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cinnamon toast |

Cinnamon Toast

Rating: 5

Cinnamon toast is the best breakfast food out there, period.

grated egg toast recipe |

Grated Egg Toast

Rating: 4.67

The beauty of eggs is how many different ways you can make them.

custard toast |

Tiktok Yogurt Custard Toast

Rating: 4.62

If you’re a person who likes a sweet breakfast, this is the toast for you.

balmuda the toaster review |

Balmuda the Toaster Review

Is it possible to be in love with a toaster?

brioche french toast |
french toast

Brioche French Toast

Rating: 5

Brioche makes the best French toast: soft and custard-y in the middle and crispy and golden brown on the edges.

Ricotta Toast |

Ricotta Toast

Rating: 4.29

Move over avocado toast, ricotta toast is here to stay.

texas toast |

Texas Toast

Rating: 5

Texas toast is pure carb pleasure.

french toast recipe |
french toast

How to Make French Toast

Rating: 5

Deliciously eggy French toast with crispy golden brown edges and a creamy custard-y center just begging for a drizzle of syrup.

Japanese Pizza Toast Recipe |
japanese food

Japanese Pizza Toast

Rating: 5

Japanese pizza toast is crispy yet soft Japanese milk bread topped with savory pizza sauce, gooey cheese, pepperoni, and green peppers.

This Japanese tamagoyaki-inspired french toast is soft and custardy on the inside and crisp on the outside. The perfect combination of sweet and savory! |

Extra Fluffy, Super Soft and Custard-y Japanese Style Tamagoyaki French Toast

Rating: 4.75

This Japanese tamagoyaki-inspired french toast is soft and custardy on the inside and crisp on the outside. The perfect combination of sweet and savory!

30 minutes or less

The Best French Toast You’ll Ever Eat: Churro French Toast Sticks

Rating: 5

When you’re craving both churros and french toast, only churro french toast sticks will do.

10 ingredients or less

California Roll Avocado Toast

The best avocado toast you'll ever eat is California roll avocado toast: creamy avocados, a bit of kewpie mayo, crisp cucumbers, fresh crab, seaweed, and sesame seeds.

10 ingredients or less

How to Make Egg in a Hole Toast

Toast and eggs together as one: egg in a hole, the best simple breakfast you should treat yourself to today.

10 ingredients or less

Small Batch French Toast: How to Make French Toast for One

French toast for one when those french toast cravings just won't quit: golden brown and crisp outsides with creamy custardy insides.

10 ingredients or less

Caramelized Cinnamon Toast Recipe

You've been making cinnamon toast all wrong! Upgrade your cinnamon toast with a hint of vanilla for that perfect cinnamon-y sweet toasty crunch.

poached egg on potatoes recipe -

Potato Snack: 64° Eggs, 72° Potatoes, Toast

A 64° sous vide egg on top of the smoothest, butteriest mashed potatoes, served with grilled sourdough toast.

10 ingredients or less

Sunday Brunch: Crème Brûlée French Toast Recipe

A super decadent Sunday brunch of creme brûlée french toast with a crackly sugar crust, topped off with ice cream and a honey drizzle.

quick and easy pizza toast -
30 minutes or less

Pizza Toast Recipe

Pizza toast party: for a nostalgic taste right out of childhood, try these quick and easy pizza toasts!

angel food cake loaf -

Cake Toast: Angel Food Cake Loaf

I love angel food cake. I never make it because it involves whipping up egg whites and all that jazz. And well, to be honest, I don’t make cake that much, so I never really get the chance to eat...

hk style nutella french toast -

Hong Kong Style Deep Fried Nutella French Toast

Have you ever had Hong Kong style french toast? It's deep fried...and delicious!

ivan ramen rye noodles -

Ivan Ramen Toasted Rye Ramen Noodles

How to make Ivan Ramen's toasted rye ramen noodles.

japanese avocado toast -

Sunday Brunch: Japanese Inspired Avocado Toast

I have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with avocados: I respect and love them, but I also find them incredibly annoying. They’re kind of finicky, those little dark green buggers. You can never (or at least I can never) just go to the store...

cheesy french toast recipe -
10 ingredients or less

Sunday Brunch: Cheesy French Toast Recipe

This is going to be a quickie because I need to pack my heavy winter coat, scarf and beanie: I’m heading to Minneapolis for a quick trip. I’m kind of excited because I’ve heard so many awesome things. But I’m...

easy kabocha soup with totoro egg in a hole recipe -

Japanese Kabocha Pumpkin Soup with Totoro Egg Toasts

I cannot believe that it’s the end of October already. Halloween is just around the corner, but I’m not dressing up this year. I keep meaning to get all crafty and make costumes, but time always runs away from me. Instead...

mashed potatoes, soft coddled egg and toast recipe -
30 minutes or less

LA’s Eggslut: Mashed Potatoes, Soft Coddled Egg and Toast

I have a thing for breakfast foods. It’s kind of ironic though, because I don’t really eat breakfast on a regular basis. I’m more of a start my day with coffee kind of person. I hardly ever take the time...

goat cheese toast with roasted tomatoes and balsamic -
10 ingredients or less

Goat Cheese Toasts with Balsamic and Roasted Tomatoes

It seems like every type of food is having a little moment to shine in the spotlight. Toast – it’s a thing. Or is it? Is Toast’s moment in the sun almost over? Are things like tater tots and cruffins...

