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20 of the best restaurants on Grubhub you can order for delivery

Posted July 6, 2018 by Mike

Steph loves ordering in with a passion that’s not really fitting for someone who’s made cooking her career. While I like delivery a little less than her (because I actually like a social atmosphere) I can’t deny that it’s amazingly convenient when you’ve had a little too much to drink and can’t leave the house.

We’re also on the road a lot, and if you’re staying in a hotel and don’t want to go out, you have pretty much no other options. From our experiences across the country, what we’ve found is that the ratings are skewed towards how well the food is packaged and speed of delivery, which is great, but what if you just want awesome food and you’re willing to wait a few extra minutes? That’s where this list comes in, it’s based on restaurants we’ve personally been to or ordered from, and you can be sure they’re among the best in their cities. Although sometimes it is best to travel around the area you are visiting and find Restaurants in Aylesbury it’s also nice to have recommendations of places to eat too. So, without further ado, here are our 20 best restaurants from Grubhub, because sometimes you just want to eat in:

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Katz’s pastrami is the stuff of dreams. It’s smoked for months and people will line up for hours or pay to ship it cross-country. If you live or stay in their delivery zone, it can be yours in under an hour.

Grubhub link • Photo by Katz’s

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I’m a huge meatball sandwich head. Anything from Vietnamese meatball subs to subway italian marinara, if it’s meatballs, I’ll eat it. Parm’s meatball parm radically raised the bar for how good a meatball sandwich could be in my eyes.

Grubhub link • Photo by iamafoodblog

KENNY & ZUKES – Portland, OR

Kenny & Zukes is probably the greatest Jewish deli on the west coast, rivaling anything you can find in New York or Montreal.

Grubhub link • Photo by Kenny & Zukes

UMAMI BURGER – Nationwide

Umami burger started in LA with a dream of making really, really extra burgers. These burgers have high end components and are composed the way great restaurant plates are composed. When you’re tired of in-n-out or shake shack because even though their burgers are amazing but their menu never changes, Umami burger is the answer. Also: probably the only place you can try the impossible burger, if that appeals to you.

Grubhub link • Photo by iamafoodblog

MEAT & BREAD – Seattle

Meat & Bread is laser focused on its one mission of making amazing sandwiches and it shows. Their porchetta is one of the first big things Steph tackled way back in 2012. If you don’t want to spend 24 hours making porchetta from scratch, order a sandwich from Meat & Bread

Grubhub link • Photo by Meat & Bread


When we are in Chicago, the Publican can do no wrong. On the weekends at their main restaurant, they make this simple but amazing frites with a fried egg. This link is for their sandwich/butcher shop, but the quality is the same – out of this world.

Grubhub link • Photo by Publican

Fried Chicken, Pizza, and Noodles

BONCHON – East Coast & Midwest

A lifetime ago Steph and I had a Korean Fried Chicken-off in New York. We ate all the fried chicken we could find (including the Momofuku fried chicken feast, which wasn’t Korean but David Chang is, so we said it technically counted) and Bonchon came out on top. If you’ve never had triple-fried Korean fried chicken, you owe it to yourself.

Grubhub link • Photo by Bonchon


Snoop Dogg loves Roscoe’s. Snoop Dogg knows stoner food. Martha loves Snoop Dogg. Therefore Roscoe’s is indirectly Martha’s favorite fried chicken shack. We’ve been there. It’s good. So good Snoop would buy the whole chain to save it from going under.

Grubhub link • Photo by Roscoe’s

SIZZLE PIE – Seattle

We get sizzle pie anytime we’re in Eugene, OR (which is a lot more often than you’d think). Sizzle Pie is actually from Portland, but the Seattle location is on Grubhub, and it is good. Sizzle Pie’s claim to fame is a giant slice, but the breadsticks are what we get. We’ve been known to stop in Eugene just for the breadsticks.

