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Vegan(!) Creamy Corn Soup Recipe

Posted December 13, 2014 by Stephanie
miso corn soup recipe -

I’m a huge soup fan. Chunky, smooth, creamy, or noodle-y, come wintertime, I want all the soups, all the time. Thankfully, not all soups take hours to make. This corn soup, thickened with a bit of tofu and seasoned with sweet and mellow white miso, is a fast favorite once the temperature starts to dip.

miso corn soup recipe -

my superpowerful, tiny vitamix s30. i love this guy!

miso corn soup recipe -

I love this soup mostly because of the pairing between sweet corn and miso, but also because of the textural contrast added by the crunchy tofu, and, of course, the tofu itself! Oh, how I love tofu in soup.

It’s one of my favorite tricks, using tofu to thicken soup. Silken tofu adds body and creaminess without cream. It’s funny because I’m not remotely vegetarian or vegan, but after the fact, I figured out this soup was a bunch of those catchphrase foods trends that are so hot right now: vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free.

Mike: That was pretty tasty.
Me: Right!? And so easy! Only corn, onions, tofu and miso!
Mike: Wait – what? I ate vegan food and liked it?!
Me: Huh, it is vegan. Funny!

I may not be on the up and up with healthy food trends, but I do love something that seems to be quite popular in the kitchen: blenders. I use mine mainly for soups, dressings, and smoothies. My tiny (compared to the behemoths that are the regular Vitamixes) S30 personal-sized Vitamix is perfect for making soup for two. It’s super powerful and even heats soups up while you blend. It’s truly one of my favorite kitchen appliances and in the spirit of the holiday season I’m giving one away!

miso corn soup recipe - miso corn soup recipe -

Miso Corn Soup Recipe
serves 2-3


  • oil
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 2 cups corn (I used frozen corn)
  • 1 1/2 cups vegetable broth
  • 1/4 package silken tofu, about 1/4 – 1/3 cup
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon white miso paste, or to taste
  • freshly ground pepper, to taste

Crispy Tofu Croutons

  • tofu, as needed
  • oil, preferably safflower, sunflower, or grapeseed
  • salt, if desired


  • sliced green onions
  • crispy tofu croutons (recipe below)
  • flaky sea salt
  • red pepper flakes

In a skillet, heat up a small bit of oil over medium heat. Add the onion and sauté, stirring, until soft and translucent. Add the corn and warm through briefly. Remove the onion and corn from the heat and place in a blender with the chicken broth, tofu, and miso paste. Blend until smooth and hot if using a Vitamix. Taste and adjust the thickness of your soup based on preference. If you like a thicker soup, add more tofu, if you like a thin soup, use some broth to thin it out. If needed, return the soup from the blender to the skillet and heat up until steaming.

Make the tofu croutons: Cut the remaining tofu up into 2 cm cubes. Set on paper towels, flipping so all sides drain. In a skillet, heat up a generous amount of oil over medium high heat. Fry the tofu, flipping as needed, until golden brown and crisp, 5-7 minutes. Remove from the oil with a slotted spoon, drain on paper towels and season with salt, if needed.

Taste and adjust seasoning with miso and freshly ground pepper. Serve hot with sliced green onions, crispy tofu, sea salt and red pepper flakes. Enjoy!

miso corn soup recipe-4



Giveaway: I paired up with Vitamix to give away one Vitamix S30! I absolutely love mine and know you will love yours too!

Enter: To enter, leave a comment below with your favorite soup memory. I want to hear ALL the details! I’ll randomly choose a winner and contact them by email. Open to Canadian and US Residents only. (Sorry international friends!) Contest ends December 20th at 12AM PST. Good luck!

Update: Congrats Jenna @ Just J.Faye, you’ve won yourself a brand new Vitamix! Happy Christmas! Keep an eye out for an email from me!


  1. Jen says:

    I love broccoli cheese soup, and found a recipe online! I was so excited to try it because the recipe said it tasted just like a favorite restaurant’s. I even made my own bread bowls! Well…let’s just say, it was less than stellar, and I had to throw the whole batch out!!

  2. Allie says:

    My mom used to make us potato soup (campbell’s cream of potato = the best) and I’d crush like 2 dozen saltine crackers in mine to make it the best meal of my life. total nostalgia right there.

  3. Joy says:

    My favorite soup isn’t really even a soup; it’s the leftover broth at the end of hot pot. The liquid has absorbed all the goodness from the different meats and vegetables in there, and I love ladling it into my bowl at the end of the meal and sipping on it while enjoying the company of my friends and family.