coconut tres leches french toast recipe -

Sunday Brunch: Christmas Morning Coconut French Toast Recipe

Every time Sunday comes around I always ask myself, where the heck did the week go?! Is it me or does everyone feel that the older you get, the faster time seems to pass by? As a kid, the stretch...

caramelized banana french toast recipe -
30 minutes or less

Caramelized Banana French Toast Recipe

I once knew someone who was allergic to bananas. Okay, I say “knew” very loosely – I knew someone who knew of them. A friend of mine worked in a building where Banana-Allergic girl worked. It was kind of crazy....

spicy tuna toast recipe -

Spicy Tuna Toast Recipe

I think I could live on tiny food. What is it about bite sized food that is just so. much. better. than regular size? Is it it's inherent cuteness? The miniature-ness of it? Or is it the fact that it's just so easy to pop into your mouth in the perfectly constructed bite? I'm all about the perfectly constructed bite. Once, in high school I made myself a plate of nachos that took over 30 minutes to assemble. I know, you're thinking, how could spreading out some chips and topping them with cheese take 30 minutes? Well, I went all OCD and made sure that each one had the perfect amount of taco meat, jalapeños, green onions and cheese. When they came out of the oven I carefully topped each one with sour cream, guacamole and salsa.

spicy savoury french toast recipe -

Spicy Savory French Toast Recipe

Ever since I made crispy salt and pepper french toast I've been on a savoury French toast kick. There's just something that makes so much sense about bread and eggs being savoury. I always have a hard time deciding between sweet and savoury breakfasts, but these days I'm definitely leaning towards savoury.

kaya - coconut jam recipe

Kaya Toast: Coconut Jam on Toast Recipe

I have been wanting to make homemade kaya, or coconut jam, forever. Growing up, kaya was a staple at our weekend breakfast table. My mom would crack open a blue and yellow can of Yeo’s for me and my brother...

crispy salt and pepper french toast recipe
10 ingredients or less

Crispy Salt and Pepper French Toast Recipe

Is it just me, or is brunch the best meal ever? Savory, sweet, carb-full or carb-less, meat-filled or meat-less, brunch is the bomb. The only problem with brunch (not like it’s a real problem) is that I can never decide...

lemon meringue french toast recipe
30 minutes or less

Lemon Meringue French Toast Recipe

It’s February already, can you believe it? Soon, Spring will be right around the corner, but in the meantime, February means Valentine’s Day, which means an influx of heart-shaped sweets and pink. I happen to love hearts and pink things,...

miso toast and soft boiled eggs -
10 ingredients or less

Miso Toast Soldiers and Soft Boiled Egg Recipe

December is perfect for long, lingering breakfasts by the fire. In my perfect world, me and Mike would be cozy in our kitchen nook (doesn’t exist) overlooking the freshly snow covered forest-y backyard (I live in a high rise). There’d...

fried chicken and waffled french toast recipe -

Fried Chicken and French Toast Waffle Recipe

Is there any better brunch food than fried chicken and waffles? They may not be as traditional and bacon and eggs or toast and jam, but chicken and waffles definitely go together. Chicken and waffles are the ultimate American breakfast...

pumpkin french toast recipe -
30 minutes or less

Nutella Stuffed Pumpkin French Toast Recipe

Once September rolls around I become obsessed with pumpkins. I’m not quite sure why I love pumpkin so much – I didn’t grow up eating it and to this day mom tells me that she’d rather die than eat pumpkin...

best ever cinnamon toast recipe

Best Ever Cinnamon Toast Recipe

Now that cooler weather is rolling in, I’m on a toast kick. I feel like toast is on a completely different level than plain old bread. I almost feel bad for bread and it’s lack of crispy edges. Whenever I...

30 minutes or less

Bourbon Peach French Toast Recipe

It’s peach week! I love peaches and I love french toast, so it was inevitable that I would combine the two. Peaches and French toast go together so perfectly. Add some bourbon sauce in the mix and you have a...

french toast

Caramelized French Toast Recipe

Sometimes I think about a dish obsessively. It doesn’t have to be anything special or complicated; it’s usually something random and most likely, related to breakfast. Take for instance, this caramelized French toast. I must have thought about it for...

canned fish date night |

Canned Fish

Rating: 5

How to have a canned fish date night, and everything else you ever wanted to know about the world of conservas/tinned fish.

instant pot turkey breast |
Instant Pot Recipes

Instant Pot Turkey: Perfectly Cooked Turkey in 20 mins

Rating: 4.38

Why hang out near the oven all day basting only to end up with a dry bird? Pressure cooking is the way to go: juicy, perfect turkey every time.


75 of Our Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

ALL the best potatoes, veggies, stuffings, salads, breads, biscuits, macs, and cheeses you could ever want!

wonton soup recipe |
chinese food

Deliciously Comforting Wonton Soup

Rating: 4.64

A bowl of wonton soup is all about comfort.

balmuda the toaster review |
buying guide

Best gifts for men 2022

Here are some ideas for the men in your life, or just anyone hard to shop for!

tiktok spaghetti recipe |

Tiktok Spaghetti

Rating: 5

The coziest spaghetti bake of the season

butter board recipe |

How to Make a Butter Board

Rating: 5

Butter boards are here to roll into the holiday season.

Kale Salad |

Baked Salad

Rating: 4.5

Baked salad is salad’s cozier, cardigan-wearing cousin.

Teriyaki Chicken Recipe |
japanese food

Teriyaki Chicken

Rating: 4.84

You only need 6 ingredients to make the best teriyaki chicken of your life.