mini beef and beer pies with a cheddar crust -

Mini Beef and Beer Hand Pies with a Cheddar Cheese Crust

Have you ever felt so cold you just can’t warm up no matter how hot the room gets? Just two weeks ago (my gosh, it feels like forever, though!) Mike and I were in Japan. Right before heading home we decided...

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black pepper cheddar gourgere blt recipe -

Mini Black Pepper and Cheddar Gougère BLT Sandwiches

Mike and I went out for dinner with a friend last night at a Vietnamese-Cambodian place. The tables are arranged so that you’re basically sitting at the same table as the people next to you. I couldn’t help overhearing what appeared...

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mini biscuits and gravy -

Mini Cream Cheese and Green Onion Biscuits and Spicy Sausage Gravy

Please tell me that you’ve stayed at one of those roadside hotels where they offer free biscuits and gravy for breakfast? The biscuits and gravy aren’t that good, but even the sad beds look enticing after hours and hours on...

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afternoon beer -

2015 Redux: Afternoon Beer

I can hardly believe it, but I am a Food Blog is come up on three years old! Waaaaay back in 2012, my very first post was Afternoon Beer, a little Valentine’s Day treat I thought up for Mike....

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friday finds -

Friday Finds: 1.30.15

It’s Friday!! More specifically, the last Friday in January. How did we end up here? In other news, I managed to fall down the stairs yesterday. Granted, our staircase is only a whopping four steps, but I still felt...

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vietnamese caramelized pork belly pasta recipe -

Vietnamese Caramelized Pork Belly Pasta

Pork belly: without a doubt, it’s a love it or hate it thing and I’m defiantly on the love it side. I have lots of friends that won’t touch the stuff. They think it’s incredibly unhealthy because of all...

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super bowl snacks -

Super Bowl Snacks: Tacos, Nachos and Wings!

I’m not the hugest fan of sports. However, I am a HUGE fan of Superbowl Sunday because I love the idea of people hanging around a TV eating what I think of as the best foodstuffs: tacos, nachos, and...

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jalapeño bacon puff pastry cheese twists recipe -

Crispy Crunchy Spicy Jalapeño Bacon Puff Pastry Cheese Twists

It’s the wee hours of Sunday morning and if there’s something I know, it’s that I’m not going to be brunching today. I’m still incredibly jet-lagged (we flew back on Thursday!), which isn’t such a bad thing for us...

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kyoto -

Friday Finds: 1.23.15

So…I’m back in Vancouver! We just finished off our Tokyo trip with a whirlwind week of train travel: up to Hokkaido, down to Kyoto and really really down to Fukuoka. And now we’re home! I was dreading the flight back (sometimes...

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mini pistachio matcha raspberry puff pastry mille feuille jars -

Mini Pistachio Matcha Raspberry Puff Pastry Mille Feuille Jars

Do you have a favorite color? Usually I cop out and say that all of the colors are my favorite (yes, even brown!), but if I search deep into the depths of my soul…I’d have to say that I’m...

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quinoa breakfast bowl recipe -

Quinoa Brunch Bowl with Six Minute Soft Boiled Eggs, Creamy Avocado, Tofu Puffs and a Miso Mustard Dressing

You guys, you know what I’m the worst at? Packing. I’m absolutely horrible. I love making lists and getting everything together and ready to put into the luggage but when it comes to actually fitting things inside, I’m a...

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friday links -

Friday Finds 1.16.15

Guys, they have a toast cafe here in Tokyo where you get to pick out your own TOASTER, bring it to your table and then toast away. Basically it is all my dreams come true and I’ve made Mike...

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