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Friday Finds: 5.19.17

Posted May 19, 2017 by Stephanie

The other day I had a HUGE craving for a ginger cookie. Mike and I had just finished an epic walk and were about to start grocery shopping so it felt like the perfect storm: I walked off the cookie before I ate it and we could buy a cookie at the store. We went to that familiar green signed chain that rhymes with Swole Dudes but all of their cookies were massive —I’m talking the size of my head massive— and I just couldn’t do it. So, instead we bought our random selection of root vegetables and went on our merry way.

But then! We stopped by the other, local generic grocery store on the other side of the street and lo and behold, at the bakery, they had COOKIE SAMPLES! And I’m not talking an eighth of a cookie, or even a quarter. They literally opened up a package of their bakery cookies and put a sample sign next to it. I felt like I won the cookie lottery. I mean, it was an oatmeal chocolate chip, not a softie ginger cookie, but I was in heaven! It’s the small things guys. The small things and free cookies!


  1. I’m a huge hard shell taco fan.
  2. Lola’s story.
  3. Shake Shack facts because they have a cookbook!
  4. Do you mind being bored? It could be good for you.
  5. Mike went on a deep dive on Jason Flom so I did too. Flom’s an amazing person. Haven’t listed to his podcasts yet, but they sound like a good listen.
  6. I’m digging the new Miley song, it’s very summer and Miley’s headed in a whole new direction.
  7. What happens to leftover food at Vegas buffets.
  8. A so-called Instagram life.
  9. Mike and I are huge fans of Riverdale :)
  10. Brad Pitt moving forward.

Link Love:

  1. The perfect spring salad.
  2. Misoyaki, sugar snap peas, and barley?! I’m in!
  3. I can just imagine how chewy, coconutty, and delicious these cookies are.
  4. I love in-depth research posts like this one on the ultimate chocolate chip cookie!

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. I blasted through Six Wakes. Clones, space, and a whodunit to boot.
  2. I’m digging Amazon Charts for books – I’m always looking for my next read. Any suggestions?
  3. Thinking of getting a bread scoring lame because I heard that they’re essential.

Lately on I am a Food Blog:

  1. I’m so addicted to this sweet savory fish sauce chicken!
  2. Indonesian fried noodles all day every day please.
  3. Do you need another chocolate chip cookie in your life? Hint: yes!
  4. Homemade clotted cream! It’s a dream come true.

Wishing you some extra large whole cookie samples,
xoxo steph

PS – The photo above is my first ever sourdough loaf, made from wild yeast! I was amazed that I was able to make it with just flour, water, and salt :)


  1. This sourdough loaf photo is beautiful, what a gorgeous crust! Is the recipe posted somewhere on the blog?

    1. Stephanie says:

      i used the recipe from the perfect loaf but i feel like it’s not quite perfect, so i haven’t posted any of my findings :) sourdough is a never ending journey, or so i hear ;)

  2. Alana says:


  3. thefolia says:

    I wish I had better luck with my starter, I failed miserable with mine.

    1. Stephanie says:

      you just have to keep at it! it took me almost a month to get mine going.

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