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Pulses Round Up!

We are in the thick of fall, which means lots of rain and cozy nights in. Basically all I want to do is netflix and eat. That’s a thing, right? On the top of my list are foods that are dip-able and eaten with your hands, like miso hummus with crispy onion furikake, black dal and naan, and mini red bean dorayaki!

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2016 is the Year of Pulses, as declared by the UN, and this is my little round up post of the three pulse dishes I put up to celebrate. I started off with chickpeas because hummus. To be honest, earlier this year was the first time I ever made hummus from scratch, but as soon as I tasted it, warm and smooth and creamy, I knew that store bought hummus was forever ruined for me. Lucky for us hummus whips up in a flash (after a little overnight soak) so you can get your miso hummus groove on.

black dal and garlic naan -

If you’re not yet done with dipping into pulse deliciousness, I hope you give this black dal a try. It’s made with black lentils and is hearty, filling, luxurious, and packed full of protein. It takes me right back to the first time I ever tried dal, in London. Indian food is a big thing over there and when we went we tried out a restaurant called Dishoom and fell in love with their dal. Dishoom’s dal recipe is a secret, but I like to think that mine comes pretty close.

mini dorayaki with azuki paste -

And of course, how can you snack without something sweet? I used adzuki beans in a classic Japanese dessert, dorayaki: essentially tiny honey pancakes sandwiched around a sweet adzuki bean paste. I was super fond of adzuki bean paste growing up and these little guys brought me right back to my childhood.

Happy Year of Pulses friends! I love how the UN chose a delicious, sustainable, nutrient rich, affordable food to profile. I happen to be a huge fan of pulses – especially their texture – and it’s nice that they’re getting a bit of the limelight. Oh, and in case you don’t know what pulses are (because I didn’t, before the beginning of this year), they’re dried peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas!

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miso hummus recipe -

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  1. Dipping and eating with my hands? Yes please! Love your photos, and store bought hummus is forever ruined for me too…

  2. We are a pulse-addicted family, eating lentils with kimchi every morning for breakfast. Unless it’s a curried lentil soup day!

black dal and garlic naan -