Hi, I have a shopping addiction and I love Prime Day. I admit, I spend way too much time looking for deals and not buying anything. But maybe you’re looking to get some new kitchen stuff? This is essentially a wish list for me, maybe you’ll find something you like too! Hit up those lighting deals while you can!

Best Prime Day deals for home and kitchen stuff

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups

$22 (15% off)

This is one of those things in the kitchen: if you have them you know how amazing they are. If you don’t, get them now while they’re 15% off. Glass measuring cups are great for making sauces, vinaigrettes, and yes, even measuring. Use them for anything and everything that you make in the kitchen that you use a bowl for but want a pouring spout. Seriously, I love the 4 cup especially for making pancakes and waffles. We have (no jokes) over 7 different sizes of liquid measuring cups and we’re always annoyed when they’re in the dishwasher or in use in the fridge. We should get another set!

$22 at Amazon

GE Nugget Ice Makers

$319-$529 (22-29% off)

I have dreamed of a nugget ice maker my whole life. Okay, I exaggerate but I really, really, really love nugget ice and the GE Opal nugget ice makers are 22-29% off for prime day. Really, I can’t justify the counter space, but please live out my at home nugget ice dreams for me?!?! I’m going to link this one, because it’s the cheapest, but there are two other ones on sale too.

$228 at Amazon

Ember Smart Mug

$100 (33% off)

Hands up if you suffer from cold coffee because you always forget that you have a fresh drink beside you! This Ember mug looks like the perfect thing. It keeps your drinks perfectly warm at the optimal drinking temperature. It’s 33% off for prime day and comes in multiple colors. If you’re smart and have enough executive functioning to plan ahead, grab one for a Christmas present for someone you love!

$100 at Amazon

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

$130 (33% off)

Personally, we don’t use a rice cooker anymore because we don’t like pulling it out, but when we did, we absolutely LOVED our Zoji. It plays a little song when the rice is done and it cooks and keeps rice warm perfectly. If you don’t like making rice on the stove, grab this guy because he’s 33% off.

$130 at Amazon

Caraway Retro Kettle

$156 (31% off)

I’m all for modern things, but this avocado green tea kettle is such a vibe. Retro, cute and high ratings? Sign me up.It’s 31% off for prime day and comes in 7 colors for a pop of fun on your stove top.  I have no idea why a kettle is SO expensive but it’s a Lightning Deal and 40% of people have claimed it, so there must be something right about it!

$156 at Amazon

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Sauce Pan

$103 (10% off)

Hmm, maybe these Caraway people are on to something because I’m in love with their saucepan TOO! It’s non-toxic, oven save and compatible with all stovetops, including convection. Again, it comes in super cute retro colors and because it’s ceramic, it’s non-stick in the best non-toxic way. Perfect for making sauces or a personal sized batch of noodles.  It’s 20% off and a Prime Day deal, don’t sleep on it. The Marigold next to the Sage kettle would be so cute. If you want an aesthetic kitchen, these are the pans for you!

$103 at Amazon

Vitamix 5200 Blender

$300 (45% off)

For all your smoothie, soup, and blending needs! This guy is a whopping 45% off! I love our Vitamix, we literally use it for everything: making marinades, sauces, soups, anything that needs a smooth, creamy consistency. If you’ve had your eye on a blender, do yourself a favor and get a Vitamix. There’s a reason why Vitamix is a premium blender. It’s really, really good.

$300 at Amazon

Miyabi 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

$300 (32% off)

If you’re on the look out for a new chef’s knife, this Miyabi is 36% off and trust me when I say that it is my go-to knife at home. I love the birch handle and the sharpness of the blade can’t be beat. I love all of the Miyabi knives we own but there’s a reason why chef’s knives are called chef’s knives. Perfectly balanced, a cutting edge that will slice through everything, and beautiful to boot. The blade on this knife is a hand-honed and sharpened 12 degree Honbazuke blade handcrafted in Seki, Japan. I love the way the handle feels in my hand it really makes prep work a joy.

$300 at Amazon


Home Kitchen Magnetic Knife Block

$32 (20% off)

We love our wooden magnetic knife block. It’s the best way to store knives: both sides are magnetic so you can store double the knives. The magnets are strong and the wood looks clean and unobtrusive. It’s a really nice way to display your knives. This guy is 20% off for prime day!

$32 at Amazon


Garlic Presses

$9 (55% off)

We have 3 garlic presses and to be honest are always on the lookout for more. We haven’t tried this KitchenAid one yet but it’s 55% off and I’m tempted! Garlic presses make prep work so much easier and this one looks like it has a lot of potential: a big garlic chamber, dishwasher safe, and the hinged press makes it easy to use for weak hands (ie, me). This Zulay garlic press looks promising too and it’s 52% off. It comes with a cleaner brush which would be great for poking out those bits of garlic that get stuck in the holes.

$9 at Amazon

Mitsumoto Knife Sharpener

$24 (33% off)

Speaking of sharp knives, they don’t stay sharp forever. Just like any tool you love, take care of them! This 3 stage Japanese knife sharpener lets you adjust for different degrees of sharpening. There are three slots: tungsten, cereamic, and diamond. It’s a pretty easy to use sharpener compared to honing steels: simply put the blade in a gently pull. We have this exact knife sharpener and Mike, who does all the sharpening at home loves it!

$24 at Amazon

Wheat Straw Cutting Board

$22 (20% off)

A good knife is nothing without a decent cutting board. It’s important to replace your cutting boards (because they literally get cut up and it’s more sanitary to replace them, you can’t really clean microscopic cuts) so why not get a deal?! These wheat straw cutting boards are 20% off and we’re giving them a try. They are anti slip, naturally BPA free, and have juice grooves. They look pretty good.

$22 at Amazon

That’s it! Happy shopping friends! Hopefully you found something great! Prime day is amazing 🥹🥹🥹
xoxo steph

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