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Chicken Pot Pie Bow Ties: Instant Pot Creamy Chicken Pasta

A 20 minute dump and start Instant Pot creamy chicken pot pie pasta, perfect for those nights you want some comfort food, fast.


Spicy Korean Ramen Recipe with Tofu and Vegetables

Clean out your fridge with this spicy Korean stew recipe: 10 minutes and ALL THE SPICE.

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Felix Los Angeles Reviewed

It's 2019 and the lineups are as long as ever. Is Felix LA still worth the hype and craziness?

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Weeknight Thai Basil Chicken with Fried Eggs aka the Easiest Pad Krapow Gai Recipe Ever

This 7 ingredient 10 minute recipe will blow your mind.

salmon avocado summer rolls recipe -
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9 Recipes to Cook in March

If you want to cook seasonally in March, get your hands on avocado, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower! Here are 9 recipes to get you started.

30 minutes

15 Minute Miso Coconut Chicken Ramen Recipe

Rich and warming, this creamy coconut miso ramen with chicken and vegetables is sure to warm you up.

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Friday Finds: 2.22.19

My favorite day of the week because Fridays mean FRIES!

beef bourguinon | i am a food blog

Oven Braised Beef Bourguignon Recipe

Oven braised bone in beef short ribs in red wine and beef stock with garlic, onions, and carrots.

chicken paprikash | i am a food blog

Oven Baked Paprika Chicken Thighs – Chicken Paprikash

Rating: 5

Easy and comforting Hungarian chicken paprikash stew with egg noodles. Comfort food at its best!

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Super Easy Vietnamese Chicken Curry Recipe

This super easy weeknight curry is just the dish to spice up your dinner.

khao soi thai coconut curry noodle soup | i am a food blog
30 minutes

Khao Soi: 15 Min Thai Coconut Curry Chicken Noodle Soup

Rating: 4.88

Khao soi: deliciously warming coconut curry noodles in just 15 minutes.

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Friday Finds: 2.8.19

Here with some Friday Finds to read while you stay cozy inside.

lemon pasta | i am a food blog
~ 5 ingredients

Date Night Lemon Pasta

If you like that noodle life, this creamy, lemon-y pasta is for you.

~ 5 ingredients

6 Ingredient Bourbon Braised Black Bean Pork Belly

Black bean chicken, pork, or beef is a Chinese takeout (and eat-in) classic. It comes together pretty fast but slicing the meat to the thinness you need to properly stir fry is a pain. Here we switch up the classic...

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What to Cook for the Lunar New Year: Year of the Pig

Celebrate Lunar New Year in the best way possible – with food, of course!

~ 5 ingredients

Air Fryer Tofu Recipe

How to make crispy, gluten free air fryer tofu for meal prep, salads, and bowls – only two ingredients needed!

30 minutes

15 Minute Thai Red Curry Ramen Recipe

A simple and satisfying weeknight dinner full of flavor, lean protein, vegetables, and noodles.

~ 5 ingredients

How to Make Crispy Fried Eggs

You need to be eating crispy fried eggs: eggs with impossibly crispy, lacy edges with tender whites and a runny yolk.

Easy Roast Chicken with Eggplant and Tomatoes |
~ 5 ingredients

Easy Roast Chicken with Eggplant and Tomatoes

You’re only an hour away from keeping it health-forward with this easy roasted chicken with eggplants and tomatoes.

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Instant Pot Vietnamese Maple Caramelized Short Ribs

This weeknight Instant Pot recipe only needs 6 ingredients and 35 minutes for perfectly tender short ribs.

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10 Healthy-ish Recipes to Make this January

10 healthy-ish recipes for January: noodles, tofu, roasted squash, and more.

~ 5 ingredients

Chicken Udon Recipe

Quick and comforting chicken udon in a soy-dashi broth.

udon maruka | i am a food blog
single serving restaurant reviews

Udon Maruka, Tokyo

Udon Maruka, Tokyo, Japan

30 minutes

Authentic Instant Pot Chicken Pho Recipe

You're 30 minutes away from an authentic chicken pho, no drive to your local noodle shop necessary.

red wine braised short ribs | i am a food blog

Not Quite Daube Provençal: Red Wine Braised Short Rib French-ish Beef Stew

Super comforting red wine braised short ribs with carrots and garlic butter gnocchi.


