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How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake

Posted May 6, 2017 by Stephanie
How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake - How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

Right now the sun is setting AND it’s rainy. It’s kind of like a weather unicorn – the clouds are golden and pretty and there’s a slight hint of pink in the sunset. Kind of sort of like this pink with a hint of gold cake. I made this the other day when I had the urgent need to frost something. I’m a fan of frosting sheet cakes because they’re the easiest cakes to frost: no sides and no strange shapes.

I had the best time playing around with frosting, mostly because I use (gasp!) boxed cake mix! I actually love boxed cake mix. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s moist, and…I think it tastes good! As much as I love baking (not as much as I love cooking), I love decorating things more. I’ve been seeing a lot of mermaid toast on the Instagram and I was inspired. I mean, yes I felt kind of basic doing it, but shrug. Since I was being basic, I decided to go all the way and frost with pink!

Apparently millennial pink is a thing. I have to say, I do like pink and I was tickled while I was frosting this. It was very therapeutic to swoosh around frosting, getting it just the way I wanted. I tried not to take it too seriously, but I did do a little practice with some homemade (dyed) clotted cream on toast. I was so in love with the toast I went all in and did a sheet cake, oh which I demolished a large part of while watching Girlboss. To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about that show, but I did mindlessly watch 5 episodes in a row while Mike was out on a mandate. When he got home he brought me a McNugget Happy Meal because he was worried I would be hungry. He’s a keeper :)

xoxo pink and gold flakes!

PS – Couldn’t resist doing a lil Drake on cake because Drake. And because cake.

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake -

How to Frost a Unicorn Sheet Cake

  • 1 sheet cake of choice
  • 4-6 cups of your favorite frosting
  • pink food coloring
  • powdered strawberries or raspberries
  • gold flakes

Divide the frosting into 2, leaving half of it white. Divide half of it into 2 small bowls (or more if you want more pinks) and tint to varying intensities of pink, using food coloring or the powdered strawberries.

Evenly dot the white frosting across the entirety of the cake. Randomly add pink blobs of icing. Use an offset spatula and smooth out the frosting, adding extra various different shades of pink icing in a swooshing wave-like motion. Sprinkle on some extra powdered strawberries for more intensity. Artfully arrange the gold flakes. Slice and enjoy!


  1. Em Morrice says:

    Your icing looks so smooth! My butter cream is usually quite thick so I’m guessing this isn’t butter cream… would you mind sharing your recipe that you use here? Thanks Steph!

    1. Stephanie says:

      umm…’s canned icing! ;)
      since i used box mix, i just decided to go all the way. but, i do like this buttercream, if you looking for homemade! i made an earl grey version of it here:

  2. fatimah says:

    this is awesome and so prettyyy!

  3. I’m with you; boxed cake mix is the bomb!! It’s cheap, fast, easy, and comes out nearly perfect every time. (I love a good from scratch cake too, but sometimes a box is just easier.)

  4. Kearin says:

    So beautiful Steph! I love more simple decorating ideas since I’m not much of a piper – although trying to practice…

  5. Yellow box cake all the way!! Where can you find powdered strawberries?

    1. Stephanie says:

      just blitz up freeze dried strawberries in a food processor/blender. they usually sell them in the dried fruit section :)

  6. Cheryl says:

    This is beautiful! Where did you get your gold flakes?

    1. Stephanie says:

      hi cheryl,
      i got them from a local food specialty store. i think they most likely sell them in cake decorating stores too!

  7. Erika Kwee says:

    Steph, I love that you keep me young (aka up to date on all the trends). Now I must make a unicorn cake sooooon!!!!

  8. How’d I miss this super cute post?? Um, McNugget happy meal – CUTE ENOUGH, Mike?? What toy did you get? (this is Teddy’s very favourite excitement when we drive-thru….) also, I just used powdered freeze dried strawberries in a recipe test – DELISH!! I am addicted to eating freeze dried strawberries right now… they are like the au naturel version of Lucky Charms marshmallows!! Hehe.

  9. Tessa @StyleSweetCa says:

    This cake is amazing!!!!!! A little late to the party, but I LOVE IT!!

  10. Maria says:

    Where does one find powdered strawberries ??

    1. Stephanie says:

      i just blitzed up some freeze dried strawberries into a powder! but i think they also sell them in baking stores or on amazon :)

  11. Jess says:

    Love your pink Unicorn Sheet Cake. Great!

  12. Ida Pahus says:

    This is the prettiest, most magical cake I have seen in quite some time. And it looks delicious (…because that’s important too!!). Need to make it myself! Thanks so much for putting your beauty out there :)

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