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Sundubu Jjigae/Spicy Kimchi Soft Tofu Stew

Rating: 5

Warm up with this savory comforting spicy Korean tofu stew.

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Friday Finds 12.13.19 Plus 9 Books to Read or Gift This Holiday Season

Books are the perfect last minute gift, amirite?

~ 5 ingredients

Spicy Chili Crisp Grilled Cheese

You’re 4 ingredients away from the best spicy cheesy grilled cheese you’ll ever eat


Oven Baked Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie Stuffed Shells

Eee! It’s December! How did this happen?! I refuse to believe it but yet my favorite holiday season is here! It’s wet and cold and rainy and I keep hoping that it’ll snow, but so far, my wishes have gone...

This easy ragu bolognese is perfect for weeknights. Your house will smell like the best Italian kitchens as all the stress from the day just falls away.

The best bolognese for weeknights: pappardelle with ragu di prosciutto

How to make homemade pappardelle, easily the best pasta to make if you’ve never made fresh pasta from scratch before


3 Days of Non-Stop Eating in NYC: The Best Pizza, Pasta, Sushi, and More

Eat, Drink, and Shop til You Drop in NYC, iamafoodblog style

Hue Style Spicy Turkey Vermicelli Noodle Soup Recipe |
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The Best Part of Thanksgiving is Leftovers

TGIBF: The bestovers you deserve on Black Friday - How to Make Leftovers Bestovers

When you’re looking for a quick and comforting tomato-y, garlicky pasta, this ultimate umami bomb tomato sauce will hit all the right notes. #tomatosauce #umami #pasta #pastasauce #dinner #recipes #recipe
~ 5 ingredients

The Ultimate Umami Bomb Tomato Sauce

Rating: 5

Four ingredients - all found in your pantry – will make THE BEST tomato sauce you’re ever had!

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14 of the Best Thanksgiving Noodle Side Dishes

This year, have your classic mash and stuffing, but also NOODLES! Try these noodles as sides to pair with your turkey.

A warm and comforting bowl of fall pasta: pan roasted honeynut squash creamy garlicky noodles. #pasta #dinner #recipe #garlic #honeynutsquash #honeynut #squ

Pan-Roasted Honeynut Squash with Creamy Garlicky Pasta

Rating: 5

It’s fall in a bowl: a warm and cozy creamy garlic pasta with pan-roasted honeynut squash.

10 tips and tricks for how to make the best stir fry of your life plus a basic, use it everywhere simple stir fry sauce recipe! #stirfry #recipes #recipe #dinner #easy #stirfryrecipe #tipsandtricks
30 minutes

10 Tips and Tricks to Making the Best Stir Fry

How to make the best stir fry of your life plus a basic, use it everywhere simple stir fry sauce recipe!

How to make Totoro soba: cold soba noodles with a soy-dashi dipping sauce in the shape of the ever lovable Totoro. You know you wanna eat him! #soba #japanesefood #totorosoba #totoro #totorofood #kawaiifood #soba #recipes
~ 5 ingredients

How to Make Totoro Soba

Cold soba noodles with a soy-dashi dipping sauce in the shape of the ever lovable Totoro. You know you wanna eat him!

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14 Best Weeknight Pastas to Make for Dinner That Aren’t Carbonara

Everyday should be Pasta Tuesday and with these 14 recipes for the best weeknight pastas, it can be!

~ 5 ingredients

2 Ingredient Creamy Herby Garlicky Pasta

the easiest cheese sauce you’ll ever make

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Friday Finds: 9.27.19

Happy first Friday in Fall!


Low Carb Keto-Friendly Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup

Creamy, comforting, spicy Thai red curry with shirataki noodles, chicken, green onions, lime, and cilantro


Easy Weeknight Bacon and Egg Stir Fry Lo Mein

Do you love breakfast for dinner? Noodles? This is the ultimate stir fry for you!


Hatch Green Chile Wonton Two Ways

Rating: 4.5

Mini green chile wonton, two ways: in soup and deep-fried!