  4. Baby June says:

    My favorite soup…probably broccoli cheese. Have recently made it vegan, too, and it’s fabulous! Love this soup :)

  5. cori says:

    My Dad always made potato soup and it was always my favorite. I actually remember one of my childhood friends loved it too – she would always ask my Dad to make it when we had a sleepover. On her birthday on year he made her a quart of potato soup, ADORABLE.

  6. Quyen Nguyen says:

    I love chicken enchiladas soup from chili’s. One time I tried the copy cat version and ended up in disaster :-(

  7. Sam H says:

    While I’m very fond of soup, I don’t think any memories of mine are stronger than my husband’s association with the tomato soup and grilled cheese his Gramsey used to make him as a child. I see that little nostalgic twinkle in his eyes ever time I make it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Requabecca Quam says:

    I absolutely love soup!! it’s totally my weakness and whenever I see it I’ve gotta have it

  9. Lin Shelley says:

    My favorite soup memories involve friends. I try to make a soup every winter and invite my friends over. There is something about eating soul warming soup surrounded by the people you love. Last winter I made Smitten Kitchen’s baked potato soup and in 2012 I made onion bisque a la Petite Grocery in New Orleans.

  10. Cindy says:

    I remember when I had my first San Francisco bowl of creamy clam chowder complete with a sourdough bread bowl with my family. Ever since, I always try to have a connecting flight there, just so I can get a bowl! And nothing is ever like it either!

  11. Kerri says:

    I cannot wait to make this…it looks so delicious!! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  12. Kelsi says:

    My college town has a local soup restaurant that’s super good for when you’re feeling sick. One time i brought some to one of my sick friends and I think it definitely made his day!

  13. Oh I love this kind of soup! It reminds me of the instant “soupuh” that they serve in Korea along with fried pork cutlet or hamburger steak. Yours looks like a much healthier, delicious version of that!

    My favorite soup memory is having seolleungtang with my family the mornings of really cold winter mornings. My grandma would boil beef bones all the day before and then the next morning we’d have this broth with slices of brisket, sea salt, black pepper and scallions. I’d mix in my rice and eat the soup with sour kimchi.

  14. Ella says:

    My mom used to let me eat cream soup (the powdered kind you can buy at japanese super markets) everyday after school as a “snack.” Still amazed I wasn’t morbidly obese as a child.

  15. SPrice says:

    My favourite soup is my mother’s bun bo hue. She lives in Australia so I can only have it when I visit but have just seen a recipe on your site that I am going to try!

  16. Claire Schultz says:

    My mom makes a simple tomato vegetable soup which my daughter just loves. She requests ‘grandma style’ soup frequently. Every time I make it , it’s just not quite right; even though I have been chef for 20 years! Keeps me humble. Have stock on stove this morning to try to get it right once again!!

  17. Casey says:

    I remember the first soup I ever made. I was a junior in college and spent the afternoon chopping, dicing, and spicing a gorgeous lemony cuminy lentil beauty. My roommates thought I was crazy. “Don’t you know you can buy that in a can?” I cherished the methodical, therapeutic chopping and the warm smell of the soup filling the tiny apartment. Making soup is the ultimate self-love.

  18. Stephanie says:

    That soup looks delicious!
    My Mom makes the best french onion soup – with lots and lots of gruyere.
    Awesome giveaway!

  19. My favorite soup memory : my moms famous broccoli and cheddar soup with homemade croutons. The most perfectly seasoned croutons over the most cheesy and smooth base with chunky broccoli. Perfection. Thanks for the giveaway – vitamix is my dream!

  20. Erika says:

    My husband makes a lovely itallian wedding soup–i find it so comforting when it is chilly out. I eat soup all year long!

  21. infysam says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Firstly I would like to compliment you on your awesome blog. It’s really good and different in look compared to other food blogs. And thank you very much for coming up with a giveaway. Regarding my favorite soup memory, it was 12 years back when I first heard of the word soup although I do not know that I’ve been consuming soup since childhood. It was in a fair held in my town where I first tasted this soup named tomato bread soup. I brought it for a free ticket which a family friend of mine gave it to me. The vendor served this particular soup very hot in a bowl. After blowing it for a while as it was very hot, I tasted the first spoon and it felt really refreshing in that slightly cold evening weather. The first taste I felt from that soup was tangy which is obviously from tomato then to add flavorings to it and to make it spicy they have put ginger, garlic, peppers/paprika, black pepper corn powder and I think small amount of sugar also inorder to compensate for whole lot of spices they added. I found few beans, carrot pieces here and there in that soup. But the major part of the pieces I found in it were toasted bread. Imagine once, when we were given freshly made soup which is finally garnished with good amount of toasted bread pieces in the end. When you taste it hot the toasted bread pieces do not absorb so much liquid by that time and it retains it’s crumbly texture but moistens little. It gives you a feeling of a natural healthy cookie. I can never forget that evening and that soup. You made be rewind those beautiful memories of my childhood. Thank you very much

