands cafe - hands cafe -

PS – Beer and waffle sundaes = YAAS!


  1. Laura says:

    OH MY GOSH I would killllll for a waffle sundae and a beer right now (it’s 9ish am right now). Love following your Japan food adventures on the Instas. So glad you linked to that blogger burnout article from Pinch of Yum too. Many timely hot tips/crucial reminders in that one. And thanks for linkin’ a lady up! :) xo

  2. Waffle sundae + a good lager = heaven

  3. Look at you, being a cutie with a giant beer and waffle sundae. Thanks for the link love darling XOXO and am still crazy jells of your Tokyo adventures!!!

  4. cynthia says:

    Oh goodness — as always, I so, so love all your link round-ups! Such a good post on blogger burnout (isn’t it interesting how that seems to be the topic du jour lately?) and bahaha the article on pet names! (Dude, high-five. I am such a pet-namer. To the point where calling B2 by his given name feels so foreign.) Also, yayyyy love seeing pics of you!! So pretty, lady!!! <3

    And last — thank you soso much for the link!! It totally makes my week <3 thank you!!!

    1. steph says:

      ohmygosh, i know how you feel. it’s to the point that when i’m in public and i need to call out to mike (if he’s a couple of steps away) i feel incredibly funny saying “mike!” hahhahahh i almost never refer to him as mike. well. i mean, on the blog i do hahhahahha

  5. I want a waffle sundae!! It looks amazing :)

  6. Love these links! Christmas cake and waffle sundaes, HOORAY!

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