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Happy 2018!

Wishing you love and light in the new year :)

chocolate coconut pancakes -
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My Favorite Winter Holiday Brunch Ideas

Make some brunch this holiday season! I've got you covered with these 12 winter holiday brunch ideas.


Japanese Sous-Vide Duck Ramen Recipe

A super easy authentic duck ramen anyone can make - as long as you can find the ingredients


Simple Classic English Roast Recipe

Learn how to make the easiest English roast ever: just 6 ingredients and two and a half hours in the oven. This classic English roast is perfect for a simple, yet classy holiday main or maybe even just a special meal for a regular weekend :)


Nikujaga: Japanese Beef Stew Recipe

Try this great 20 minute Japanese beef stew that tastes like it's been simmered for hours. Plus, win a Staub 3.5qt heritage braiser.

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What to Cook in December

Winter holidays for the win! Here are 11 quick and easy dishes you can cook in December for all those cozy warm fuzzy food feels.


One Bite Mini Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe

Is there anything better than handheld lasagna bites? I think not! Cheesy meat-saucy addictive one bite mini lasagna rolls ups, here and waiting for you.


Turkey Curry Udon Recipe

Got turkey? Make this quick and satisfying turkey curry udon, guaranteed to take you straight to the streets of Tokyo, at least in your mind :)

Hue Style Spicy Turkey Vermicelli Noodle Soup Recipe |

Hue Style Spicy Turkey Vermicelli Noodle Soup Recipe

Looking for something different to make with turkey? Try this Hue style spicy vermicelli noodle soup. It's a great way to bestover your leftovers!


Instant Pot Bolognese Sauce Recipe

A sauce obsession becomes a way of life. Instant pot bolognese – perfect for a weeknight dinner. Make a rich pork and beef sauce without hours and hours of simmering.

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Friday Finds: 11.10.17

It's the weekend! Time for some fun Friday Finds distraction links >_<


Authentic Instant Pot Pho Recipe

Food, family, and pho. Also, the easiest authentic Instant Pot pho recipe around, probably. Make pho at home in under an hour.

chicken and broccoli chow mein recipe -
30 minutes

Take Out at Home: Chicken and Broccoli Chow Mein Recipe

Crispy saucy noodles, perfectly cooked chicken, tender broccoli and a savory sesame oyster soy gravy. Here's how to make chicken and broccoli chow mein at home – better than takeout!


How to Make Basic, Great Pho

Craving a bowl of hot and comforting soup? This is the noodle soup for you: a basic, great pho. All you need is a couple of hours and you're on your way to homemade goodness.


The Massive Japanese Food Fair You Don’t Want to Miss: Furusato Matsuri in Tokyo

What to do in Tokyo in January: If you love food and you love Japan, you NEED to go to this food fair in Tokyo. All the regional Japanese foods you want to try, in one convenient fair!

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What to Cook in October

It's cozy time: the season of warm and hearty soups and stews, Halloween treats, and tailgating treats. Here's what you should be cooking in October.

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Pumpkin Sage Lasagna Roll Up Pull Aparts

Fall flavors at their best: warm and comforting kabocha pumpkin and ricotta lasagna roll ups with crispy sage.

30 minutes

Budae Jjigae Korean Army Stew Recipe

Our take on a popular Korean hot pot dish: budae jjigae, or army stew! A comforting spicy stew with spam, sausages, tofu, mushrooms, and ramen noodles.


Maine Travel Diary 2017

We drove the New England Coast and here's what we ate and did in Maine!

30 minutes

Camp Cooking: One Pot Pasta Puttanesca Recipe

Super flavorful and easy, one pot pasta puttanesca is one of the best camp meals I've made!

30 minutes

Creamy Lobster Pasta Recipe

Perfectly cooked lobster and noodles in a rich, delicious butter and cream sauce. A riff on the classic Chinese creamy lobster and noodle dish, a staple and favorite at Chinese banquets!

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Friday Finds: 8.18.17

Friday finds for your weekend reads! :D

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Take Out at Home: The Real Lo Mein Recipe

No more takeout! Make this easy lo mein at home and customize to your heart's content :)


Camping in Banff

It's the first stop on our Canada trip: Banff National Park! Home of glacier blue lakes, endless trees, bears, big horn sheep, and more.