  22. My mom’s chinese pear soup, made with an abundance of ripe pears from our pear tree in the back yard.

  23. Melissa says:

    My family often gets together at a Jewish deli, and I always get the big bowl of matzo ball soup. The ultimate comfort food!

  24. AJ says:

    My favourite soup memory is when I used to come back from skiing with my dad, my mom would have a piping hot and delicious soup of Chinese noodles bathing in beef broth ready for us! It was so good, and as a 7 year-old, I burned my tongue of course thanks to my eagerness and got some all over my shirt and chin. :p

  25. Caitlin says:

    My mom always made french onion soup (which I did not like, except for the cheesy crouton) and potato soup, which I loved, with extra cheese. mmmmm

  26. courtney h says:

    Thank you for the recipe. My favourite soup is Emeril Lagasse’s African peanut soup made vegan with textured vegetable protein in lieu of turkey and homeade vegetable stock. The flavours are amazing but it brings me back to a time when I was living in a smaller town for University and struggling to fit in coupled with veing the only weirdo vegan in my family.. I lived with a girl I went to school with and despite not having any restrictions on her diet she made me this soup because she was sure I would like ut. It was such a genuine and particular kindness that I’m always reminded of when I have this soup now.

    As an added bonus I would years later marry a great guy who is a great cook with the surname Lagasse.

  27. Hayley Rey says:

    My favorite soup memory has to be every Christmas Eve. We have minestrone soup in anticipation of Santa and I now look forward to it almost as much as Christmas Day! Our family is scattered around the country and Christmas is the one time of year we get together. Enjoying soup together on Christmas Eve is better than Christmas in lots of ways because there are no distractions. We just chat and catch up and fill our bellies and hearts with warm minestrone.

  28. Kow soi in chiang Mai!

  29. Elisse says:

    My mom makes a delicious potato and leek soup. I always looked forward to coming home after school on the first really cold day of the year and seeing her cooking that up as soon as I walked through the door.

  30. ab says:

    My favorite soup memory is a dungeness crab ramen, from a fishing trip in Alaska. Dungies right out of the water, steamed and taken apart — using the shells to start the soup base. Bok choi out of the garden etc etc, it was amazing.

  31. Sarah Chavez says:

    My favorite soup memory is the first time I had Pho. It was in 2002 at a restaurant called Saigon Cafe. I became an addict for life.

  32. Angela says:

    Chicken and corn soup. Smooth savory and sweet- the perfect soup when it’s cold out! :)

  33. Amelia Hart says:

    I love soup! My mom used to make mulligatawny soup as a kid, and Id fill my bowl with sour cream because the curry powder was too spicy. Now I love spicy.

  34. Danielle says:

    My favorite soup memory was the first time that I made white chicken chili in the crockpot when I was living on my own. It’s nothing too sentimental, but I loved walking into my apartment after working and smelling how good it smelled! It was even better to eat. I’ve always loved soups, and being able to try out new recipes and figure out which ones are new favorites is always fun.

  35. Michelle says:

    Thick and hearty minestrone on a cold winters day while watching the snow fall outside!

  36. Ryan Kopp says:

    Silky smooth lobster bisque from Chanin’s restaurant in Aspen Colorado as part of their New Year’s Eve menu circa 1995, vacationing with my family as a 14 year old boy from the corn fields of Indiana

  37. Haley Musial says:

    As a Kid my Mum made chicken noodle soup a lot on the weekends. The most classic of all soups. She would spend hours boiling the chicken usually while she had me doing Saturday chores like wiping all the house baseboards, a really exciting event let me tell you. As the chicken noodle soup boiled a rim of savory oily goodness gathered around the pot. She knew this was my favorite part and always made sure to have a big chunky sourdough loaf on hand. I’d take pieces off that loaf and skim the broth soaking up all the tasty juices filling my belly before dinner time and intentionally finding any excuse not to wipe baseboards. It was heaven…chewy savory soaked sourdough bites. As an adult cooking on my own I still find myself keeping a piece of bread close by for the inner child in me and to remember my Mum. I also still wipe my own baseboards. :)

  38. Lisa Lau says:

    I am also very fond of soups. When I was growing up my grandma would make soups every day as part of dinner. I think in hindsight I took this for granted. My favorite was and still is winter melon soup. Luckily, I have learned to make it. As for a Vitamix… I live in a small apartment and don’t have the space for a whole lot of appliances, but definitely can make room for this particularly versatile one.

