I made a HUGE batch of bolognese (for lasagna, naturally) and now we’re working our way through the remaining sauce.

So far, I haven’t come up with anything too exciting, just the usual: homemade pasta, that sort of thing. Then I spotted our stone bowl in the cupboard, just begging to be used to crisp up some rice. I guess I had a moment of brilliance because, um, why not crispy rice topped with bolognese, cheese, and a runny egg?

bolognese dolsot bibimbap | www.iamafoodblog.com

bolognese dolsot bibimbap | www.iamafoodblog.com

bolognese dolsot bibimbap | www.iamafoodblog.com

Bolognese Crispy Rice Dolsot Bibimbap Bowls | www.iamafoodblog.com

Sometimes, when I was a kid and my mom made meat sauce and there was no pasta in the house – we’d have all sorts of Asian noodles of course – I’d scoop up a spoonful of sauce and eat it on rice. Pure comfort food. This reminds me of a better, grown up version.

Bolognese Crispy Rice Dolsot Bibimbap Bowls | www.iamafoodblog.com

Bolognese Crispy Rice Dolsot Bibimbap Bowls

Savory, saucy meat sauce on top of fluffy rice in a hot stone bowl, topped off with cheese and a slow poached egg.
Serves 2
4.80 from 5 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 1 tsp oil for the stone bowl
  • 1-2 cups white rice how much depends on the size of your bowl
  • 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella
  • 1/2 cup bolognese sauce
  • 1 slow poached egg
  • Parmigiano Reggiano cheese grated
  • fresh flat leaf parsley finely chopped

Special Equipment

  • Stone Bowl


  • Heat up a stone bowl, lightly oiled, over medium-low heat until very hot.
    heating up stone bowl for bibimbap | www.iamafoodblog.com
  • Add the rice to the pot, and top with cheese and sauce. Place the egg on top and make it rain parmesan. Add parsley, if using.
    bolognese bibimbap | www.iamafoodblog.com
  • If you’re serving it at the table, carefully bring the bowl to the table. Mix everything up, pushing the rice up the sides of the bowl. You should hear a bit of a sizzle. Let crisp for a couple of minutes. The mix of rice and cheese will form a crispy frico/socarrat. The longer you wait, the crispier it will get. Enjoy!
    dolsot bibimbap | www.iamafoodblog.com


Feel free to use your favorite bolognese sauce and type of egg. I had some slow poached eggs in the fridge, so it worked out well for me, but a simple soft boiled egg or crispy sunny side up egg would work just as well.


  1. oh my. dolsot bibimbap is one of my favorite things (just not when i’m impatient and i’m waiting for the rice to crisp a little more before i devour), and there’s a place with amazing spicy tuna over crispy rice in the middle of california, all of which to say that i love crispy rice. and crispy rice + bolognese sounds just as delicious as all the other crispy rice delicacies!

  2. Caleb says:

    Does it have it have to be a stone bowl? Will cast iron work?

    1. Stephanie says:

      cast iron will definitely work!

      1. Jae Ann Brown says:

        4 stars
        That’s what I thought,
        I added a layer of very thinly cut romaine ‘confetti’.
        Easy to fix and innovative— the ‘stone bowl’ hype is a bit precious…

  3. Bolognaise is one of my favourite foods but I have never had it with rice it sounds incredible!

  4. Ella says:

    It seems like a mixture of Korean food and Italian food)Rice made with stone bowl taste so good. It must be awesome.I really wanna try that one heheh

  5. Raina says:

    Wow!!It looks very very delicious!!
    I’ll try to make meat sauce
    Thank you for share:)

  6. Anna says:

    Dolsot bibimbap is one of my favorite korean food. If you want to eat spicy, You’ll be able to add some chili peppers. I like sound, when it heated. When i see the recipe, i want to eat that for luncy

  7. Solar says:

    Looks like fantastic?
    But , I prefer pasta to rice of bolognese.
    Cause bolognese sauce is sweet. So I think pasta is more perfect.
    Anyway I’m very hungry..?
    I want to eat some food now :)

  8. Ariel says:

    It looks so delicious.
    And I think this one is better than original bibimbap

  9. Avery says:

    It looks very delicious!!
    I think more delicious gochugang( korea traditional sauce) in the recipe instead of bolognese sauce☺️☺️

  10. Rosy says:

    I like this kind of recipe. It looks very delicious!!! I want to try it :)

  11. Daniel says:

    When I lived by myself, I saw making similar things and eating, but I do not make it recently. It is make of korean hot source(red pepper source).
    It’s very great favor and easy to make. Thank you for remainding my memories.

  12. Kate says:

    I like crispy rice so much!!
    So when i eat fried rice, l usually make rice to crispy rice.
    That food looks so delicious, too!!!
    I want to try it!

  13. Dana says:

    It looks like korean dolsot gochujang bibimbop! but the ingredients are different. So i’m really exciting!

  14. Quinn says:

    I really love this recipe.
    This makes me hungry.
    I think the best part is that boiled egg. Yum.

  15. chloe says:

    I like bolognese! I want make this recipe at home!

  16. Sonya says:

    Oh i’m so hungry. The harmony between the rice and the cheese is the best.

  17. Luna says:

    lingeringI think stone bowl makes dish more heat☺️
    And pamasen and mozzarella flavor is very good!!
    In addition, chopped flat leaf parsley makes dish more beautiful???
    I like it❣️

  18. Lauren says:

    Look so good:)
    I want to make this in my home.
    And sunny side up egg is perpact to ricecook!!

  19. Joy says:

    Oh!!This food looks like koreans food “bibimbap”.Maybe I think this food is fusion recipy.I was amazed your recipy!If I have a time,I will try to cook it.

  20. Bella says:

    It’s looks like crispy.
    And i think cheese is good ingredient for this food.

  21. Chloe says:

    It looks very delicious.
    and it is easy to make, anyone can make it.

  22. Zoe says:

    Oh. It looks really delicious!!
    I like crispy rice. Very much
    I want to make it next time~

  23. Jane says:

    The rice plate cooked by dolsot bibimbap and pressed by rice is really delicious.

  24. SICA Sally says:

    I think very delicious food:) and i want to try this recipe!!!!!!

  25. Olivia says:

    It is a representative food of Korea !
    It is looks like delicious ?

  26. Ethan says:

    It looks make to easy, and i love bolognese sauce, so i like this recipe

  27. cheon ho says:

    Recipe is easy and good
    Crispy rice bowl look so delicious

  28. Talyor says:

    it looks Very delicious!
    Maybe Koreans will like~

  29. Ricardo says:

    I think it’s recipe very simple !
    I think that beginners can easily follow.
    good ?? !!!

  30. nate says:

    I think easy to make and It looks delicious
    If I have a time I will make it

    I want to eat it:)
    good recipe

  31. cheon ho says:

    Recipe is easy and good
    Crispy rice bowl look so delicious

  32. Paul says:

    I wonder what the harmony between the bolognese source and the crispy rice is

  33. Lindsay says:

    Whoa. Did this post just get spammed by the same person using different names?!?! Ha! Regardless, it looks fab!

    1. Stephanie says:

      i thought so too but apparently koreans really like this post?! i have no idea lol

    2. That’s what I thought too! The timestamps are mysterious. But as a half korean, I can say I really like this post ^-^

  34. kat says:

    I have been looking everywhere for a dolsot bowl everywhere online. Do you have any suggestions? Also do you know if those can be heated on a ceramic stove?

    1. Stephanie says:

      i’m not sure if they can be used on ceramic but you can find them on amazon

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