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Friday Finds: 1.23.15

Posted January 23, 2015 by Stephanie
kyoto -

So…I’m back in Vancouver! We just finished off our Tokyo trip with a whirlwind week of train travel: up to Hokkaido, down to Kyoto and really really down to Fukuoka. And now we’re home! I was dreading the flight back (sometimes I get motion sick), but it turned out to be okay. I even watched two and a half movies! But ugh, that half movie. I’m dying of suspense – I’m totally going to watch it after I finish this post. Especially since even thought I swore I wouldn’t get jet-lagged, it’s 3 in the morning and I’m wide awake and strangely hungry. A 3am movie and some snacks sound like the perfect way to start the weekend.

I’m so happy to be home but I already miss our life in Tokyo. But, there are exciting things on the horizon so for now I’m going to box up my nostalgia and focus on the present!


1. Are you guys fans of fast-casual?
2. I’m really curious to see how Fresh Off the Boat, the TV series compares to the book. I’m a fan of Eddie Huang’s writing: it’s brash, offensive, and funny. I’m kind of worried that it’s going to be one giant cringe-fest, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see…
3. Everybody poops.
4. Kid parties do seem a bit extreme these days.

Link Love:

1. Cheesy bread and egg boats, but also so much more than just cheesy bread boats!
2. A fancied-up fried hot dog sandwich!
3. Gorgeously fluffy matcha buttermilk rolls with black sesame.
4. The ULTIMATE macaron post. This’ll come in handy when I tackle those finicky bastards later on this year!
5. I want to live inside this cake.
6. My kind of party!

I’ve got my eyes on you:

1. These marble slabs would be the perfect background for an epic charcuterie board.
2. This has the worst reviews ever but it’s always been my dream to have a mini donut factory! Have you guys seen any better machines?!
3. I’m loving the sleeves on this top.
4. Looking for a laundry hamper solution. This one is cute, but I’m not sure…

Hope you guys are having an awesome sleep-filled (or maybe sleep-deprived?) Friday!
love & potatoes,
xoxo Steph


  1. Lindsey says:

    oh my gosh, that poop article – so interesting! and that cheesy egg boat is dreamy! hope you’re recovering from your long trip home! have a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you for the link love Stephanie!! Welcome back :). I was in China and Japan this past summer, and I still remember all too well the crazy jet lag that comes with it!!! Looks like you had a blast!!

  3. Cliffhanger – what was the movie you watched half of that left you wanting more? Great links, Stephanie. I love those marble boards and did you notice the M&P?

  4. Hey gal! So glad you’re home and back in the best time zone evah (though I was really enjoying the IG content from Japan!). Thanks so much for the linky love — and I’m on pins and needles about Fresh Off the Boat. My mom kinda cringed just at the previews, but I told her that it’s totally fair game to rag on your own people in 2015 (um, right? if not, I’m just a horribly offensive person…). Also, the little dotties on that blouse are tops! Love it. Now get some sleep, girl! <3

  5. Thanks for sharing that New Yorker piece about “fast casual.” Am I a fan of fast casual? In theory, yes, absolutely–I would love to have more good food available more quickly. But in practice, I haven’t come across any fast casual place that I like much. Chipotle is ok but ultimately not that good. We have a similar chain where I live called Taco del Sol, and again, not bad but ultimately not that good either. I always come away wanting more veg, more corn tortillas instead of flour, and just more flavor. I feel like Japan might be light years ahead of us North Americans in this area–did you notice or eat in any “fast casual” kinds of places while you were there, even if they weren’t chains?

  6. molly yeh says:

    i want to jump in one of those cheesy egg boats and sail all around the world.

  7. Haha The everyone poops link killed me! Great link up Stephanie!

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