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Friday Finds: 9.15.17

Posted September 15, 2017 by Stephanie

Friday Fall feels! I’m loving the little crisp chill in the air and the late afternoon sun. What I’m not digging is how early the sun is starting to set. But, the earlier nights and slightly colder weather are making me super excited to make all the cozy foods. I’m thinking cinnamon buns because they make the house all toasty and maybe some sort of stew? I also want to make pretzels for Oktoberfest!

Mike is setting up our kotatsu this weekend and I’m so excited! Too early?! I don’t think so! I’ll be curled up underneath, reading articles online >_<


  1. I love BBC’s Live Lounge stuff and the xx cover of Justin Timberlake’s My Love is so good!
  2. iPhone X’s animojis, yay or nay? I dig it!
  3. Legit laughed out loud at Shawn Mendes telling this Drake story.
  4. Is this the future of retail?
  5. All these Japanese restaurants expanding to the states is awesome, but it kind of makes me sad too because I love having a “reason” to visit Japan.
  6. On kidney donation and saving a life.
  7. I love pumpkin spice, but maybe some of these foods went too far?
  8. 10k taco crawl goals.

Link Love:

  1. This curry looks so comforting and perfect for fall.
  2. I’m so down for this no knead green onion bread.
  3. Tiny taco bowls!!!
  4. Hello bananas foster shaved ice.
  5. The cutest Winnie the Pooh donuts.

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. Kind of digging this water filter pitcher.
  2. I devoured Celeste Ng’s debut novel so I’m looking forward to her latest release.

Lately on I am a Food Blog:

  1. All the things you should be cooking in September.
  2. We went to Maine and ate all the things!
  3. I did it! I made a matcha azuki 7 layer entremet!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend friends! May it be filled with warm apple cider and lots of pie!
xoxo steph

PS – Isn’t the bear cake unbearably cute?! My buddy Lyndsay made it for me and I just about squealed with delight for a good five minutes. It hurt my heart to cut into him, but it was worth it: dark chocolate cake, toffee almond crunch and coffee buttercream!

PPS – We’re finally setting up a newsletter, so please sign up, you can do it at the bottom of every page! I’m hoping the first one will be out in a couple of weeks or so :)


  1. Love seeing your round-ups! Also that cake is just the cutest :)

  2. Shannon says:

    OMG, THAT RILAKKUMA CAKE! Your friend is so insanely talented for making that! I wish I could have a slice of such delicious cuteness. I’m sure it was devoured in no time flat ;)

  3. Amanda Vuu says:

    Ohmygosh Lyndsay made you a cake?? That’s so sweet. It also sounds amazing… Toffee crunch? Mm. :)

  4. jana says:

    Thank you so much for the heads up on the xx cover and the SM/Fallon clip!!!!! LOVE them both!

    1. Stephanie says:

      yay for sharing musical tastes!!!

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