Cheesy Baked Spaghetti Recipe -

Cheesy Baked Spaghetti Recipe

Something magical happens when you bake spaghetti - it turns into a whole other dish with flavors that are completely different. If you have leftover bolognese or meat sauce on hand, try this. You really can't go wrong with cheese, noodles, and sauce baked to perfection.

quick and easy pizza toast -
30 minutes

Pizza Toast Recipe

Pizza toast party: for a nostalgic taste right out of childhood, try these quick and easy pizza toasts!

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Friday Finds: 5.19.17

The other day I had a HUGE craving for a ginger cookie. Mike and I had just finished an epic walk and were about to start grocery shopping so it felt like the perfect storm: I walked off the cookie...

Mie Goreng Recipe -

Mie Goreng/Indonesian Fried Noodle Recipe

Noodles are life and this Indonesian version, mie goreng, is one of my favorite dishes. I grew up eating the instant noodle version so for me, mie goreng is comfort food, through and through. What makes this dish is the sauce. Its main flavor comes from kecap manis, a super sweet and sticky, almost molasses-like soy sauce. It's super addictive.

cold summer soba salad -

10 Salads You’ll Actually Want to Eat!

It’s spring time which means time for salad! Get in the mood for sunshine with these simple salads: Salmon, Fennel, and Cucumber Cold Noodle Salad A cold noodle salad filled with flaky ruby red salmon, impossibly sweet tomatoes, cucumbers, and...


Japan Travel Guide: Niseko Loft

We went snowboarding in Niseko, Japan and ate potatoes!


Kenji’s Bolognese Recipe

The ultimate bolognese, with a secret ingredient, or two!

30 minutes

Miso Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Miso adds an extra bit of umami to the ever classic chicken noodle soup.

~ 5 ingredients

Bolognese Crispy Rice Bowl Recipe

Crispy comfort food at it's best: savory, saucy meat sauce on top of fluffy rice in a hot stone bowl, topped off with cheese and a slow poached egg.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Yeasted Rye Waffles recipe -

Sunday Brunch: Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Yeasted Rye Waffles

We go together like chicken and waffles. Crispy, fluffy yeasted buttermilk rye waffles with double dipped crunchy, juicy buttermilk fried chicken, that is ;)

~ 5 ingredients

Sage and Brown Butter Spinach Pasta Recipe

Whip up some luxurious 5 ingredient sage and butter pasta for St. Patrick's day. Sage doesn't quite look like four leaf clovers, but hey, green leaves and green pasta, if you use the spinach stuff! ;)


Baked Lasagna Dinner Party

It's a baked lasagna dinner party, complete with garlic rolls and a broccoli arugula salad!

30 minutes

Tagliatelle with Clams and Garlic

A simple, classic tagliatelle con vongole dish for those days when you want pure comfort with a hint of the sea.

tokyo pancakes -
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Friday Finds: 1.27.17

First Friday Finds of 2017! Get it while it's hot :D

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Friday Finds: 12.23.16

Are you guys ready for Christmas!? Wanna procrastinate some more and read fun links instead? Right this way!


Mini Creamy Chicken Noodle Bread Bowls

Mini hot and crispy bread bowls filled with creamy chicken noodle soup. Have your cute and eat it too!

30 minutes

Mac and Kimcheese Dolsot Bibim-mac

Mac and cheese with a kimchi twist in a hot stone bowl for crispy cheesy socarrat bits.

hk style nutella french toast -

Hong Kong Style Deep Fried Nutella French Toast

Have you ever had Hong Kong style french toast? It's deep fried...and delicious!

black bean beef chow mein -

Take Out at Home: Black Bean Beef Chow Mein

Sometimes Mike and I go out for late night Chinese take out. But sometimes, when I'm not lazy, I make this at home and it's WAY better, at least according to Mike :)

mini pancakes -
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Friday Finds: 10.14.16

Links on Grey Poupon rap lyrics, cumin lamb noodles, a Japanese anime that I'm dying to watch, and much more! All for your Fri-YAY reading pleasure :)


Green Onion Pancakes

Not your typical pancakes – these guys are classic Chinese cuisine: multilayered flatbread liberally sprinkled with green onions. Crispy, savory, and oh so addictive.

lemongrass beef salad rolls | i am a food blog
camp food

Lemongrass Beef Salad Rolls

Camp food like you've never seen before: nom on these addictive lemongrass beef salad rolls!
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Friday Finds: 8.12.16

Come one, come all and get yer Friday Links right here!

30 minutes

Shishito Soba Recipe

Noodle roulette: cold soba noodles tossed in dashi-soy and a 1 in 10 chance at an extra spicy shishito pepper (the rest are mild).