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Totoro Spam Musubi Recipe

totoro spam musubi recipe -

Happy Halloween Eve! I’m not dressing up this year — every year I have big plans to paper mâché a giant bunny head, or sew myself a Totoro suit, but inevitably I just end up looking at thousands of photos on Pinterest and end up making nothing. Nonetheless, I love Halloween and decided to dress-up some of my food in lieu dressing up myself.

totoro spam musubi recipe -

Eyes, noses, mouths and tummies waiting for Spam bodies. Like out of a horror movie…

I’m a super-big fan of Totoro. If you have never seen the film, My Neighbour Totoro, I recommend it. It’s about two little girls who move to the country with their dad so they can be closer to their mom who is recovering at a nearby hospital. They discover magical creatures in their backyard forest and go on several adventures. It’s fluffy and fun, perfect if you’re feeling nostalgic about childhood.

totoro spam musubi recipe -

I’ve seen several Spam Totoros floating around the internet. There are some tutorials showing you how to create a template to cut out your spam, but I just winged it and did it freehand. Spam is perfect for cutting out shapes.

totoro spam musubi recipe -

If you haven’t had spam musubi before you should try it – it’s pretty delicious. It’s basically a giant spam sushi. They’re super popular in Hawaii, where they originated. Usually the rice is seasoned with furikake, a Japanese seasoning and the spam is fried in a mix of soy sauce and sugar. I kept it simple and just used plain Koshihikari rice and plain fried spam. I thought they were plenty flavourful.

totoro spam musubi recipe -

Please don’t try this at home! Use an intact can with plastic wrap like in this video.

The Totoros turned out almost too cute to eat, but I ended up eating them anyway and they were delicious! Happy Halloween everyone!

totoro spam musubi recipe -

Totoro Spam Musubi Recipe via the KKS Show

I recommend watching the video before making your Totoros. Also, I found it a lot easier to have all of my seaweed and cheese cut up before I even started frying my spam. Also, please don’t try cutting up your Spam can! I like to live dangerously, but really, using plastic wrap like in this video is better.

makes up to 8 Totoros

  • 1 can spam, sliced into 8 even slices
  • 4 cups cooked sushi rice
  • white cheese – cut into Totoro tummies, mouths and eyeballs
  • seaweed – cut into eyeballs, noses, teeth and tummy triangles

Trim the spam slices so your Totoros have ears. Fry both sides in a frying pan over medium heat until brown and crispy.

In the meanwhile, shape your rice. Don’t cut up your spam can like I did – just do what they do in the video and place a piece of plastic wrap into the can and pat down the rice. When the rice is compact, pull the plastic wrap up and you’ll have a brick of rice.

Top the rice with the cooked spam and Totoro face and tummy. Enjoy warm!

totoro spam musubi recipe -

totoro spam musubi recipe -

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