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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted November 30, 2017 by Stephanie
2017 holiday gift guide | i am a food blog

It’s officially holiday gift buying season! Get your 2017 gift guides right here for all the people you need to buy for in your life :)

holiday buying guide | i am a food blog

The best gifts for the guys:

  1. These whiskey glasses are Nordic cool.
  2. Because everyone needs portable power.
  3. Carry on cocktail kit cause he likes a drink or two on the plane.
  4. Beeropoly: like Monopoly, but with beer.
  5. A minimalist whiskey decanter.
  6. He’s forever losing his keys, now he’ll know exactly where they are.
  7. Good hair needs a good comb.
  8. Every man needs a cable knit cardigan.
  9. You never know when you’re going need fire.
  10. A sweatshirt so soft you’ll want it for yourself.
  11. All his toiletries, organized nice and neat in this travel pack.
  12. So you guys can have your own whiskey tasting.
  13. Brown suede shoes.
  14. A portable speaker so he can have tunes wherever he goes.

The best gifts to give your BFF:

  1. A pencil set with sayings like: “all heart eyes on you” & “yes you totally can,” perfect for offering encouragement to your bestie when you’re not there.
  2. Glitter bomb water bottle because glitter.
  3. No bad days guaranteed with this notebook.
  4. The cutest chill pill phone case.
  5. So she can always find her keys.
  6. A secret phone charging cable keychain.
  7. Because you always get pizza together.
  8. What do you meme?
  9. The prettiest stapler her desk will ever see.
  10. So she can print all the selfies you take together.
  11. The best brush ever!
  12. Tiny gingerbread cookies covered in white chocolate.
  13. A poster that’ll reminder her that home is where ever you make it.
  14. The softest slippers.
  15. A cozy throw with fur pom poms, perfect for snuggling.
  16. Let her light it up with this lychee candle.
  17. Because she loves Drake.

kids holiday buying guide | i am a food blog

The best gifts for the littles (and littles at heart) in your life:

  1. A sweet dino nightlight for those still getting used to the dark.
  2. If you wanna be the crazy cool adult, give them a Switch so you can play with it too ;)
  3. Old school Tamagotchi so they can learn how to take care of a virtual pet before you get them a real one.
  4. Googly eyes so they can make faces everywhere.
  5. For the little chef in your life: a real knife, just their size.
  6. A sweet beanie.
  7. Cool kicks.
  8. A furry little pom pom to hold hair out of the way so you can see their cute face.
  9. Burger tee!
  10. TBH I kind of want this pizza slice bag for me.
  11. Monster hoodie for your lil monster.
  12. Matching monster slippers.
  13. Some squishy sliceable watermelon.
  14. Sushi lovers unite!
  15. Let them know the joys of fondue with this cute wooden chocolate fondue set.
  16. Mr. Sketch markers just for the holiday season, complete with gingerbread and candy cane.
  17. I heard that Hatchimals are still hot this season!
  18. A squishy pineapple.
  19. Because narwhals are cute.
  20. Mittens to keep their lil hands snug.

holiday kitchen buying guide | i am a food blog

The best kitchen gifts:

  1. Instant Pot because you can gift the gift of easy cooking!
  2. Cocktails taste better in nice glasses.
  3. A rose gold french press so mornings will be just a bit rosier.
  4. The prettiest copper KitchenAid, when you really want to give a hardcore gift.
  5. It’s a stirring spoon, perfect for mixing up ice tea or cocktails.
  6. A sous vide machine because it’s going to be 2018 and you want a gift for the future.
  7. Opposite the future: a retro flour sifter.
  8. A julep cocktail strainer for that friend you suspect is getting just a little too into craft cocktails.
  9. Mint jade milk glass mixing bowls.
  10. Modern salt and pepper shakers. They’re Peugeot!
  11. A digital scale makes cooking and baking so much easier. The perfect stocking stuffer!
  12. I like big bundts and these pans are so pretty.
  13. 2018 is all about the black flatware.
  14. I think these might be the most stylish cutting boards I’ve ever seen.
  15. Handy glass canisters.

cute holiday buying guide | i am a food blog

The best gifts for the cute obsessed:

  1. Ice cream night light!
  2. Kitty cat ice cream cone patch.
  3. Everyone needs a bacon patch.
  4. Cookies and milk socks.
  5. Pusheen the cat tumbler.
  6. Japanese lucky cat patch.
  7. Gudetama beauty blender puff.
  8. Panda eye cooling stick.
  9. Cute as a bunny lip gloss.
  10. Chicken kitchen timer.
  11. Cute bento toothpicks.
  12. Cat tea mug.
  13. Unicorn slippers.
  14. Corgi stuffie!!!
  15. The cutest colander ladle.
  16. Rilakkuma lunch box.
  17. Squirrel rice paddle.
  18. Kawaii doodle class.
  19. Cactus + pine tree salt and pepper shakers.

Happy shopping friends!
may all your online purchases be shipped with speed,
xoxo steph


  1. Gabriella says:

    I love that you included Such a great company! This is a really great company to shop for parents or minimalists and most of their stuff is made in the US

    1. Mark says:

      Looks like overpriced kitsch to me. At least the OP of this blog included affordable items. I smell someone drumming up traffic on someone else’s website.

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