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Chicken Katsu Sando: Crispy Japanese Chicken Sandwich Recipe

If you love chicken sandwiches, this crispy Japanese chicken katsu sando is next level.

Japanese Fruit Sandwich: Strawberry Sando Recipe |
10 ingredients or less

Japanese Fruit Sandwich: Strawberry Sando Recipe

Rating: 4.8

The Japanese iconic squishy strawberry sandwich can be yours, no plane ride to Japan needed!

Japanese-style egg salad sandwiches! Do you love egg salad sandwiches but want a twist? Creamy kewpie mayo and jammy eggs makes this sandwich a winner. Just like the sandwiches you had on vacation in Japan but better ;) #sandwiches #eggsalad #japanese #japanesefood #recipes #recipeoftheday #eggs
10 ingredients or less

Konbi’s Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich: Tamago Sando Recipe

Say hello to your new favorite sandwich: fluffy crustless bread, perfectly cooked eggs mixed with Japanese kewpie mayo, and two jammy eggs, just because.


Tamagoyaki Sando: Japanese Egg Omelet Sandwich Recipe

A Japanese-inspired egg breakfast sandwich! A toasted fluffy bun sandwiching a juicy Japanese egg omelette seasoned with soy and mirin.

tonkatsu sandwich recipe

Katsu Sando – Tonkatsu Sandwich Recipe

Katsu sandos are the sandwich of my dreams. It seems that most of the world has a version of schnitzel: cutlet-style meat, breaded and fried. I love meat, I love bread, and I love anything deep-fried, so it’s a no...

chicken katsu recipe |
japanese food

Chicken Katsu

Rating: 4.92

Juicy, tender chicken, with crispy panko breadcrumbs on the outside, fluffy rice and crunchy cabbage. It's a super easy dream meal!

tuna salad recipe |

Miso Tuna Salad

Rating: 4.97

Miso makes everything better, it adds depth, umami and healthy probiotics.

kewpie mayo recipe |
secret ingredients

Kewpie Mayo

Rating: 4.55

Everything you ever wanted to know about the best mayo.

Crispy Rice Recipe |

Crispy Rice

Rating: 4.7

How to make gorgeous, nutty, satisfying crispy rice cakes topped with spicy tuna or salmon.

air fryer eggs |
air fryer recipes

Air Fryer Eggs

Rating: 5

Perfect eggs every time in the air fryer, faster than boiling because you don't need to wait for the water.

japanese egg sandwich |

Japanese Egg Sandwich

Rating: 4.75

Tamago Sando たまごサンド

milk bread |

Milk Bread

Rating: 4.92

The easiest Japanese milk bread recipe you could ever possibly want: so soft, so fluffy, so easy.


The Search for Perfect Purin in Tokyo

Whether you call it pudding or purin, Tokyo has some of the best examples of pudding on the planet, and even if none of us can go there anytime soon, we can dream.

fluffy japanese pancakes recipe | i am a food blog
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Top 17 Japanese Foods to Make at Home Because Your Trip to Japan Was Cancelled

Are you missing summer vacation this year? If you were planning on going to Japan but world events stopped you, this list will help bring Japan to you!


Where to Eat Modern Affordable Shabu Shabu in Tokyo

Modern Tokyo shabu shabu...the gentle swish swish of thinly sliced meat through a boiling pot of stock. So simple and so good.

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10 Super Cozy Japanese Inspired Recipes to Warm You Up This Winter

Stay warm with these cozy Japanese inspired recipes!

Easy oven baked pork tonkatsu: An extra thick, super juicy pork chop done up tonkatsu style, with light and crispy panko, only baked instead of deep-fried. #japanesefood #japanese #tonkatsu #porkchop #pork #recipes #ovenbaked #dinner #easydinner

Easy Oven Baked Pork Tonkatsu

Rating: 5

The key to this super juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside tonkatsu pork chop is cooking it low and slow, reverse sear style.


Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Pancakes Recipe

These fluffy mini strawberry shortcake pancakes are perfect for summer. Super cute mini silver dollar vanilla pancakes topped with juicy strawberries and softly whipped cream. Like a strawberry shortcake for breakfast!

12 recipes for a Japanese inspired picnic
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12 Things to Make and Take on a Japanese-Inspired Picnic!

Have a Japanese inspired picnic this summer with Japanese egg salad sandwiches, chicken karaage, Japanese cheesecake, and more!

how to make a japanese breakfast | i am a food blog

Teishoku Breakfast: How to Make a Traditional Japanese Breakfast Set

A guide to cooking the perfect teishoku Japanese breakfast set: rice, salmon, miso soup, pickles, and tamagoyaki.

10 ingredients or less

Soft Scrambled Japanese Tamago Rice Bowl Recipe

I love soft scrambled eggs. I love tamagoyaki. I love the mutant hybrid of the two: soft scrambled tamagoyaki eggs seasoned with sugar, soy, and mirin. Served on a fluffy bed of rice with nori.


Where to see Mount Fuji from Tokyo

Have you ever wondered if you can see Mount Fuji from the middle of Tokyo? The answer is YES! Here are four places you can cop a look at Japan's most famous peak.


Tokyo Food Guide: In Search of the Best Tokyo Gyoza

If you dream of gyoza, you're in the right place. Join us as we search for the best Tokyo gyoza. Cheap, fast, and delicious, gyoza does it all.

Tokyo Food Guide: Where to Eat Fluffy Japanese Pancakes in Tokyo

Tokyo Food Guide: Where to Eat Fluffy Japanese Pancakes in Tokyo

It's so FLUFFY! You've seen them all over the internet: mesmerizing, jiggly towers of improbably fluffy pancakes. Here's a guide on where to eat fluffy japanese pancakes in Tokyo.


Tokyo Food Guide: What and Where to Eat in Tokyo, Snack Edition

A Tokyo food guide: snacks and sweets to eat in Tokyo, Japan!


Tokyo Food Guide: Sushi Tokami and what it’s like to eat high end Tokyo sushi

Ever wonder what it's like to eat high end sushi in Tokyo? Follow along as we eat at Michelin starred Sushi Tokami :)

totoro inari sushi recipe -

Totoro Inari Sushi Recipe

Super cute and tasty totoro inari sushi: vinegared sushi rice tucked inside a deep fried tofu pocket seasoned with dashi, soy, and a touch of sugar. Almost too cute to eat!

Tonkatsu Burger Recipe -

Tonkatsu Burger Recipe

The ultimate Japanese burger: crispy crunchy tonkatsu pork cutlets, sesame cabbage slaw, and spicy mustard, all in a squishy toasted brioche bun.

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Friday Finds: 6.2.2017

Some fun reads for your Friday!

kapibara character cafe -

Tokyo Kapibarasan Character Cafe

We visited a character cafe and I overdosed on CUTE!

tsujita ramen -

Tokyo Food Guide: Where and What to Eat in Tokyo

So, you’re planning on going to Tokyo? You’ve found the best place to stay in Tokyo and now you want to find some great food places. First off, congrats! I’m so jealous. Tokyo is one of my all time favorite...

tomato and egg pizza -

Tomato and Egg Breakfast Pizza Recipe

While I was living in Japan, I ate my fill of Japanese foods: ramen, soba, udon, katsu, yakitori, curry, tempura, sushi, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, anything remotely Japanese, I was all over it. But sometimes, out of nowhere, a pizza craving would hit and...

tonkatsu salad roll recipe -

Tonkatsu Salad Roll Recipe

Vietnamese gỏi cuốn are one of those funny foods that go by all sorts of names in English. I’ve seen them called Summer rolls, fresh Spring rolls, and salad rolls. I’ve always known them as salad rolls so that’s what I’m going...