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Friday Finds: 5.18.18

Posted May 18, 2018 by Stephanie

It’s Fri-YAY and I’m here with your weekly dose of interesting internet articles.


  1. On wasting time on the internet.
  2. Speaking of wasting time, this procrastibaking article is going viral. I admit, when I need to do something, the lure of making cookies is strong.
  3. Do you hear yanny or laurel? For the record, it’s yanny for me!
  4. I have to admit, I dig chopped salads. Maybe it’s not super fashionable – I’ve eaten lots of high end salads where the leaves are left whole – but when salads are chopped you get perfect bites! Chopped vs. unchopped.
  5. Is frozen food hot again?
  6. Are you guys excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow?! Call me basic, but I kinda am :)
  7. The American dream and the great American high school imposter.
  8. Open floor plan houses with a hidden messy kitchens. I actually love open floor plans.
  9. Damn, the power of Instagram is crazy. I mean, kids can’t just be excellent basketball players, now they need hardcore insta followings too?!

Link Love:

  1. This lavender sangria sounds so summery.
  2. I love rainbow veggie sandwiches and this one looks absolutely epic! All the heart eyes for those roasted purple potatoes!
  3. I love reading blog posts on travel to Japan, especially so I can peep what people have been eating.
  4. Soft cheese, stone fruit, honey, and nuts!
  5. Oh hai strawberry tres leches cake.

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. Usually I just deep-fry in a pot, but I’m thinking of getting this deep-fryer because the splattering and deep-fried smells are maybe a little too much for our new tiny place. Mike says that using a deep fryer with a lid will solve my problems so here’s hoping!
  2. The CUTEST kitchen sponge holder ever.
  3. Mike bought some fancy earplugs for us because we’re going to a couple of music festivals this summer and last year at Lollapalooza I think I lost some hearing (but I’m still in denial about that one).

Lately on I am a Food Blog:

  1. We went to Vegas and met ALL the celebrity chefs and ate too much food.
  2. It’s crazy, but there’s cheese inside the patty! World, meet the Juicy Lucy.
  3. A little Japanese burger action with an incredibly crispy crunchy turkey menchi katsu burger.
  4. Hello camping season and camp cooking! Claypot chicken rice vibes for your next weekend camping trip!

Happy Friday! Hope you’re weekend is chill vibes with lots of good food. Good food like crispy potatoes and barbecued meats :)

xoxo steph


  1. Jenn I says:

    I grew up in Las Vegas, and while your lead photo is of Sunrise Mountain, my dad called it the Sleeping Indian. Starting at the left of your photo you see his headdress, then his face and nose, and then his belly, etc. The reason for these details is that my father – full Japanese, anesthesiologist, so a grown up – told my brother and me that the little bump towards his feet was an erection. For obvious reasons (who tells children about erections in mountain landscapes? Parents who are doctors and nurses) it always stuck with me. So your lead image gave me the giggles this morning, and I wanted to share. I dare you to look at Sunrise Mountain the same.

    1. Stephanie says:

      heehee i see it!!! LOVE this story :)

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