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Friday Finds: 4.21.17

Posted April 21, 2017 by Stephanie

It’s still as rainy as ever, but I feel like it’s starting to warm up a bit which makes me so, so happy. And, I just started my very own first sourdough starter, which makes me even happier! Can’t wait to cultivate some wild yeast and do my first bake. I’m cautiously hopeful that my first loaf will be edible.

In other news, Mike and I went to a John Mayer concert on Wednesday and had a blast. Except, we had floor seats and I’m so short that I couldn’t really get a good look. Short people/first world problems, right? Thank goodness for those giant projection screens! I know John kind of has a questionable reputation (he’s had his share of PR debacles) and that some (okay, it seems like many) people don’t like his music, but I love his stuff. Probably because Mike introduced me to him way back in the day and I feel like his music has soundtracked in and out of our lives in the best way possible. Do you guys have anyone like that, musically?


  1. Apparently creative men are seen as more attractive, but creative women as less?!
  2. Kinda sorta tempted to try the unicorn frappucino. Should I? Update: I tried it. PSA: Don’t do it!!!
  3. Mukbang is a thing: people eating insane amounts of food on YouTube.
  4. Ah, Instagram and the delicate balance of portraying the life you want to be living while actually living real life. This article on #vanlife is pretty telling.
  5. Speaking of Instagram, soon you’ll be able to use it in offline mode! It’s android only right now, but I’m thinking it’ll be iOS soon.
  6. Thinking of watching Girlboss.
  7. This crazy hiking/orienteering/marathon sounds insane.
  8. Thanks to this New Yorker articleBleaker House is defintely on my list of to-reads.

Link Love:

  1. These dino cookies are so fun! You unearth them from a mix of oreo dirt crumbs.
  2. Potato hummus!??!
  3. This lemon artichoke pasta salad looks absolutely spring-y.
  4. I’m into these summery strawberry lemonades with gin.

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. I go through these notebooks like there’s no tomorrow and my supply from Japan is quickly running out.
  2. Just finished reading We Are Okay. It was hauntingly lonely yet uplifting and full of friendship and hope.
  3. I’m getting into mixing cocktails in a big way and this julep strainer is looking so rose gold good.

Lately on I am a Food Blog:

  1. I had pizza for breakfast because pizza.
  2. Shepherd’s pie is so cozy.
  3. Fancy cheese on toast, Welsh rarebit style.
  4. Give me ALL the carrot loaves!
  5. Bolognese forever and ever and ever – my current go to recipe.

Hope you’re weekend is spring-y!
toast and sunshine,
xoxo steph


  1. Dan says:

    Oh, I have a total soft spot for John Mayer, too, because of when his music came into my life. So I totally hear you. (And here’s one no vote for the unicorn frappuccino haha)

  2. Carolyn says:

    You always have the best weekend round ups out of all of the blogs I frequent! I like your mix of food/internet/books(yes!)/random links. Thanks for the A+ list as always!

    1. Stephanie says:

      aww thanks so much! means a lot that you like my finds :)

  3. Nicole says:

    Do NOT try that unicorn frap. Sour whipped cream is a BIG no-no.

  4. The uni frappe looks literally like a unicorn took a diahrrea shit in a cup. But Starbucks are smart little bastards for coming up with it, I’m sure they made their cashish back a few times over by now …

    This band Smog (fronted by a guy named Bill Callahan) had a huge role in Rich and I’s early years, as did Blonde Redhead … music always marks periods of time for me, even sad periods … XO

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