I love Halloween and spooky season. Give me pumpkin spice everything, fall leaves, and cozy scarves! So when I saw boo baskets trending on TikTok, I knew I had to make one for my boo!

It’s not too late to make one for yours, especially if you live in a place with fast shipping.

What are boo baskets?

Boo baskets are kind of like an Easter basket, but boo-themed. Or, rather, fall and Halloween themed. Most people have been hinting at their partners to make them one and there are some pretty cute ones out there!

What to put in a boo basket?

Really, you can put anything in one! But here’s my loose “recipe.”


You’ll need a large enough basket (or container) to hold all of your goodies. They have Halloween themed baskets out there, but if you have something at home that you use to hold blankets or a large bowl, this will work too. Bonus points if your person is obsessed with pottery and you get them a giant ceramic platter or bowl!

Cozy item

It’s not fall if it’s not cozy! You want to find something warm and fuzzy that will remind your partner of you when they wrap themselves up in it, like a super soft blanket, hoodie, sweatshirt, or scarf. It doesn’t technically have to be fall or Halloween themed, but that is the them of the basket, so I say go all out and get the seasonal stuff. When else is your partner going to get a hoodie that proclaims their love for pumpkin spice?


Fall is all about the hot drinks and you can’t have hot drinks without a mug. There are SO many cute Halloween mugs out there and a lot of them are affordable too. See the list below for ideas. If your boo doesn’t do the hot drink thing, you can always get them a Halloween themed glass for regular drinks.


A drink mix for the mug. Think pumpkin spice, chai, apple cider, that kind of thing. Alternatively, if your boo doesn’t like hot drinks, you can get a spiced alcohol like cinnamon whiskey or a fall themed cocktail mixer.


This is the best part of a boo basket, in my humble opinion! Basically it’s like you’re going trick-or-treating for your boo. There are so many Halloween and fall themed treats out there. Visit a Target or stock up online. Make sure you get stuff your boo likes. You do know their favorite snacks, right!?


A soft plushie is perfect for a boo basket. If you want bonus points, the hot plushies right now are Jellycats. Squishmallows are over so don’t even go there. Pick out the perfect Jellycat and your boo will be over the moon.

note – a boo basket is nothing without a cute note from you. A handwritten note is everything. There are a bunch of cute Halloween themed cards out there too!

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The best things on Amazon for boo baskets:


Cozy items




There are so many fall treats out there, I recommend going to Target or Walmart to check out their seasonal sections. That being said, you can grab these on amazon if you don’t have time to go shopping:




Bake a sweet treat for your boo!

If you want extra brownie points (heehee) bake up a fall-themed sweet treat for your boo.

K-Beauty Boo Basket Ideas

If your boo is super into Korean beauty and skin care, here are a couple of fall themed products that you can pop into their boo basket!

How do I make boo baskets look cute?

Be sure to get a large enough basket so everything fits inside. Use the cozy item (scarf, hoodie, blanket) to line the basket.

Remove any packaging from the outsides: obviously if you ordered stuff online, take it out of the box and remove any protective plastic wrap. Don’t cut off any tags though, just in case.

Neatly arrange everything in the basket. Larger items go in the back and smaller items get tucked into the front.

That’s it! I hope you get a change to make a boo basket because it’ll make your partner happy and it’ll put you in the spoopy Halloween mood!

I saw these super cute slippers and had to include them!


boo baskets | www.iamafoodblog.com

How to make a Boo Basket

Boo baskets are kind of like an Easter basket, but boo-themed.
Serves 1
5 from 2 votes
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 1 basket
  • 1 cozy item
  • 1 mug
  • 1 package hot drinks
  • 2 fall or Halloween themed treats
  • 1 soft plushie
  • 1 heartfelt hand written note


  • Unwrap anything that came in packaging (but don’t take off any tags).
  • Line the basket with the cozy item, fluffing it up.
  • Place the mug, hot drink mix, treats, plushie, and note into the basket.
  • Arrange cutely.
  • Gift to your partner and bask in their love for you!
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