It’s the first Friday in September and as much as I’m hanging on to the last days of summer I’m all for fall because I’m basic and September is my birthday month and I’m a fall baby even though technically I’m a late summer baby. Give me ALL THE FALL THINGS please. The other day Mike and I were at Target and I picked up a tiny little felt pumpkin and all felt right with the world. I can’t wait until the air starts getting crispy and I can have pumpkin spice lattes without feeling funny that I’m still wearing shorts.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been perusing on the internets. Happy first weekend of September! Hope you’re as excited about it as I am :)


  1. I have so much nostalgia for coca cola wings.
  2. Huh, interesting college class: Marriage 101.
  3. Why there are so many meatless meats all of a sudden.
  4. Mike and I tried to get a Popeye’s chicken sandwich and failed. Have to admit, I’m kinda jelly of Diplo and his plane of chicken sandies. Plus Cardi B flew all the way to LA to get a taste.
  5. Cheesecake stuffed pumpkin spice donuts from Krispy Kreme! I mean, I’d try them >_<
  6. I am so in love with the new Lana album.
  7. The new Taylor Swift is pretty catchy too. I didn’t listen to her last album but this one is definitely drawing me back in.
  8. Peace Love and Trash Dove – this was such an interesting read. And even more interesting was reading the artist’s account of how viral fame almost ruined her life.
  9. I wish we were in Japan right now so I could eat this McFlurry with mochi, custard, and crunchy cornflakes.
  10. I love food scenes in anime and real life imitating anime is almost just as good.

Link Love:

  1. This is the perfect transition dessert: pumpkin baked Alaska!
  2. These bloody Mary bruschetta look like the perfect snack-y dinner.
  3. Hello mini peach puff tarts.

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. There’s something about reading in September reading that really gets me excited. I ripped through Recursion – it’s about time, identity, memory, and in the end, a love story. I absolutely loved it. I really dig Blake Crouch and can’t wait til he releases something else. 
  2. I’m looking forward to digging into Permanent Record. It has snacks and an star crossed YA romance. What’s not to love? I have so many books on my to-read list, but this one is definitely next.
  3. My feet are an absolute mess after wearing sandals all summer so I’m going to do Baby Foot. Have you heard of it? It causes insane weird peeling of the dead skin off your feet and it really works.

Lately on I am a food blog:

  1. We spent the night in a Vintage trailer named Dennis and I just about died from the Americana cuteness.
  2. We also spent just under a week eating ALL the green chile cheeseburgers in New Mexico.
  3. Speaking of green chile, here is a recipe for the creamiest mac and cheese made better with a hit of Hatch chile.
  4. I will love cauliflower gnocchi forever and ever and ever and will always be making delicious things with it: cauli gnocchi with tomatoes, corn, and basil.

That’s it! Have the best weekend!




  1. Over here in Ireland, Autumn is well and truly started – and it’s actually really great!

    Rebecca |

  2. sabrina says:

    well happy pre-birthday, thank you for all of these, bloody mary bruschetta yes!

    1. Stephanie says:

      aww thank you sabrina! my first birthday wish this year! :D

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