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12 Things to Make and Take on a Japanese-Inspired Picnic!

Posted June 8, 2019 by Stephanie
12 recipes for a Japanese inspired picnic

It’s not officially summer yet but I’m all about the summer picnics this year! I just want to make and pack up all the cutest foods, pop it into a basket and head on out to the park or the beach. For some reason, themed picnics really appeal to me. Imagine an all chip picnic? Or maybe an only dips and dippers picnic? Seriously sounds like the best. We haven’t gone on any elaborate picnics yet – more like a bag of chips from the store or takeaway – but when we do the first one is going to be Japanese themed for sure. I can’t wait to make a cute lil picnic bento!

Here’s some Japanese picnic inspiration so you can go out and have a Japanese picnic and I can live vicariously though you!

how to make a Japanese egg salad sandwich

Chicken Katsu Sando: Crispy Japanese Chicken Sandwich Recipe |

Japanese Fruit Sandwich: Strawberry Sando Recipe |

I’m a huge fan of sandwiches on picnics because they’re handheld, they pack well, and they taste good. My three top choices would be a Japanese tamago sandoHave a Japanese inspired picnic this summer with Japanese egg salad sandwiches, chicken karaage, Japanese cheesecake, and more!Japanese tamago sando to start, followed by a chicken katsu sando, ending on the sweetest most kawaii strawberry fruit sando. I’m all about the sando life guys. Bring it!

The Best Sesame Soy Broccoli Salad |

miso tuna salad recipe -

Of course along with the sandwiches, a little salad is always a good thing. This sesame soy broccoli salad has slivered almonds and dried cranberries and is just about the best ever way to eat broccoli on a picnic. If you’re looking for a more protein-full salad, miso tuna salad is your friend. I love scooping it onto those crispy seaweed snacks. Umami central.

How to Make the Easiest Ramen Eggs -

Eggs are never not a good thing on a picnic and I don’t think there’s an egg in the world I love more than tamagoyaki. Sweet, savory, and perfectly handhold-able. Or maybe ramen eggs Have a Japanese inspired picnic this summer with Japanese egg salad sandwiches, chicken karaage, Japanese cheesecake, and more! are more your style? Forget deviled eggs because ramen eggs are way more delicious. Plus, they’re way more portable too, if you don’t slice them in half.

totoro inari sushi recipe -

how to make onigizaru or sushi sandwiches -

What’s a Japanese inspired picnic without some sushi inspired items?! I could happily eat only Totoro inari sushi for the rest of my life. Sweetened deep-fried aburaage tofu pockets filled with rice? YUM. And if you want something a little more hefty, spam and egg onigirazu have got you. Think, Japanese sushi rice, a fried egg, crispy spam, peppery arugula, and creamy avocado all tucked into a crispy seaweed blanket.

japanese fried chicken karaage recipe -

Picnics are all about fried chicken, amiright? The ultimate fried chicken in my books is Japanese chicken karaage. Ultra crispy, juicy, and full of so much flavor. Fry up a bunch and your picnic will definitely be a party.

mini dorayaki with azuki paste -

Small Batch Japanese Cheesecake Recipe |

And who can forget dessert? Maybe some mini dorayaki golden honey pancakes filled with sweet red bean is what you’re craving? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who’ll make a fluffy Japanese cheesecake just for a picnic? If you are, can you invite me please?

Alright, I just made myself super hungry, so I’m going to make a quick onigiri to cure my Japanese cravings. Happy picnicking!


  1. Sabrina says:

    wow, this is over the top, how did you? those characters, wow, nice food art but love all of the food here, whether for a picnic or not, love all of these egg dishes too, all new to me and much appreciated

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12 recipes for a Japanese inspired picnic
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