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LA’s Eggslut: Mashed Potatoes, Soft Coddled Egg and Toast

Posted October 4, 2015 by Stephanie
mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

I have a thing for breakfast foods. It’s kind of ironic though, because I don’t really eat breakfast on a regular basis. I’m more of a start my day with coffee kind of person. I hardly ever take the time to make myself a meal before diving into whatever it is that needs to get get done that day. My lack of eating breakfast on the regular may be the exact reason why I’m so obsessed. When I do take the time to breakfast – yes, I use breakfast as a verb – I want to do it completely right.

mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

When breakfasting or brunching, there are certain types of things that I’ll always order. I’m partial to the classic two eggs (any style) plus bacon/sausage, potatoes and toast. I’m also drawn to pancakes and waffles. And if I see a coddled egg on the menu, that’s pretty much a must order. Eggs are the perfect food no matter how you cook them, but coddling is the ultimate way to transform the humble egg from ordinary to sublime.

mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

Coddling is super simple – essentially they’re just lightly cooked eggs. The whites are just set and the yolks gently runny. They’re very similar in texture to slow poached eggs. Coddled eggs don’t need much, just a sprinkle of salt and pepper and plenty of buttered toast. But, if you’re feeling extra indulgent, poach them on top of super-smooth mashed potatoes. The creaminess of the potatoes and the eggs are a perfect match, especially next to the contrast of crunchy toast.

mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

These coddled eggs are based off of LA’s Eggslut. I went there recently and enjoyed both the Slut (what they call their coddled eggs) and a breakfast sandwich. They’re located in downtown LA in the Grand Central Market, which is home to a bunch of other fun food places to gawk at. If I had a bottomless stomach, I’d definitely eat myself silly. But, if you don’t get a chance to visit, I hope you make the Slut at home. It’s seriously a delicious way to start your day!

mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

PS – This isn’t the first time I’ve been inspired by a restaurant’s coddled egg – check out my version of Thomas Keller’s spinach and potato version right here!

The Slut: Mashed Potatoes, Soft Coddled Egg and Toast Recipe inspired by Eggslut
serves 1

  • 1/3 – 1/2 cup smooth mashed potatoes
  • 1 large egg
  • salt and freshly ground pepper
  • bread
  • butter

Bring a deep pot of water to a gentle simmer, over medium heat.

Spoon the mashed potatoes into the bottom of a heat proof jar (that has a lid). Top the potatoes with a egg and cover the jar with the lid. Place the jar into the simmering water, making sure the water almost covers the jar. Simmer for 12-15 minutes, or until egg is set to your liking.

While the egg is cooking, toast your bread and butter it. Carefully remove the jar from the water and carefully remove the lid. Season generously with salt and freshly ground pepper. Mix the egg and potato together and enjoy immediately with the buttered toast.

mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com
It’s Sunday! You know what that means: it’s time for Sunday Brunch. Why don’t you skip the line and make brunch at home this week? The coffee’s truly bottomless, the booze doesn’t have a crazy markup and you can chill out in your pajamas. Every Sunday I’ll post a brunch recipe. Soon you won’t be asking, where should we go for brunch – instead it’ll be, what should we make for brunch today?


  1. Mmmm, I had this the last time I was at Eggslut along with the Fairfax. SO tasty. I’m going to keep this recipe in my back pocket for leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes :) Well done!

  2. Gemma says:

    This seems really interesting! I’ve seen people on Instagram posting photos from Egg Slut and have always wondered what it was all about.

    Question: Does the texture of the mashed potatoes change at all after being poached? Or are they just extra warm?

    1. Stephanie Le says:

      the texture doesn’t change, the potatoes are just there for some extra deliciousness!

  3. The potatoes just MAKE this dish!

  4. still haven’t gotten over there yet and will have to make this in the mean time!! especially because it sounds so easy and warm/comforting/cozy/perfect fall food.

  5. So much love for this recipe! Can’t wait to try it.

  6. Love that you made this! The Slut is my favorite dish there, it’s somehow even better than the monster breakfast bacon cheeseburger :O

  7. The title of this post kills me! So funny and so dang delicious looking!

  8. cynthia says:

    You have totally, completely captured how I feel about breakfast, both in words and in this coddled egg dreaminess — yesssss. This has me feeling so cozy!! (And I love that you used that pretty jar!)

  9. Coddle me up in this crazy cute delicious sounding dish, Steph! (PS i will also add that don’t skip breakfast! “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” haha) XO

  10. Rad says:

    Drool. I love eggs cooked in unique ways!!

  11. Nikolas says:

    Just popped my EggSlut cherry yesterday for breakfast! Can’t wait to go back.

    I had the Fairfax and a Slut on the side. :-)

    VERY delicious!

    Can’t wait to go back. Next time, I’ll add avocado and bacon to my sandwich.

  12. Elly says:

    I don’t like butter or bread at all, but have been wanting to make their recipe for years as the mashed potato and egg combination sound great!

    1. Stephanie says:

      hi elly,
      you can definitely just eat the mashed potato and egg combo with a spoon! i’ve done it before, many times :)

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