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Green Grilled Cheese Recipe

Posted September 18, 2014 by Stephanie
green grilled cheese recipe -

green grilled cheese recipe -

I’ve been wanting to make a green grilled cheese forever. I mean, yes, I’ve put brussel sprouts and broccoli in my grilled cheeses, but never have I ever used spinach in a grilled cheese. This particular green grilled cheese recipe comes to us from Jessica’s book, Seriously Delish! If you’ve ever visited Jessica’s blog, How Sweet it Is, you know how entirely awesome she happens to be. She loves trashing things up in a way that is incredibly on point and every time she posts I wish I could reach into my monitor and feast.

green grilled cheese recipe -

Her book is just as fabulous as her blog – I dogeared (I didn’t literally fold over the pages, I just used post-it notes) almost every recipe, but the one that caught my eye was the green grilled cheese, because grilled cheese. It was everything I dreamed it would be: cheesy, savoury, and seriously delish. I loved the tender bite of the leeks, garlic, and spinach against the crispy bread.

Speaking of crispy bread, last weekend I finally watched Chef. There’s a scene in the movie where Jon Favreau makes a grilled cheese sandwich. When he cuts into it you can hear the crunch of the buttery crisp bread in an audible way that immediately brings to mind grilled cheeses. It absolutely made the movie for me. Grilled cheese is all about that crispy crunch giving way to soft and gooey insides. I could go on about grilled cheese for a long time, so I’m going to stop now…

green grilled cheese recipe -

Green Grilled Cheese Recipe slightly adapted from Seriously Delish
makes 1 sandwich

  • oil
  • 1/2 leek, cleaned, trimmed and sliced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 2-3 cups fresh spinach
  • 1-2 tablespoons butter, at room temperature
  • 2 slices bread of choice
  • 1-2 tablespoons pesto
  • 3/4 cup shredded Fontina and white cheddar
  • 1 avocado, sliced

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium-low. Add a bit of oil and cook the leeks and garlic until soft, 5 minutes. Add the spinach and cook until just wilted, 2 minutes or so. Remove the spinach mix and set aside.

Assemble the grilled cheese: butter the outsides of the bread and lay the slices on a cutting board, buttered sides facing down. On the un-buttered sides, spread the pesto evenly. On one slice, layer half of the shredded cheese, then the avocado slices and spinach mixture. Top with the remaining shredded cheese and the other slice of bread, butter side facing out.

Use the same non-stick skillet as before and heat over medium. Carefully move the sandwich to the pan and fry until golden brown and crispy, flipping once.

Notes: Jessica’s sandwich is perfect as is, but I couldn’t resist using butter instead of olive oil and adding in some thickly sliced avocados. I’m pretty sure she would approve.

green grilled cheese recipe -


  1. The avocado in it I think is what really makes this one of a kind…

  2. LOVE JESSICA! Your translation of her recipe is nothing short of phenomenal. Happy Thursday!

  3. Preeti says:

    Hi stephanie :)

    What kind of bread did you use?

  4. I completely agree with you about the crunch. There are few sounds out there that herald the coming of good food like the crunch of crispy bread being cut: the clank of dishes in a really nice restaurant, or maybe the sizzle of water and oil as it hits the pan in a little hole-in-the-wall stir fry place. Also, I’m not usually one to put avocados in warm dishes, though I do love it on pizza… But this might be worth a try!

  5. Ooh, what a great way to add vegetables to a traditionally unhealthy dish. Gimme!

  6. I absolutely loved that scene in Chef as well! One of my favorite parts. Can’t wait to make this one from Jessica’s book!

  7. Green everything always! I mean, hey, isn’t it all about balance.
    These sandwiches look a little too delicious and I maaaay be drooling in class right now. Oops!

  8. I sooooo want this for lunch today. Another fun recipe from Seriously Delish!!

  9. Adam garratt says:

    You can’t beat a good grilled sammidge I have to admit and this looks super. I make one with fresh spring greens softened in a pan with butter and garlic, the whole thing is then slaked over a baguette, topped with tallegio then grilled for a bit. Must put that recipe on my blog actually! Oh hello by the way, I am also a food blog :)

  10. Love the photo! And the attempt to make one of my favorite foods healthy (er). I’ll have to give it a shot :)

  11. Wow this is making my mouth water….*gulp* :D I’ve made this kind of grilled cheese for my husband but usually not THIS fancy and pretty! Haha, and you seriously know how do justice to everyone’s food/recipe! *thumbs up*

  12. I’ve never had a green grilled cheese sandwich. I never even thought of even making one but it sure looks delicious! Especially since it has avocado! and I love love love avocadoes! This is definitely I’m going to make! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  13. Luisa says:

    Hi Steph – I am a new reader and am having trouble printing. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

  14. Green and gorgeous! Loving this!

  15. Eileen says:

    These sandwiches look phenomenal! I an definitely in the mood for serious greens and goopy cheese. :)

  16. Oh my gosh, can’t wait to try this!

  17. Oh I absolutely loved Chef. I particularly liked the burn marks on his arms that they put on with make-up. Very realistic (I have many, unfortunately!). These grilled cheese looks killer!

  18. Rivki Locker says:

    Wow that looks good. I am really coveting that book.

  19. meg says:

    I just got her cookbook in the mail this week (and yours too). Can’t wait to give this a try!

  20. What a great sandwich! Although I always love to add some ham or shrimp into my grilled cheese, the green one looks as delicious! It’s a great choice for my after workout snack.

  21. Sophie says:

    Ummmm WOW! You photographed the hell out of these sandwich soldiers!! Too pretty to eat, but so so delicious-looking. I loved the movie Chef! Especially how he had all those realistic cuts and burn marks on his forearms…. I wonder if it was movie makeup, or real accidents :)

  22. Karishma says:

    I have heard of people putting pesto in grilled cheese, but not pesto and spinach! That sounds really delicious.

    I have been wanting to watch Chef for so long! Is it out on DVD yet?

  23. Looks incredible – I love the idea of pretending to make a grilled cheese healthy by adding in some greens! Lusting after Jessica’s book – I’m a big fan of How Sweet It Is so I’m so happy to see how you’ve riffed on her recipe here :)

  24. Looks as a super delicious toasted sandwich!

  25. Dakota Grizzle says:

    I love green foods. looks really healthy!

  26. I’d have them for breakfast….. I just adore avocado…

  27. Brandon says:

    Added bacon. Oops…

  28. sara says:

    This looks so yummy!!!

  29. Princess Noé says:

    I just finished eating this deliciousness! It is literally so good, you wouldn’t even know it’s healthy for you haha I’ve been on kind of a health kick lately and this just tasted so much better than anything i’ve cooked before! ????

  30. Butterflys says:

    I didn’t put pesto or leeks in mine but it still was incredible delicious! The cheese melted with the spinach and avocado made for a overwhelming pleasure of a bite!

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