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Stone Bowl Recipe

Posted March 13, 2012 by Stephanie

I definitely have a thing for textures when it comes to food. Contrasting textures, especially in the same dish, really do it for me. When something crunchy is next to something soft, or smooth, the crunchiness is just so much more…crunchy. Dolsot bibimbap is one of the dishes that does an excellent job of pairing the crunchy with the not-so-crunchy.

Dolsot bibimbap is one of my favourite Korean dishes. Bibimbap literally means mixed rice. It’s usually served in a bowl: steamed rice on the bottom, with vegetables and meat on top. Sometimes a fried egg is in thrown in too. Spicy red sauce is drizzled on top to taste and the whole thing is mixed up before eating. Bibimbap on it’s own is a definitely delicious mix of textures, but when you put everything in to a dolsot, or stone bowl, it’s even more over the top crazy.

With dolsot bibimbap, a stone bowl is heated up, then is coated with sesame oil. All the ingredients go in the bowl just like bibimbap, then are mixed up and pressed against the sides of the hot bowl. At this point you have to be just a little bit patient as your patience will be rewarded with crispy, crackling hot rice.

Most bibimbaps are topped with marinated vegetables, but I just tend to use whatever I have in the fridge. This is a great dish for using up leftovers. My bibimbap ended up being topped with some leftover pulled pork, cucumbers, carrots, puréed kimchi and a raw egg. All mixed up this stone bowl was super satisfying: the spiciness of the kimchi, creaminess of the egg, freshness of the cucumber and carrots were awesome textural contrasts to the rice.

I am hot, I am crispy: I AM STONE BOWL!

Stone Bowl Recipe
serves 2

  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 2 cups cooked short grain rice, hot
  • 1/3 cup pulled pork, warmed
  • 1/3 cup julienned carrots
  • 1/3 cup thinly sliced cucumbers
  • 1/3 cup puréed kimchi
  • 1 egg

Heat your stone bowl over medium-low heat. When it is hot, add the sesame oil to the bowl. Put the rice on the bottom and layer the rest of the ingredients on top. Keep heating the bowl until you hear a distinct sizzling sound. Carefully remove from the heat. Mix together your ingredients and push them against the sides of the bowl. The hot bowl will crisp your rice. The longer you wait, the crispier your rice will get!

**You can find stone bowls at most Korean grocery stores. You’ll have to season your bowl before you can use it.
To season: rub the bowl with salt and rinse. Fill the bowl halfway with water and set it on your stove top on medium heat. Let the bowl heat up and come to a boil. While the water is boiling, heat the oven to 350 F. Continue to boil until the water has evaporated. The bowl will be very hot. Paint the inside of the bowl with a small amount of sesame oil and place in the oven for 30 minutes.

**If you don’t have a stone bowl, try this recipe in a cast iron pan with high sides-you’ll get the same crispy rice results.


  1. arabella says:

    beautiful dish

  2. Looking really nice recipe .i will try it

  3. Orange Latte says:

    I loveee bibimbap… My stomach is crying for your stone dish now hehe!! I sure your bibimbap is very yummy. :)

  4. Sofia says:

    oh, this looks so delicious! I live in a Korean area and usually go across the street to get my bibimbap fix, but your version inspired me to try making it at home. Love the style of your blog!

  5. That is some nice looking bibimbap!

  6. Claire says:

    I’m exactly the same way about textures in food! Other people don’t understand why I so love nuts in cookies and brownies (blasphemy for some) and require granola or something else crunchy stirred into my yogurt, but the mix of textures is just so important. I also love Korean food, and this bibimbap looks delicious – I’ll definitely be trying it out!

  7. sean says:

    very nice looking….

    i’ll try it…

  8. You’re getting a good run out of that pulled pork shoulder aren’t you! I guess that’s the beauty of making pulled pork though…. mmmmmm pork.

  9. Stef says:

    your stone bowl is gorgeous! or maybe it’s your photography that makes it look so nice? :)
    did you buy it at a korean market? i’ve been looking for one and have never seen one that nice. hoping you bought it online so i can get the same one!

  10. lchyou says:

    I’d love to know where you got your stone bowl too! :)

    1. steph says:

      I got the stone bowl at H Mart, a Korean grocery store.

  11. Alice says:

    Love this, and all Korean food! So nice to see fellow foodies delving into Korean! Best of luck in future culinary endeavors!

  12. Jenna says:

    This is the first place I have found clear instructions on how to season my stone bowl! Thanks! I just made this tonight, minus the kimchi plus gochuchang, and it was wonderful :) And beautiful photography! I love your blog!

  13. Doris says:

    Hi! I tried this recipe using rice cooker and it works! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Stephan in San Francisco says:

    Really stunning photos! Great blog!

  15. Sook says:

    Wow, a mouthwatering recipe! I love dolsot bibimbap. One of my favorites ever! Yumm!!

  16. inevitabletriumph says:

    We just picked up two of the exact same stone bowl at Korean Plaza in Oakland, CA. Very excited to finally be able to make Dolsot Bibimbap at home.

  17. Ammar says:

    how do i get this stone bowl, i wanna buy one online

  18. Simply GORGEOUS! And hilarious. Hahaha “I am hot, I am crispy: I AM STONE BOWL!” I DIED. I love it. I make bibimbap frequently at home but I haven’t invested in dolsot bowls yet. I really want to — I agree, what makes bibimbap so wonderful is its mixture of textures and the crispy rice would send it over the top! Love your blog and so glad I found it.

  19. Cynthia says:

    Yum! I’m a potter and am going to try and perfect a stoneware bowl the right size fior me. Beautiful photos.
    Cynthia Spencer

  20. Karen says:

    Been trying to make my rice crispy! Pictures are beautiful!

  21. Haley Musial says:

    Pureed kimchee, would have never had guessed. LOVE IT!!! Must try!

  22. Raelynn K Kamai says:

    Aloha Where can I find a stone bowl to try this awesome recipe it’s one of my favorite Korean dishes. If I can’t find a place in hawaii can I just put it in a regular bowl?


    1. Stephanie says:

      if you want the rice to crisp up, you can use a cast iron skillet instead of a stone bowl. or you can order one from amazon! :D

  23. Felizz says:

    Hum, the thing to season it, does it work with the stone bowls that are black, you know the one that don’t really look like they’re stone? Just want know because I don’t want it to break!

    1. Stephanie says:

      hi felizz,
      i’m not sure because i don’t know what your bowl looks like. is it stone or ceramic? if it’s ceramic, you definitely shouldn’t season it. where did you buy it from?

  24. Abbi says:

    I just received some bowls for Christmas and am excited to use them. I followed your directions for seasoning bowls. My question is for heating them up before making bibimbap, do I heat the bowls in the stove top or in the oven? Thanks!

    1. Stephanie says:

      i heat up in a low oven first, then carefully move it to the stove top to get the crispy bottom. hope that helps!

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