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Crispy Oven Baked Honey Garlic Tofu Bites

Posted February 19, 2015 by Stephanie
crispy oven baked honey garlic tofu bites

crispy oven baked honey garlic tofu bites crispy oven baked honey garlic tofu bites

crispy oven baked honey garlic tofu bites

crispy oven baked honey garlic tofu bites

Something amazing happened in the past year: Mike started liking tofu. It happened while we were in Tokyo. Tofu is a whole other beast over there. A delicious, delicious beast. This is a BIG deal because while I absolutely LOVE tofu, sometimes it can be a bit much to eat a whole package. But now that Mike is actually enjoying tofu, I can make it as much as I want without feeling like I’m going to turn into a tofu cube due to tofu consumption.

This is a fitting dish to make today because sometimes hardcore traditionalists like to eat vegetarian food for the first day of the new year. I’m not too sure why this tradition exists, but I have many memories of going to my grandma’s house for a full on veggie lunch. Today I made do with a bowl of granola and almond milk, but hey, it’s still doesn’t have meat!

I’ll probably whip up a batch of these crispy little guys soon enough – they’re super easy to prep and even though they take a while to bake in the oven, it’s all passive time so you have lots of time to google cute animal videos. Baking tofu (especially when you give it a light toss in cornstarch) gives you super crispy tofu without the deep-frying. As much as I like deep-frying (and I really do!) sometimes it’s nice to have hands-off crispiness. Toss those suckers in a sweet and savoury honey garlic sauce and you’ve got the ultimate snack. Or, piled them up on some fluffy rice or quinoa and you’ve got yourself a comforting bowl. Do it, you know you want to!

PS – Happy Chinese New Year!

Crispy Oven Baked Honey Garlic Tofu Bites Recipe
serves 2
prep time: 5 minutes
cook time: 45 minutes
total time: 50 minutes

  • 1 package pressed tofu*
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 2 tablespoons honey*
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • sliced green onions and toasted sesame seeds, to garnish

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Dry off your tofu with a paper towel and cut into 1/2 inch cubes. Toss with the cornstarch and arrange the tofu on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Bake for 30-45 minutes – midway through, flip the tofu cubes.

When you have just 5 minutes left on the baking time (at that point your tofu should be a light golden brown) start the sauce. In a small frying pan, heat up honey, soy and garlic over medium heat until bubbly and thick. Taste and season with freshly ground pepper.

Remove the tofu from the oven and toss in the sauce. Garnish with sliced green onions and toasted sesame seeds. Enjoy hot!

* I buy pressed tofu at the store, but I know some places don’t sell it. You can substitute regular medium or firm tofu, just cut it and place it on clean paper towels, flipping every so often until it removes most of the excess moisture.

* I used this honey.

crispy oven baked honey garlic tofu bites



  1. Totally making this for dinner! Even as a vegan, I can’t get into tofu unless it’s flavored juuuust right. Right on lady!

    1. Ben says:

      ‘Vegan’ ‘Honey’

      1. Jude Blair says:

        There are some vegans who eat honey. Sometimes referred to as “bee-gans”

        1. John Charles Westenhofer says:


    2. Simone Brightstein says:

      to press tofu, cut your block in three lengthwise pieces, put them on a plate, layer the piecres with paper towel, put a large plate on top and weight it with a coouple of tinned cans, or a heavy book. leave for an hour, drain the liquid and yu have well-pressed tofu.

  2. Happy New Year!!! I feel like your tofu recipes could turn anyone into a tofu lover, especially this one! And I love that pic of the top with that napkin. Major heart eyes.

  3. I adore tofu – this looks like the perfect snack Stephanie!

  4. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog recently. The photos! The recipes! Being vegan I haven’t been able to make much but have been enjoying the eye candy ;) but THESE, these I could do. Love this!! Thanks for all the gorgeous posts, I’m excited to keep following!! xo

  5. I wish I could convert my husband to like tofu! He says it’s a texture thing and that’s why he doesn’t like it. I wonder if I made this since it’s crispy if this could change his mind.

  6. Abby says:

    Ooh, this looks delicious, Stephanie! I’ll have to give it a try :D

  7. It drives me crazy when people say they don’t like tofu! (Sorry, Mike!) Actually, I just decided that the next person who says it to me is getting a big bowl of this beautiful crispy goodness shoved in their face. (Can someone say it soon, so that I have an excuse to make it? Really, though…)

  8. Dee says:

    That looks so yummy! I just might try Tofu with this! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. happy new year!

    the honey garlic + scallion thang is such a perfect flavor combination for crispy tofu and i can’t wait to try it.

    i didn’t know already-pressed tofu was a thing. that’s like A-B-C gum! actually no, it’s not. at all. nevermind. :3

  10. I would do anything to get my boyfriend to even like tofu or tempeh, let alone love it! He’s had it and I am convinced he secretly loves it but won’t admit it. Anyway, I adore honey + soy with tofu so I know I will love this version. No portion control with this one, it’s just not possible!