  39. christina says:

    My favorite soup is chicken pho! I can eat it twice a day, for several days straight :)

  40. Michael Welch says:

    My first time eating pho. Seemed so weird to me at first Look but the broth, THE BROTH. I’ve been obsessed with Asian broths since. I love trying new soups (Asian or not) and cook quite a few of them during the winter. This one looks incredible- thanks for sharing.

  41. Lieu says:

    I grew up with Vietnamese food so I didn’t try a lot of typical soups such as split pea. I always thought it looked like baby food and did not look hearty or chunky enough for my liking. A few years back, while living with my little sister, she made it and I tried it for the very first time at 26 years old! It was delicious and flavorful and totally changed my mind about split pea soup. Also I learned not to let appearances fool you when it comes to food. It was packed with flavor and now I make it all the time for my husband. I add potatoes, carrots and celery with a big ham hock. It’s so easy to make after a work day and so comforting for rainy days (which is most days, since we live in WA state).

  42. Angela Milburn says:

    Growing up, I knew my mother wasn’t a fancy cook. But she knew how to make simple comfort food. Cheesy casseroles, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, all the dishes that make a little person’s tummy happy. But when I grew up, the one dish I worked the hardest to replicate was my mom’s chicken soup. The flavor of the broth, the vegetable quantities, the chicken parts, the tiny star-shaped pasta…it all had to be just right. Now I’m the mother, and even though my chicken soup recipe is a staple comfort food dish in my house, it will never taste just like my mom’s. And I think I like it better that way.

  43. I have a very distinct memory of making ‘Stone Soup’ with my classmates as a little girl. It’s based off of a book called ‘Stone Soup.’ We read the book all together and then were each in charge of dressing up and bringing in an assigned ingredient. It taught us all about community building and sharing.

  44. Diana says:

    I was only a few months into my move to Chicago and signs polar vortex two were springing up/wintering up. So of course:
    POLAR VORTEXES = Soup Time
    I was missing a super delicious roasted-red pepper soup from the job I just left and I really wanted to see if I could recreate it. I was committed. I looked up a few recipes and believed the stove top method was the most authentic …but I didn’t have enough foil and I was NOT going back outside #brrrr. Well…things went out real fast, lol. Still, I chose this as my favorite soup memory because it was one of the first times that I really took to the kitchen to try to make something I had never tried before. It might seem like a small feat — a roasted red pepper soup, but I grew up on quesadillas & scrambled eggs!

  45. Ashley says:

    I love soup! I actually told someone the other day that I wish there was a soup delivery service in town! My favorite soup memory was when my mom and I were camping at the beach in Florida and stopped in a little restaurant for dinner; we had seafood bisque so delicious we wanted to lick the bowls!

  46. Karishma says:

    Yum sounds delicious, love that this is vegan!!

  47. Audrey says:

    In the cold winter, a warm roasted tomato soup that makes you nose runny and your tummy happy!

  48. Christina says:

    My favorite soup memory is from when I was about four years old and my mom served us broccoli cheese soup for dinner for the first time.
    I decided it must be gross and refused to eat it. My parents said I just had to try one spoonful and couldn’t leave the table until I did so. Everyone else finished, left, and I was still sitting in a dim dining room by myself, staring at a cold bowl of soup. I eventually ate my spoonful and fell in love with cheesy broccoli goodness–my very own Green Eggs and Ham experience, you could say.

  49. Jane Seymour says:

    Growing up in Vermont we ate lots of soup in the winter. My mom’s cockaleekie (chicken and leek) soup was my all-time favorite, but as a vegetarian in high black bean soup was my staple. Now, as an omnivore I love both and particularly love experimenting with both.

  50. I have so many soup memories, but one that particularly sticks out in my head is from last year. My mom came to stay with me for the weekend to help me organize and decorate my condo. We made a huge target run and spent the night cleaning, organizing, and drinking wine, while Christmas movie played in the background and apple parsnip soup was cooking in my crockpot. It was one of the first times ever using my crockpot and the soup turned out deliciously! I know this may not sound like the funnest time ever, but my mom LOVES to organize so we actually had a blast.