Move over steak spice! Take your steak over the top with these 5 steak sauces that you’ll want to eat with a spoon: mustard cream, classic peppercorn, Japanese Chimichurri, coconut curry, and garlic mushroom. #steak #steakrecipe #recipes #dinner #sauce #steaksauce #reversesearsteak #reversesear
~ 5 ingredients

The 5 Best Steak Sauce Recipes to Serve with Your Weeknight Steak Frites Right Now

Rating: 4.75

These super easy steak sauces have 6 ingredients or less and are quick to whip up to make a weeknight steak over the top.

Air fryer chicken wings are so crispy and juicy you won’t believe they weren’t deep fried! Seriously good and so easy. Eat them naked, with salt and pepper, or toss them in a salty, sweet, sour Vietnamese fish sauce that will leave you begging for more. #airfryer #chickenwings #wings #airfryerwings #recipes #dinner #appies #vietnamesefood

Extra Easy Pok Pok Style Fish Sauce Chicken Wings

Super crispy air fryer chicken wings doused in sweet and salty umami rich Vietnamese fish sauce.

Make better than take out chicken and shrimp peanut free pad Thai right at home. Sweet, salty, savory – pad Thai is universally loved and for good reason. Forget delivery and customize your Pad Thai just the way you like it – this one had no peanuts because around here we do the #peanutfree life. Instead, there are buttery roasted cashews for that nutty crunch. #padthai #recipes #dinner #noodles #padthairecipe #thairecipes
30 minutes

Better than Take Out Peanut Free Pad Thai Recipe

Forget delivery and make pad Thai just the way you like it – this one had no peanuts because around here we do the #peanutfree life.

~ 5 ingredients

The best weeknight dinner for summer is 10 minute cold soba recipe

This 10 minute 8 ingredient zaru soba with crispy salmon and quick pickled radishes tastes like the best summer dinners in Japan: cooling, refreshing, and totally gorgeous. Best of all, it's a breeze to make.

chinese food

The Best Weeknight 10 Minute Keto Chicken Shirataki Noodle Stir Fry

Rating: 5

Wondering what “miracle” no calorie shirataki noodles are? All the answers, right here!

instant pot recipes

16 Best Instant Pot Recipes to Make this Summer When You Don’t Want to Turn on the Oven

Damn it’s hot out there. These are recipes for the days when it’s too hot to consider even going near the oven, even if it’s off. And forget slow simmering a soup or stew on the stove – nope, hard...

30 minutes

Better Than Takeout No Peanut Kung Pao Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

This spicy, tangy, sweet, and addictive better than takeout no peanut kung pao chicken stir fry recipe is here to brighten up your weeknight (or weekend) dinners! Highly addictive and super easy to make at home.

~ 5 ingredients

10 Tips and tricks for making the best weeknight pasta of your life

Only 6 ingredients and 15 minutes stand between you and every great weeknight pasta ever

~ 5 ingredients

How to Make That Awesome Salad Dressing You Have at Every Japanese Restaurant: Wafu Japanese Salad Dressing

A quick and easy Japanese vinaigrette style salad dressing just like the one they use at your favorite Japanese restaurant.

~ 5 ingredients

Easy Healthier Weeknight Baked Pork Meatballs Recipe

Super simple and easy tender, flavorful baked meatball recipe. Serve them with pasta and your favorite sauce, as an app, in a sandwich, or by themselves – they’re that good!

japanese food

Grilled Yakimochi Recipe: Mochi is the Secret Ingredient Your BBQ Needs to be Next Level

Everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese mochi: what it is, how to eat it, any why you’ll want to. Trust me when I say that mochi, especially this yakimochi recipe, is the secret ingredient your BBQ needs to be next level.


Zhaliang: Easy Homemade Rice Noodle Rolls Wrapped Around Chinese Doughnuts

Zhaliang is super popular dish at Cantonese style dim sum made cheung fun (rice noodle sheets) wrapped around crispy youtiao (Chinese fried dough). It’s insanely tasty and easier than you think to make at home!