  11. Simone says:

    Crispy tofu directly from oven? That sounds really easy. Thanks for this tip, I’ll try it out the next days :-)


  12. Melina says:

    Where can I find and buy that beautiful tea towel?

    1. steph says:

      I got it from Anthro a couple of years ago so I don’t think they have it anymore :(

  13. Idk if I’ve ever been a fan of tofu but I am now!!!!

  14. Ahah I sooo understand your husband! I really do not like tofu, unless it’s japanese and possibly fresh. I am in love with japanese cuisine and I never had any problem eating tofu at a japanese place. a few days ago I bought a box of silken tofu out of enthusiasm because I saw that it was Morinaga tofu, and it made me think of NY. I don’t think silken tofu could work with this recipe, but your dressing sounds delicious!

  15. Amazing, Stephanie!! I would eat these as a snack while watching a movie :)

  16. I’m a total tofu convert. I started eating it as soon as I discovered what an absolutely delicious and light source of protein it can be in almost any dish. It makes no sense why it has such a lousy reputation among so many Americans. And to think–for so many years, I believed them!

  17. Anna says:

    Yummy looks delicious <3

  18. Katie says:

    Yummy! My husband won’t eat tofu either but this recipe just might get him to try it! Thanks for the idea!

    Your blog is fabulous!

  19. I had no idea you could bake them to make them crispy! I’m a sucker for crispy tofu cubes but I always pan-fried them. I just wish it didn’t take so long to bake them! And honey garlic sauce is always awesome ;)

  20. baker_d says:

    How many ounces or grams was your package of tofu? I have pressed tofu in my fridge but am not sure I have enough.

    Cannot WAIT to make this! Thanks!

    1. steph says:

      Mine was 350 grams but you can use any size you like – it’s just a question of how saucy it will be when you’re done. If your tofu pack is double, I’d say double the sauce too, but if it’s off by just a little you don’t need to adjust! hope that helps!

  21. Stephanie! I made this for dinner tonight and it was so delicious. I might’ve eaten the entire thing myself…

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  22. Looks amazing! This recipe will make me start eating tofu . I wonder if the texture will hold the same way, if I were to stir fry it.

  23. Haley Musial says:

    Looks delish! Do you have a brand of tofu you prefer? Also any thoughts on sprouted tofu? Thanks!!

  24. I am now craving tofu. Pity it’s bedtime. I really need to do more with tofu. I have a few ways of cooking it I eat over and over again. The cornstarch is a great idea. I’ll give that a go.

  25. Teddy says:

    I am super excited to see this post and will be making it next week. (or this weekend !!) Thank you for sharing the recipe and I’ll let come back to let you know how I liked it :)
    of course, i’ll post my thoughts

  26. Karen Kirsch says:

    I NEED to try this right away! Thanks for sharing :) Your photos and whole set up are extremely catchy and inspiring.

  27. Sofia says:

    This dish inspired me to make a similar chicken dish. I just posted it in my blog now! No offence to tofu, I adore tofu. It’s so delicious that I cant wait to make it again, but with some tofu this time. Have a great week!

  28. Alexandra says:

    I have made soooo many tofu recipes in my day and this has got to be the best ever. Going to be a new staple for me!

  29. alex says:

    this looks so yummy! do u suggest serving brown rice on the side?

    1. steph says:

      brown rice, quinoa, whatever your favourite grain is!

  30. Karen says:

    I just started liking tofu over CNY. My husband could barely believe it, but he’s happy I finally came around. Maybe I will surprise him with this dish sometime.

  31. Steve W says:

    Would you mind sharing what type/brand of soy sauce you use?

    Love this website. Everything from your easy-to-follow recipes to the food porn photography! Keep it up!

    1. steph says:

      I usually use lee kum kee!

  32. Matt Thomas says:

    You forgot to specify how big a “package” of tofu you are talking about.

    1. Stephanie Le says:

      I used a 350 gram package.

  33. Your recipe has been featured here (with a doodle!). Thanks for the delicious tofu :)

  34. Nicole says:

    Made these last weekend and they were soooo good. Definitely keeping this recipe for future use! Thanks for producing awesome recipes and great content :)

  35. Megan says:

    I made them. They are more chewy than crispy. Still tasty and, no doubt, this is healthier than frying.

  36. michele says:

    I forgot corn starch at grocery store. Is there a substitute? Flour? Nutritional yeast?

    1. Stephanie Le says:

      hi michele,

      you can use flour but it won’t be as crunchy! or if you have potato starch, that would work too. hope that helps!

  37. Jonthue says:

    I have to say, Brillant website design. I was touced alone by its look and simplicity. Can’t wait to try the recipe, it looks reallyy good.

