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Friday Finds: 2.12.16

Posted February 12, 2016 by Stephanie
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What a crazy week it’s been! It was the Super Bowl, Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s is coming up. I recently started taking pottery class and I’ve been beyond busy. Pottery class is so much fun. I’ve always liked classroom learning (call me a nerd, because I am!) and it’s both peaceful and frustrating: peaceful because it’s really just you and the clay; frustrating because the clay doesn’t really do what I want it to. It’s also a lesson in patience because man, does it take forever to actually get to the point where you’re even going to glaze your pottery, let alone fire it.

Luckily, patience is something I’ve been working on, so I’m taking it in stride. And, there are plenty of things to distract me too!


  1. I would visit the Pocky factory in a heartbeat.
  2. Dumpling emoji might be happening!
  3. Slay.
  4. I love love love chicken rice.
  5. It’s a hard job working service at a big event.
  6. I feel like I need to up my Snapchat game. (If you want to follow me, my ? is iamafoodblog)
  7. Don’t overcook your beef stew, science tells you why.

Link Love:

  1. These miso eggplant kebabs kinda remind me of my miso eggplant but 10,000 times cuter!
  2. Loaves are so hot right now.
  3. These madeleines have my heart.
  4. Bagel of my dreams.
  5. I’m so in love with these conversation heart cupcakes!

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. We just got this lightbulb for a new lamp and I’m in love.
  2. I borrowed this novel from the library on a whim and I found myself totally engrossed.

Have an awesome weekend friends! Hope it’s love and potato filled ;)
xoxo steph


  1. Ahh I also just started a pottery/ceramics class! Mostly because I want to make awesome plates and bowls for the food pics on our blog :)

  2. Alana says:

    I can’t believe I missed that chicken rice!! Still kicking myself for that. YAYYY to potential dumpling emoji and can we please go to the pocky factory together!! I am so feeling like an old lady and need to step up my snapchat game now!! Ps – That lightbulb is awesome.

  3. Diane says:

    You find the most interesting content online– loved both the Snapchat and Super Bowl piece! Do you use a particular app or website to find this stuff?

    1. Stephanie Le says:

      thanks! i just read a bunch of random sites :) no app, although that would be awesome!

  4. yayyyy thanks for the link love! have a great weekend my dear!

  5. sillygirl says:

    Loved Station Eleven. I’m now engrossed in Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. And for cat lovers I just finished The Cat That Came In Off The Roof.

  6. Sarah says:

    you’re the best! thanks so much for sharing the green goddess bagel ;)

  7. So awesome that you’re doing a pottery class! I’ve been doing pottery since the summer and I just love it. I’ve actually signed up for “studio time” at a community centre so I just go in when I want and make whatever I want! It’s such a great way to relax (except when the clay isn’t centering…ugh)

  8. Marissa Sese says:

    I love Pocky! It’s a childhood favorite and brings lots of great memories for me of my family taking trips to the local Asian food mart. Now, I see these chocolate dipped sticks everywhere. I love food and snacks that give me a sense of nostalgia.
    Those eggplant kebabs are super cute. I will have to do that one of these days. And that bagel looks really yummy! I didn’t know they had almond milk cream cheese. That sounds delish! and I must find some today….haha

  9. Oooh Station Eleven is on my list too! also: POCKY FACTORY. Please invite me along on the factory tour. (PS i am stoked you are taking pottery!!!)

  10. Jenn says:

    Late to this post, but can you recommend any pottery studios in Vancouver? I’ve always wanted to try!

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