Grubhub link • Photo by Sizzle Pie


Roberta’s doesn’t really need a lot of introduction. Roberta’s has the best crust around. Roberta’s was frequented by the Clintons. Get Roberta’s

Grubhub link • Photo by Roberta’s


Afuri is an outpost of a Tokyo favorite, where they are known for healthy, veg-heavy, light and bright ramen as opposed to the pork bone stuff most Americans are familiar with. They chose Portland for the location of their first American branch because of the quality of the water. We chose them for this list because of the quality of their ramen.

Grubhub link • Photo by iamafoodblog

JINYA RAMEN BAR – Nationwide

Jinya is as authentic a ramen bar as you’d find in Japan, but it’s LA born and raised. Its ramen is easily good enough to hold its own in Tokyo, and we’re lucky that they’ve expanded nationwide. Sure, you can find awesome ramen in LA and NYC near you, but in Tulsa? They’re a godsend. They’ve singlehandedly brought great ramen to the rest of America.

Grubhub link • Photo by iamafoodblog

CASSIA – Santa Monica

Cassia is this hidden-ish and super stylish Vietnamese/Singaporean place in Santa Monica, and they have brilliantly redefined a couple of dishes for me: the Vietnamese charcuterie board (genius) and the best laksa I’ve ever had. I can’t believe they do delivery and my new vacation dream is to stay at the Palihouse Santa Monica and order Cassia’s laksa in.

Grubhub link • Photo by iamafoodblog

Desserts & Treats


Thomas Keller’s bakery mini-chain is still going super strong. We had their fresh donuts earlier this year and they were out of this world, alongside their always awesome croissants and other treats, including the TKO (Thomas Keller Oreo).

Grubhub link • Photo by iamafoodblog


There must be something about the elevation because High Point Creamery has some of the best ice cream this side of the Atlantic. It’s not as fancy as Salt and Straw in Portland but it’s super high quality (get it?) ice cream, delivered, in Colorado. There are reasons to get delivery when in Colorado.

Grubhub link • Photo by High Point Creamery


The couple that own Cassia (and a million other Santa Monica restaurants) have an eye for fostering talent. Sweet Rose Creamery exists thanks to that; it’s a stage for an old friend of theirs to show off her ice cream skills, and she has those skills in abundance. Flavors like Blueberry Muffin (with muffin bits) are not to be missed.

Grubhub link • Photo by Abby Mahler

BEARD PAPA – Nationwide

Beard Papa has a strange name and a familiar treat. Cream puffs, done perfectly. Crispy choux pastry, real vanilla custard, impossible to eat just one (but you really should).

Grubhub link • Photo by iamafoodblog

GONG CHA – Nationwide

Steph’s top 3 boba places nationwide would be (in no particular order) – Boba Guys (SF), Half & Half (LA), and Gong Cha (everywhere). I’m not a fan of Boba Guys but I agree with the other two, and Gong Cha wins in my books by being available in more than one city.

Grubhub link • Photo by iamafoodblog


What’s the best bagel in NYC? Is it that rainbow place? Is it H&H? It doesn’t matter, because none of them deliver and Ess-a-Bagel does. Also of note: Ess-a-Bagel is usually at the top of those “best bagels in nyc” lists for a reason. Now if only Russ & Daughters delivered.

Grubhub link • Photo by Ess-a-Bagel

CHICK-FIL-A – Nationwide

Is this filler? No, it’s saving the best for last. One time Steph and I spent a weekend in Chicago eating nothing but Shake Shack chicken shacks and Chick-Fil-A’s spicy chicken sandwich, discussing the finer points of chicken sandwiches while making this super cute 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The winner of the chicken sandwich off? It was a tie because Steph preferred Shake Shack and I preferred Chick-Fil-A. The winner of the jigsaw puzzle making? Neither of us because we lost a piece in the couch cushions and never found it. It sounds like an unsatisfying weekend but it was the total opposite.

Grubhub link • Photo by Chick-Fil-A

Did we miss any? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

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