2016 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s kinda sort of early for this kinda thing, but since I’ve been in a major shopping mood, it wasn’t really that hard for me to come up with this gift guide! I LOVE everything on it and to be honest, we have a lot of the things I’ve listed. I’ll probably be adding to it as we get closer to December, so check on in every so often if you need a little gift giving inspiration. Oh, and if you have anything on your wishlist you think I’d want to know about, please share! I love hearing what people ask Santa for for Christmas!

love and holiday sprinkles,
xoxo steph

in the kitchen

around the house

for the guys

treats for your gfs (or you)

mini peeps

school supplies even if you’re not in school anymore


gear for the great outdoors


  1. Alana says:

    love love love your gift guides!!

  2. So much cute stuff! And that kid sushi!!! Its so cute it hurts.

  3. Leslie R. says:

    Ummmm can I ask for it all? haha love all these ideas~!


  4. Katrin says:

    cool that you shared a Lamy fountain pen :) I work at Lamy :) haha ~
    The kitchen things are sooo good! My list is getting longer now, oh boy…

  5. you kind of have the best eye for design and thoughtful gifts ever, steph. NEW JOB!??? the tamago omelette pan is so cute. and I love the idea of stuffing all the ugly plastic bread bags from the store inside CUTE BREAD VESSEL. also, the campfire lamp is perhaps my FAVE.

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