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What to Cook for Easter

Posted March 24, 2018 by Stephanie

Looking for some Easter inspiration? I’ve got you covered!

Brown Sugar Honey Glazed Ham – I’m a recent ham convert and this brown sugar and honey glazed ham is everything.

Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham Recipe |

Crispy Porchetta with Salsa Verde – Large cuts of meat just seem so Easter. Why not grab some pork belly, roll it up over a tenderloin, season it with flat leaf parsley, chili pepper flakes, and lemon. Roast it until the skin is incredibly crispy and you’ve got yourself a show stopping roast.

porchetta recipe -

Za’atar Lemon Roasted Chicken – This brothy, juicy roasted chicken brings all the flavors to the table: za’atar, roasted lemons, sweet onions, and toasty pine nuts.

Lamb Shepherd’s Pie – Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a shepherd’s pie and this incarnation is my absolute favorite because the potato crust isn’t just on top, it’s on the bottom too!

Jamie Oliver's Lamb Shepherd's Pie Recipe -

Shrimp and Cauliflower Paella – If you’re looking for something just a little lighter, this no-carb (cauliflower instead of rice) paella celebrates all good things about spring.

Mini Potato Buns – For some reason potato buns make me think of Easter. Soft, fluffy, tender…all good things.

potato buns -

Oven Roasted Potatoes with Burrata – These crispy oven roasted potatoes with creamy burrata, lemon and parsley are my JAM.

roast potatoes and burrata recipe -

Snacking Carrot Loaf – Essentially this is carrot cake in an easy to slice package. Also, so you can eat cake for breakfast.

Carrot Loaf Recipe -

Mini Coconut Peeps Cakes – I love me some Easter candy, especially Peeps. But, the peeps aren’t actually essential to this recipe, so, there’s that. But the coconut cake is one of my favorites: moist, coconutty, and just perfect for snacking on.

peeps coconut cake recipes -

Jordan Marsh’s Blueberry Muffins – I’m still obsessed with these muffins so I’m adding them to this Easter list even though I’m sure blueberry muffins aren’t very Easter-y.

Wishing you guys a Happy Easter with many good eats!

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