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Friday Finds: 11.10.17

Posted November 10, 2017 by Stephanie

The craziest thing happened this week. I was testing out crepes for a crepe recipe that called for large eggs. We only ever buy large eggs so it was just a question of reaching into the top shelf of the fridge for a fresh carton. But, when I opened the carton and grabbed and egg, it felt…wrong. It was tiny! I asked Mike and he said it looked like the same size but I was super suspicious so I broke out our scale (I legit love that scale) and my instincts were right! The egg weighed almost 20 grams less than a large egg from another carton?!

I was shocked. I couldn’t figure out if the egg producer made a mistake or if someone was crazy and switched all of the eggs from a medium carton to a large carton so they could have a little “discount.” Anyway, that’s my crazy story of the week. In other news, it snowed here! It’s all gone a hot minute after it landed, but for a while I felt all wintery and wonderful.

Here’s what I’ve been reading!


  1. Burger wars: emoji edition.
  2. The OG food blogger :)
  3. LaCroix hacks!
  4. I’m not bothered by spoilers…In fact I think I might kinda like them?
  5. ALL the pumpkin spice things.
  6. Rent-a-family exists in Japan.
  7. Is happiness a place?
  8. Yayaoi Kusama, infinity rooms, and a lifetime of art.

Link Love:

  1. YAS to these marsala meatballs because I have the biggest meatball craving right now.
  2. These lil mini cheesecake cupcakes are right up my alley.
  3. I’d love waking up to these breakfast pot pies!
  4. Heart eyes for these chouquette waffles.

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. This llama oven mitt is too cute. Plus I think I don’t change my oven mitts often enough. They’re all burnt and stained. It’s probably a hazard? >_<
  2. Speaking of pumpkin spice, do you think this pumpkin spice face pack is too much?

Lately on I am a Food Blog:

  1. This Instant Pot pho was pho-nomenal ;)
  2. Za’atar roast chicken for all those cozy roast chicken vibes.
  3. Crunchy creamy kabocha celery salad.
  4. Garlic parmesan knots because BREAD.
  5. Chicken and broccoli chow mein, takeout style.
  6. Sous vide eggs are my fave.
  7. Veggie marinara for all your meatless Monday needs.

That’s all folks. Hope you have an awesome weekend. We’ll be making turkey because I’m absolutely one of those crazy peeps who makes test dinners to vet things before the big show.

warm sweaters and eggnog lattes,
xoxo steph


  1. Love reading these posts! Also that egg story is so so bizarre. Must have been a mistake! xoxo

    1. Stephanie says:

      i felt shocked to my core! probably a little too shocked considering they were just eggs LOL

  2. Bev says:

    I’ve been dying to go to the newly opened Yayoi Kusama museum in Tokyo. Heading to Tokyo twice this month but they’re booked solid for months!

    1. Stephanie says:

      yeah, i think it’s going to be booked solid for a loooooong time :(
      but YAY to tokyo twice! i’m so excited for you. what will you be eating?!?

      1. Bev says:

        Got to try Afuri this time around. Great recommendation, thank you! My friend, who’s living in Tokyo and didn’t know about Afuri before, sends his thanks too

  3. Vy says:

    Woah…..what is that pasta dish in the thumbnail?

    1. Stephanie says:

      it’s carbonara!

  4. Em says:

    i’ve had the same oven mitts for YEARS, but those llama mitts are adorable!

  5. LOVE THAT YOU BUSTED OUT THE SCALEEEEE! I can see this whole scenario unfolding LOL!! Also, that burger emoji – who DA FOCK puts the lettuce on the patty, then the cheese on top? What a bizarro design fail, haha… XO

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