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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted December 4, 2018 by Stephanie
2018 christmas gift guide

Can you believe there are only 21 days until Christmas!? Time to get shopping. Here’s a massive gift guide for the men, women, and kitchen obsessed, and cute lovers in your life. As usual, I want everything on these lists >_<

dudes christmas gift guide 2018 | i am a food blog

What to buy the dudes in your life

  1. Because sometimes digital isn’t always best.
  2. A mini pillow for when he travels.
  3. Deep cleansing charcoal bar because men like skin care stuff too.
  4. Craft cocktail mixes for a cozy night in.
  5. Dapper men need dapper combs.
  6. So he has somewhere to hang his keys.
  7. AirPods, ’nuff said.
  8. Give him the hotel shower experience at home with this fancy body wash.
  9. These lights will change his life: the whites can be adjusted to more blue or yellow and the colors make it so you can have your own James Turrell exhibit at home.
  10. Blue suede slippers to keep his feet warm.
  11. A mint green back pack for all of this things.
  12. A fun decanter for his favorite whiskey.
  13. Because he never has enough smart plugs in his life.
  14. Because grown ups like to play with blocks too.

bff christmas gift guide 2018 | i am a food blog

BFFs Five-ever because it’s More than Forever

  1. Gudetama stickers because you like to be lazy eggs together.
  2. Everyone needs a stylish yet simple key ring.
  3. Because you and her always take selfies together and she loves pore powders.
  4. Cozy feet in fox socks.
  5. A trio of lip balm for a hint of color.
  6. Extra luxe shampoo and conditioner for the girl who wants to give her hair some extra love.
  7. Because colorful washi tape on her desk will make her smile.
  8. A cute cloud that holds q-tips.
  9. One line a day because journaling keeps the mind calm.
  10. A calming avocado face mask.
  11. The cutest exfoliating face scrubbie.
  12. It’s a purple old school looking phone cord, but really it’s a charging cable!
  13. Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. I don’t know if these work but I see them all over Instagram so if ya girl is a insta bae, she’s probably love these.
  14. It’s a camera that attaches to your iphone to take amazing photos. And it’s on sale!
  15. Because who doesn’t love a good cozy candle?
  16. Lil pink bunny lip gloss because it’s cute and moisturizing.
  17. Things with eyes are just the best.
  18. Lazy egg Christmas sweatshirt.
  19. If you really want to treat her: this stuff is AMAZING for skin care.
  20. Keep her hands warm with this cozy mug.
  21. Holiday lotion! The peach sounds amazing.
  22. So she can stay hydrated with this pink glass water bottle.

kitchen christmas gift guide 2018 | i am a food blog

They love cooking and you love them, make them happy with something off this list

  1. Personally I’m hoping these wooden microplanes will end up in my Christmas stocking this year. I love the wood handles and microplanes are my favorite for grating.
  2. Bamboo pasta bowls.
  3. A handy mini knife set.
  4. A bakery box so they can hide *gasp* store bought bread.
  5. I’m big into blending soups this season and I’ll be your friends are too. Give the gift of soup with an immersion blender.
  6. A stylish, retro teal pot.
  7. It looks like just a bench scraper, but it’s so much more! Use it to scrape things up, scoop up chopped vegetables, smooth the side of a frosted cake, level off measuring cups, cut biscuits, or as an extra wide spatula. Humble but mighty, it might be the underdog Christmas present that will win the day!
  8. They already have 5 instant pots, but do they have extra sealing rings? These things are life savers.
  9. A spice grinder so nice you’ll want to keep it for yourself.
  10. The best vegetable peeler out there. Friends don’t let friends peel vegetables with bad peelers.
  11. The cutest little dome to keep cakes.
  12. Nugget ice is the best ice, period.
  13. A mandoline so every slice can be perfect.
  14. Does the instant pot lover in your life bake cakes in their pot? You might need to get them this silicone springform cake pan.
  15. For the saltiest of all your friends.
  16. Stacking kitchen tools to keep kitchens minimalist.
  17. Perfectly blue salt and pepper shakers.
  18. Give the gift of kitchen towels, because you can never have enough of them.
  19. For the coffee lover.
  20. Glass containers because it’s time to upgrade from reusing yogurt containers.

cute kitchen christmas gift guide 2018 | i am a food blog

People underestimate the power of cute…it can bring a smile to anyone’s face!

  1. Because sometimes you want a sandwich in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head.
  2. Cute little sushi picks to make things happy in your bento box for lunch.
  3. Rilakkuma cookie cutters.
  4. Just in case you ever wanted to have your rice in the shape of a bear head.
  5. Kitty cat tea mug.
  6. A white elephant you’ll actually want – wash your utensils and use him to drain them.
  7. Use these mini cutters to cut up ham and cheese for the cutest toasts and sandwiches.
  8. Nori punches so you can punch out cute seaweed faces and put them on EVERYTHING.
  9. Because why wouldn’t you want your soft boiled eggs to look like bunnies and bears?
  10. Cutest bear pan to bake bear shaped bread.
  11. Evergreen and cactus salt and pepper shakers.
  12. Woodland creature bag clips to keep your chips fresh.
  13. Cozy mitten tongs.
  14. A giant cozy mitten oven mitten.
  15. Nesting chicken measuring cups.
  16. A ham and egg trivet and scrapper set. So cute!
  17. Blue whale strainer.
  18. An avocado spoon rest so you have somewhere to lay your spoons down when you’re cooking.
  19. Cozy bear trivet so your hot pots don’t damage your countertops.
  20. Silicone pasta pot grips so you don’t burn yourself when you’re moving super hot dutch ovens.
  21. Cutest kitchen sponge holder ever!

Happy shopping friends! Hope it goes nice and smoothly and that you get yourself a little something special too :)
hot chocolate and minty marshmallows,
xoxo, steph

PS – If you’re looking for other good gift ideas, please check this out – I’ve included a bunch of other fun things that didn’t make it on these lists, including a kid’s gift guide :)



  1. I was hitting a Christmas shopping wall but you have single handedly just un-stuck me and potentially sorted 3 people for me – THANK YOU!!

    Rebecca |

  2. Omg I want everything on these lists, hehe! They’re perfect. I have been coveting one of those awesome Kobenstyle casserole pot thingies, I love them! But then I have to think sensibly and remember I have too many pots… hehe! The sponge holder, I just want to make stuffie beds and couches out of sponges now for Teddy’s little stuffies!! Amazing collection of gifts, guys! xo

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