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Friday Links: 11.07.2014

Posted November 7, 2014 by Stephanie

It’s been a crazy week of sunshine and thundershowers and I’m loving it! November is shaping up to be a super busy month with lots of things in the pipeline and I’m both excited and mildly terrified of everything the coming months will bring. In an effort to not think about life for a while, I’ve been drinking lots of peppermint hot chocolate, eating trashy Chinese delivery, and looking at all the things on the internet.


1. Oh, how I wish I was in LA for Hello Kitty Con! I probably would’ve even gotten a tattoo.
2. This might be the cutest “bartender” ever.
3. Are you looking to get organized?
4. I don’t think I could run a 5 blocks, let alone 11 marathons for fun.
5. I need to make time to see this movie!
6. Controversial news in the world of whiskey!
7. Cynthia and I were chatting and she mentioned  Young House Love and then I went down an internet hole reading all about their decision to quit blogging. Thoughts?
8. An excellent long read about the rise and fall of a donut king.
9. This is the cutest show on TV right now.

Link Love:

1. I’ve always wanted to make fideos.
2. This kabocha squash salad is fall on a plate.
3. Paella pasta salad!!
4. Funfetti cake and a happy blog birthday for Michelle.
5. If I had honey garlic fried delicata with a big ol’ bowl of white rice for dinner, my life would be perfect.
6. To drink I’d have a refreshing pomegranate cider spritzer.
7. Dessert would definitely be grilled pumpkin bread with honeycomb.

Have an awesome weekend friends!
xoxo Steph

PS – Don’t forget to check out Jessica’s (How Sweet It Is) epic baby shower.


  1. Young House Love quitting blogging makes me sad. I looked forward to their posts so much! But I always wondered how they did it on top of everything else. Also, as fellow blogger, I know that there is a fine line between over-sharing and being a professional blogger… and their entire life was scrutinized. They probably felt a massive relief when they stopped blogging because they only had to please themselves. I can’t imagine what a massive change it would be for them!
    So, you know, I respect their decision, but miss them big time. I wish they would still post before/after posts at least!

  2. hello kitty con!!! omg is that actually a thing?! because let’s go next year ;-D

    also, thanks for the link love XOXO and that honey garlic fried delicata looks BOMB

  3. Ah, the ol’ Japanese whiskey upset. I love Yamazaki! — and I’m not even much of a whiskey gal. But I suppose that kind of makes my authority on the subject more or less null, so… And you KNOW I would like nothing more than to host you for a dinner heavy on the white rice any time you like! Thanks Steph! :)

  4. cynthia says:

    Dude, when I mentioned Young House Love to you I was thinking “Wait, was it Steph who told me about that?” Haha!! I always trust your Friday round-ups to be my best source of sundry Internet happenings! This one included <3!! Happy Friday, lady!!

  5. Trang says:

    Oh Fideos ! I love that recipe. Simple but delicious, full of flavours.

  6. Nikki says:

    MasteChef Jr. is definitely one of my favorite shows! In spite of the fact that we don’t really like kids, my boyfriend and I watched every episode last season and were so excited when our favorite Alexander won. We’re definitely having a hard time picking our “favorite” this season.

  7. Karen says:

    Thanks for the link love! :)

  8. Ed says:

    Can someone please tell me where the pic of the above restaurant was taken?


    1. steph says:

      Hi Ed, it’s Homer Street Cafe in Vancouver.

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