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Friday Finds: 1.27.17

Posted January 27, 2017 by Stephanie
tokyo pancakes -

Oh hai Friday Finds followers! I know there are some of you out there, eagerly awaiting the spoils of my internet trawling. At least I think there are?! I admit, I haven’t been surfing lately – it’s been hard, with real life here in Tokyo distracting me with all of its deliciousness.

We’ve been eating loads of fluffy pancakes, because they’re so FLUFFY! I think I’m addicted. Mike, not so much. He says he likes his pancakes to be crispy on the top and bottom and fluffy in the middle. There are definitely no crispy parts on the pancakes that are dominating the scene right now in Tokyo. They’re more like soft soufflé piles of fluff: there’s barely any contrast between the insides and outsides. I thought I wouldn’t be into them, but I’m very very much so in love. I can’t wait until I go home and figure out how to make them. In the meantime, please enjoy these Friday Finds!

Oh, and I wanted to wish my dear sister from another mister, Alana a very happy birthday! Wishing you all the best dear :)


  1. I think everyone might have a lil Aggretsuko in them.
  2. Not quite sure what I think about this
  3. This is just the kind of taste testing I can get behind!
  4. I haven’t started watching the latest season of Top Chef yet, but this lil vid of Padma reminds me that I need to, stat.
  5. I don’t know why but I literally lol’d at some of these.
  6. A take on Bourdain’s fiction.
  7. I’m all for movies/tv based on books. In that vein, the new Archie TV series looks fun!
  8. I loved this GQ feature :)

Link Love:

  1. These black sesame morning buns – I wanna fall asleep in them in the best way possible.
  2. Mini cheese danishes: so you can have five instead of one!
  3. I love blueberry muffins! I never make them, but clearly that needs to change.
  4. Salad so good.
  5. All of my spicy noodle dreams come true!

I’ve got my eyes on you:

  1. I devoured this book.
  2. Digging these food containers.
  3. This guy looks almost exactly like the griddles they use at Japanese pancake places!

Lately on I am a Food Blog:

  1. Popcorn chicken bento.
  2. Warm and cozy beef bourguignon.
  3. The ultimate breakfast mac and cheese.

Hope you’re having dinner with your family this weekend! It’s the Lunar New Year so be sure to eat, drink, and be merry!
xoxo steph


  1. omg the pancakes really do look sooo fluffy!! My friend gave me some Japanese pancake mix to make fluffy pancakes and I was obsessed :3 Also I haven’t watched Riverdale yet, but I plan to! Loved your popcorn chicken bento :) -Audrey

  2. Jenna says:

    The hot cakes in Japan are like no where else. I ended up buying a stash of Morinaga hot cake mix that I’m working my way through. They all fluff up 2.3 cm (per the packaging, and they really do!) and they’re close to what you get…and they’re portioned perfectly. Each small bag makes about 6 pancakes.

  3. they look so fluffy! i definitely like my pancakes with that crispy lace-y edge, but these also sound amazing and i want to try them asap. byron talbot put up a pancake souffle on his youtube channel recently, but i’m not sure how similar they are.

  4. Maria says:

    “Soft soufflé piles of fluff” sound like my kind of pancakes!!! I’m with you;)

  5. marina says:

    I spent the weekend thinking about the Lorraine Chuen article you link to here. I have always thought of the food world as one that transcended idiotic racial scuffs like this. It’s so disheartening to see the current “white people are the worst” trend (I know we’re not allowed to call it racism) applied to the food scene. Do the same people have a problem with Sadaharu Aoki being an expert on French pastry? Or the Australian Southern (American) BBQ alliance? Why would you want to diminish anyone’s skill or passion based on their skin color?

  6. Candy says:

    I got so curious with your IG post and searched for a recipe. What I tried was a meringue based, and I think I know why you love them. :)

  7. Alana says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!! Thank you for the birthday wishes!! Hope you guys had a wonderful Lunar New Year weekend!!

  8. Teri says:

    OMG I am going to Tokyo tomorrow! Please tell me where to get pancakes. I am sadly there for one day so food itinerary already sorted but I am sure I can squeeze them pancakes in somehow.

  9. Erika says:

    Omgggggggg please eat enough of those pancakes for both of us!!!! I’ve been dyinggggg over those souffle pancakes. Hope you are having the BEST time in Tokyo and pretend curses on you for linking that Buzzfeed article because I totally lol-ed at the first one and now will have to read every single item. #byeproductivity

  10. Any recommendations on your favorite fluffy pancake place?? We’re in Tokyo now and pretty much trust your judgement for all food. Thanks! ^-^

    1. Stephanie says:

      i went to these three and they were all amazing!
      flippers: my first pancake experience and i liked these ones the best with no adornment. you use two forks to eat them and they were amazing. i inhaled them
      a happy pancake: these guys were super fluffy but i felt like they were a bit on the egg-y side. but their butter/cream was addictive :)
      gram: they only have 60 sets a day. these guys were the fluffiest and tasted the most like soufflé

      ps – sorry for the late reply, we’re traveling in hokkaido rn!

  11. Donna says:

    Hi Steph! Thanks for sharing the link to the Padma video. I don’t watch Top Chef, but I read and LOVED her memoir ‘Love, Loss, and What We Ate’ in January. So incredibly brave and moving. I learned so much. Highly recommended!

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