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What to Cook in November: Bestovers Edition

Posted November 24, 2017 by Stephanie

Personally I LOVE leftovers. I love how easy they are to heat up, I love how some foods taste even better the next day, and most of all I love how they’re practically instant. But, I get it, sometimes foods made into other foods are even better! So, here’s a list of what to make with your thanksgiving leftovers – essentially turning them into bestovers!

thanksgiving croquettes -

Thanksgiving Croquettes – Mashed potatoes studded with turkey AND stuffing. So good with cranberry sauce, or Japanese style with tonkatsu sauce!

thanksgiving poutine -

Thanksgiving Poutine – What’s not to love about crispy fries covered in turkey dinner leftovers, cheese curds and gravy?!

egg and turkey breakfast banh mi recipe -

Turkey Breakfast Banh Mi – Instead your usual turkey leftover sandwich, make a banh mi! And have it for breakfast by throwing an egg on it :)

turkey pho recipe -

Turkey Pho – People always know what to do with the leftover turkey, but did you know you can make turkey pho with the bones?! A warm comforting bowl of pho, with a turkey twist.

turkey fried rice recipe -

Turkey Fried Rice – Leftovers never tasted so good! Even if you don’t want to eat leftovers, you’ll want to eat this fried rice, it’s that good.

crispy stuffing cakes with quail eggs -

Crispy Stuffing Cakes – Personally I LOVE stuffing. But I might even like it more when it’s made into little cakes, pan-fried until crispy, and then topped with a sunny quail egg.

How about you guys: leftovers yay or nay?

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