  38. Joyce Chung says:

    I really want to make this but I don’t have parchment paper… Can I use tin foil?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Stephanie Le says:

      hi joyce,

      i haven’t tried, but i think it would work – it might stick a little though, so there’s that. it would probably help if you sprayed the tinfoil with a bit of cooking spray or lightly oiled it. hope that helps!

  39. Zoe says:

    Can you use rice flour instead of corn starch?

    1. Stephanie Le says:

      hi zoe,

      i haven’t tried with rice flour, but it tends to leave more residue than cornstarch when baking. i would stick to corn starch, if you can! if you give rice flour a try, please let me know how it turns out :)

  40. Hannah says:

    Hi there – should I oil the parchment paper or do they get crispy without any oil?

    1. Stephanie Le says:

      hi hannah, you don’t need to oil the parchment, they get crispy on their ow – not as crispy as deep-frying though ;)

  41. Jaclyn says:

    My oven is being a troublemaker lately, so can I pan-fry these?

    1. Stephanie Le says:

      yes! you’ll need a touch of oil in a non-stick pan over medium heat. be sure to flip so all the sides get fried :)

  42. Lily says:

    Looks like an easy veggie substitute for chicken wings! Can’t wait to try this tonight!

  43. cathi says:

    Delicious w/ maple syrup substitution to make them vegan!

    1. Angie says:

      Yes my thoughts. Or agave/ brown sugar even

    2. CP says:

      I tried with agave! Delicious!

  44. susan says:

    Looks delicious, but honey is not vegan.

  45. Barbara says:

    Made this today , tried tofu for the first time and it’s a great reciepie ! Thank you for the post!

  46. Stephanie says:

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it. Which store did you find pressed tofu?

  47. Lisette says:

    Just made this tonight and it was deeeelish! Had it over some steamed rice and green beans. ;) Thanks for the great recipe!

  48. Babs says:

    I thought the tofu was too crunchy and a little rubbery. The sauce was nice.

  49. meowmix says:

    You say “1 package of tofu” how much is one package? They come in different sizes

    1. Stephanie says:

      hi! you want the cornstarch to lightly coat the tofu, most 1 tofu cube package sizes will work, regardless of how big it is. If your tofu package comes with two cubes of tofu, you might want to double the cornstarch as well as the sauce recipe. in this case, i used a 350 gram package of tofu, but if the tofu makers in your area make a different size, the recipe should still work. hope that helps!

  50. Emily Marie Santana says:

    Quick question, what can I eat this with? It seems so lonely to just eat the tofu alone. Also, can I save this in the fridge for another day because i can’t eat the whole package of tofu in one meal.

    1. Stephanie says:

      i would eat it with rice or a grain! you could make a rice/grain bowl with some greens :)
      i don’t think it’ll hold up well overnight – the tofu will probably dry out. you could just prepare 1/2 a package and save the other half of your tofu submerged in fresh water in an airtight container. hope that helps a bit!

  51. Kellie Noszka says:

    The tofu is delicious prepared this way! I love the sauce in this recipe, but I also use the baked, cornstarched tofu in other recipes. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  52. J aukerman says:

    I just made the tofu and it is cool enough to try I haven’t made the sauce get. It tastes like cereal to me. This is my first time trying tofu. I like how it turned out nice and crunchy. It is going on salad to night. I hope my husband likes it.

  53. Kali says:

    I stumbled across this while looking for a recipe for crispy tofu with no added oil. I had serious doubts I’d get the result I was after, but was so pleasantly surprised! The tofu was actually crispy on the outside! And the sauce was great too– I love tofu with sticky sweet sauces. Awesome recipe. Thank you!!

  54. Jinggay Lejano says:

    I will try this recipe soon!

  55. Gab says:

    That’s the kind of combo that makes you scream “why didn’t i try this before” you’re a genius!

  56. Karen says:

    I made this last night and it was fabulous!! I can’t believe the crunch you get by just using corn starch! Will make again!

    1. Stephanie says:

      oh yay! so happy you liked it :)

  57. Josie says:

    Made this tonight. We found the baked tofu to be too hard and chewy. Not sure if I pressed it too much. The sauce was good – I doubled it. May try again with sautéed tofu. Thanks for the recipe and for giving us plant-based folks new things to try!

  58. Yash says:

    Tried it! It was a major hit among my family members! Thanks..

  59. Allison says:

    5 stars
    I made this! Delicious, doubled the sauce and squeezed fresh lime over it at the end.

  60. G says:

    Want to make these low carb. Substitute for honey?

    1. Stephanie says:

      hi g,
      unfortunately i haven’t really round any low carb subs for honey :(

  61. Rachel says:

    Would you be able to estimate the sodium content in this recipe? Or do you know ways to cut down on the sodium in this?

    1. Stephanie says:

      hi rachel,
      use low sodium soy sauce, we use it all the time! :)

  62. CP says:

    5 stars
    I’ve made this recipe twice in 2 days! Huge fan of yours, love to see you post vegan recipes like this one!

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