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How to Make Tuna Onigiri: Miffy Tuna Onigiri |

How to Make Tuna Onigiri: Miffy Tuna Onigiri

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Brighten up your day with these super cute Miffy onigiri stuffed with tuna salad


Miffy Small Batch Carrot Cupcakes

Looking for a small batch sweet treat for Easter? These Miffy carrot cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing are just the thing. Six lil Easter bunnies just waiting to be eaten ;)


Miffy Hot Cross Buns

Sweet and simple, these Miffy bunny buns will be a cute addition to any Easter table!

carrot cake recipe |

My Perfect Carrot Cake Recipe

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Just the right amount of spice, with a super moist and tight velvety crumb and the smoothest whipped mascarpone cheesecake frosting.

totoro soot sprite brownies |
totoro week

21 Halloween Treats to Make

Halloween, but make it cute!

fluffy japanese pancakes recipe | i am a food blog
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Top 17 Japanese Foods to Make at Home Because Your Trip to Japan Was Cancelled

Are you missing summer vacation this year? If you were planning on going to Japan but world events stopped you, this list will help bring Japan to you!

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Small Batch Baking in Times of Stress: 11 Small Batch Baking Ideas

Small batch baking is not only the best form of self care, it’s also the best way to ration your precious baking supplies.

cookie recipes

Small Batch White Rabbit Snickerdoodle Cookies

Follow the white rabbit for these soft and chewy snickerdoodle cookies with chunks of creamy White Rabbit candy.

kapibara character cafe -

Tokyo Kapibarasan Character Cafe

We visited a character cafe and I overdosed on CUTE!

lemon shortbread recipe -
cookie recipes

Lemon Shortbread

Here’s a not-so-secret about me: I’m obsessed with cute things. I like all things kawaii, but I especially love bunnies. It all stems from my very favorite bunny from childhood, Bunny. Yup, I named my stuffed bunny, Bunny. It’s not particularly...