The Best Instant Pot Vegan Pho Recipe

This instant pot vegan pho is everything you want and need this fall! Super authentic and full of Vietnamese flavors, this is the ultimate satisfying noodle soup, all in under an hour!

Hue Style Spicy Turkey Vermicelli Noodle Soup Recipe |
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What to Cook in November: Thanksgivingspiration

Here with some Thanksgivingspiration for your turkey day! Here's hoping the turkey's delicious, the sides are amazing, and the night ends in a food coma :)

30 minutes

15 Minute Easy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe

Make this easy 15 minute chicken chow mein – it's faster than takeout and tastier too!


Sweet and Sour Vietnamese Hot Pot Recipe

Now that we’re just days away from the first day of fall, it’s hot pot season! I’m coming at you with this sweet and sour Vietnamese hot pot situation that is going to warm you right up. Hot pot, if...


Oven-Baked Pineapple Chicken

This oven-baked pineapple chicken is an amazing combo of sweet and sour. The chicken ends up juicy and perfectly cooked with a tangy finger-licking sauce, perfect with rice or noodles.

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Friday Finds: 8.31.18

Last Friday in August – get your summer lazy days in while you can!

vietnamese steak summer roll party #vietnamese #recipes #summerroll #steak

Vietnamese Steak Summer Rolls Party!

This is how we roll: perfectly cooked steak, chewy vermicelli noodles, crisp vegetables, and fresh herbs all tucked into a rice paper wrap and dipped into mixed fish sauce. Possibly the best summer meal you'll ever have!

~ 5 ingredients

Vietnamese Fish Sauce Dipping Sauce: Nuoc Cham / Nuoc Mam

A classic Vietnamese sweet, sour, and salty dipping sauce made with fish sauce, lime, sugar, garlic, and chilis. Liquid gold! Super easy to make and delicious with grilled meat, rice, noodles, rolls, and more!

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Homemade Pork and Garlic Chinese Potsticker Dumpling Recipe

Homemade potsticker dumplings are easy to make and taste just as good as store-bought. Bonus: they're infinitely customizable and you can make a big batch and freeze them so you always have a quick and easy meal on hand!


20 of the best restaurants on Grubhub you can order for delivery

Don't feel like cooking? Whether you're at home or on the road, these are legitimate destination restaurants that deliver (as long as you're somewhat nearby)

mini blueberry galettes recipe -
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What to Cook in July

A round up of fresh recipes to celebrate summer finally arriving

~ 5 ingredients

5-Ingredient Pasta alla Gricia Recipe

Creamy, glossy strands of pasta coated in Pecorino and cracked black pepper, with a bit of pancetta. The pasta of your Italian dreams, right in your home kitchen.


Tokyo Food Guide: Where to Eat the Best Udon in Tokyo

If you're looking for where you can eat the best udon in Tokyo, here are the places you should visit!

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Friday Finds: 6.15.18

Happy Friday! Please tell me there are noodles in your future because every weekend deserves noodles!!! Click on in to find loads of time-wasting articles :)

chinese food

The best Chinese food in America is in Las Vegas

A guide to 7 of the best high-end Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas.


Honey Garlic Salmon Lo Mein Meal Prep Recipe

Save time, money and calories when you prep for the entire week: honey garlic salmon and veggie spaghetti lo mein meal prep!

~ 5 ingredients

The Difference between Light and Dark Soy Sauce and a Soy Sauce Chow Mein Recipe

Here with a big plate of soy sauce fried noodles because #noodz

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Friday Finds: 4.20.18

Happy April 20th!! Another edition of Friday Finds for your reading pleasure :D

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Friday Finds: 4.13.18

Spring on, YAY!


Authentic Beef Rib Pho Recipe

Big ass, juicy beef back ribs are slow roasted then simmered with charred onion, ginger, shallot, and aromatics to create the beefiest pho ever.

Jamie Oliver's Lamb Shepherd's Pie Recipe -
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What to Cook in March

It's almost Spring! Here's a list of what you should cook in March to get you into that March Madness mood :)

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Friday Finds: 2.23.18

Planning to sloth all weekend, how about you?


Tokyo Ramen Guide: Where to Eat Wantan-men/Wonton Ramen

Looking for wantan-men/wonton ramen in Tokyo? Here are 4 places you should defintely hit up!