Chicago: The Windy City

Posted March 12, 2016 by Stephanie
chicago -

chicago -

Last month Mike and I visited Chicago. It was windy, cold, and there was even a bit of snow! We’ve bean (heehee!) before so we didn’t do many of the classically touristy things. Instead we wandered around a bit, eating, shopping and generally chilling out inside because it was pretty darn cold outside. I felt even colder than Iceland, but that’s probably because in Iceland we were hopping in and out of a car with heated seats.

chicago -

chicago -

There weren’t any heated seats on this trip but the icy-cold made the city even more gorgeous. I’m in love with the architecture in Chicago. How could I not love a city that has corn-cob like parking structures/buildings? I didn’t snap a photo of them, but you know the ones I’m talking about, right? We actually didn’t venture out on the streets very much because it was SO cold. Our one walk ended up in us grabbing an uber, which then proceeded in the uber driver getting lost in the underbelly of Lower Wacker.

chicago -

chicago -

One snowy day we did end up walking around Wicker Park and of course I had ice cream at Jeni’s, because ice cream. I know that Jeni’s isn’t from Chicago, but I’m a sucker for ice cream, even in the snow. There were a bunch of cute lifestyle stores in Chicago but my favorite store of them all was Eataly! I love wandering and looking at food stuffs so it was an Italian dream.

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chicago -

chicago -

Chicago, you were full of good food and good times. I’m still dreaming about that camo matcha latte art at Sawada. I’ll be back soon!

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  1. Tori says:

    Awesome photos and that donut and latte, omg!!!!

  2. I love Chicago. It is a great city to visit for a weekend. Its been awhile but now I want to go back. You were brave to go during the winter. Brrr!

  3. Those pictures! That burger! That matcha latte! Chicago sounds (and looks) amazing.

  4. ms_clara says:

    Any other food recommendations?? Heading to Chicago for a little weekend getaway in a couple weeks!

    1. Stephanie Le says:

      i really liked parachute and the burgers at au cheval (you can go to their cafe version if you don’t want to wait in the crazy line, it’s called 3 greens market). i liked the duck inn and urban belly was fun for brunch. eataly serves a bunch of things in their upstairs restaurants and of course, pick up some garrett’s, because it’s chicago :)

  5. Dan says:

    Woohoo! Made me a little homesick, but love seeing the photos. :) Glad you had a good time!

  6. Heather says:

    I loved Chicago when we went a couple of years ago. SO much good food!

  7. Sweet home Chicago. Great post, never heard of Sawada before, definitely gonna check it out :)

  8. Lisa says:

    That latte – I die. #hearteyesemoji

  9. Crissy Vetere-Saunders says:

    So happy I saw this as I just now discovered all the Hogsalt line of cafes and restaurants. Definitely going there when I go in April.

  10. Jackie says:

    Fun fact: my friend lived in the corn cobb building!! The elevators were on the inside and each condo was shaped like a pie slice (with the balcony making up a corn kernel). Made for interesting architecture as she didn’t have any 90 degree walls in her entire place.

  11. Avery says:

    This was such a terrific travelogue. I love how you post amazing food recipes, awesome photography and all sorts of other wonderful things. Your blog is the best to read!

  12. Next time you go, you must visit my brother’s restaurant in Fulton Market… La Sirena Clandestina!

  13. Amreen says:

    It was snowing here on Friday. Chicago weather is extremely bipolar but regardless the city is so beautiful, we complain a ton here about the weather but we’re so accustomed to it, it ALMOST doesn’t matter.

  14. Lee Rappeport says:

    It’s too bad you were sooo cooold and didn’t see more of Chicago. Why no visit to any museums, eh? The few photos were ok and did you know that Wacker Drive is a street that first had the “corn cob” buildings on them and are apartment buildings?
    Next time go in the spring or fall and write something better…..

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