Want to know how to make authentic Chinese chili oil at home? Try this recipe! Chili oil is amazing with rice, noodles, wontons, salads. Use it as in an ingredient in recipes or as a dipping sauce. #chilioil #chinesechilioil #recipes #easy #homemade #sichuan"
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How to Make Authentic Chinese Spicy Hot Chili Oil

Want to know how to make Chinese chili oil at home? Try this authentic chili oil recipe! Chili oil is amazing with rice, noodles, wontons, salads. Use it as in an ingredient in recipes or as a dipping sauce.

30 minutes

A Really Easy Healthy Orange Cauliflower Recipe

This is basically vegan orange chicken; cheap and healthy and incredibly delicious. Even if you're not actually vegan, you should give this a try as an incredibly tasty alternative to your usual meat-heavy dinner.


Small Batch Sundays: The Best One Bowl Blueberry Bread Recipe

This recipe makes a simple, sweet easy blueberry muffin quick bread.

30 minutes

Easy Beef and Broccoli Chow Mein Recipe

Beef and broccoli chow mein is here for you when you need Chinese takeout but you can’t bring yourself to order it because you’ve ordered it 3 times this week.

30 minutes

Extra Easy Zha Jiang Mian Recipe

Satisfying savory Chinese meat sauce noodles without any hard-to-find ingredients.

~ 5 ingredients

Keto Friendly Creamy Lemony Zoodles

Low-carb zoodles in a keto-friendly dreamy, creamy lemony parmesan sauce.

~ 5 ingredients

Ginger Scallion Sauce: The Green Sauce You’re Going to Want to Put on Everything

A classic Chinese oil based sauce that’s usually eaten with chicken but tastes amazing on everything.

chicken recipes

San Bei Ji: 15 Minute Easy Taiwanese 3 Cup Chicken Recipe

Looking for your next quick and easy chicken dinner? This Taiwanese 3 cup chicken recipe will not disappoint. Saucy, savory, and super addictive. Serve it with rice for maximum enjoyment!

Japanese Fruit Sandwich: Strawberry Sando Recipe |
~ 5 ingredients

Japanese Fruit Sandwich: Strawberry Sando Recipe

Rating: 5

The Japanese iconic squishy strawberry sandwich can be yours, no plane ride to Japan needed!

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Friday Finds: 4.26.19

Last Friday in April...WHAT?!

~ 5 ingredients

An Easy & Healthy Oven Baked General Tso’s Chicken Recipe

The best general tso’s chicken recipe is the one that's so hands off and healthy you’ll want to make it every night.

30 minutes

Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Ramen Soup

If tortilla soup ever needed a best friend, that friend would be ramen noodles.


The Best Places in Tokyo for Fluffy Japanese Shokupan Bread

Do you love fluffy bread? If so, fluffy bread heaven is in Japan.

~ 5 ingredients

Dry Mein Recipe from Aloha Kitchen

Skip the flight and make these noodles – it’s Hawaii on a plate.

~ 5 ingredients

Spicy, Savory, and Completely Addictive Mentaiko Kimchi Udon

One of the best noodle dishes you could ever make - spicy, tangy, delicious, and dead simple to make.

An Easy & Healthy Oven Baked Orange Chicken Recipe |
dinner & chill

Easy Baked Chinese Orange Chicken Recipe

Rating: 5

This healthy oven baked orange chicken comes together faster than delivery or running to the nearest strip mall, and is way better for you.

~ 5 ingredients

Chewier, Better, Faster, Stronger: 4 Ingredient Cacio e Pepe Udon Recipe

A faster to make, more satisfying cacio-e-pepe, if that's even possible. But yes, it's possible!

~ 5 ingredients

How to Make Egg Ribbons

Maybe the easiest, simplest, but somehow most impressive garnish you could ever add to any dish.