  51. Elise says:

    My favourite soup memory is my father’s French onion soup from my childhood. I can still feel the strings of Gruyere dripping down my chin, and the Salty sweetness of the broth.

  52. Bill McMillan says:

    My favourite soup, which I’ve made many times, is ham and potato soup.

  53. The first time we ever saw snow was in Chile and we were staying at a hotel where dinner was included and every dinner was a 4 course meal that began with soup. My youngest sister hated all soup and every day I remember it being a struggle to get her to eat the soup (Asian dad’s will never let you waste free food!). By the end of our stay our waiter got in or it too saying he forgot to bring her soup or giving her a bowl with just a tiny tablespoon of soup in it :)

  54. Cindy M says:

    My mom made me chicken noodle soup when I was sick when I was younger, and when I’m sick I need chicken noodle soup with Swanson broth, twisty noodles, and poached chicken. It’s funny what you get used to :-)

  55. Naomi Lightman says:

    My mom’s borsht is the most comforting soup I’ve ever had.

  56. Greg says:

    Last winter, I decided I wanted to have a soup night. I invited a few friends over and we decided on this potato soup with a bacon vinaigrette (still have trouble spelling that word…), and made it our own with some Italian sausage and extra spices. I had thrown a no-knead country loaf together the night before which we threw in the oven just in time for it to finish as the soup finished and it was all glorious. :)

  57. Christine says:

    Years ago I took a cooking class to learn how to make soup. After that I went through a phase for a couple years when I was making soup at least a couple times a week. First I was following recipes really closely but after a while I learned to just throw together whatever I had. Usually it turned out pretty well. I don’t make soup as much as I used to but I think my little soup obsession was a real education for me and helped me be a better cook in general.

  58. Heather says:

    Ooh I would love to get my hands on a Vitamix! My husband’s grandmother used to make the most amazing chicken soup. Depending on the time of year it would either have noodles or matzo balls, but the matzo balls are definitely my favourite. She can’t really cook any more but my husband and I made matzo ball soup a few months ago and it was great to be able to carry that on!

  59. Bonnie Gordon says:

    My favorite soup memory was the first summer after I graduated from college. My friends and I were all learning how to cook, and decided to experiment with a chili recipe! We added not only the normal beans and meat, but also a sweet potato, and all three colors of red peppers. We even added some chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, and topped the whole thing off with mango and cilantro. It was delicious! We nicknamed it “rainbow chili” and have made it many times since then.

  60. Dawn says:

    My favorite soup memories revolved around my maternal grandmother. Living during the Depression she learnt how to make a delicious soup from simple ingredients. One in particular was her bean and noodle soup – navy beans, homemade noodles and broth flavored with a ham bone. Simple, delicious and injected with her love.

  61. Helen says:

    my favorite soup memory is my Mom’s chunky broccoli soup. even as a kid, that was my favorite soup and i have since recreated it in college! thanks for hosting this giveaway, Stephanie!

  62. Carly says:

    When I was little I would go to La Madeline with my Mom for mushroom soup. We would always get a small bowl each, since they offered free artisan bread and 10 different types of jelly to pair them with, and sit by the fire inside while gorging on bread and soup!

  63. Nicole says:

    My favorite soup memory can’t be summed up in one single memory, it’s more of a tradition from my childhood. I was a brat, no way around it, I was such a brat. All I wanted to eat was chicken fingers. Being Chinese, my parents would take me and my sisters to dim sum every Sunday in Chinatown. We hated it, all we wanted was fried chicken fingers, not chicken feet! And then one day, I ate congee with those fried crueler things. Since then, I couldn’t wait until Sunday. Congee continued to play a big role in my family. Whenever I was sick, all I wanted was a hot bowl of congee, the day after Thanksgiving, all I wanted was my mom to make me Turkey congee, Christmas ham turned into ham congee, and so on. And now, whenever I go back home to New York, my first stop is Congee Village, which is one of my family’s favorite restaurants. In college I met one of my good friends, who ended up being the son of the owner to Congee Village. Things really came full circle being friends with the kid who’s dad has been serving me since I was a little kid. Funny how things work out!!

  64. Jeanette says:

    The strongest soup-related memory I have is of the first time I tasted clam chowder. I was really young and I was walking through the Monterey Bay Pier with my parents. It was freezing cold and my mom bought me a small cup of hot New England clam chowder and it warmed me right up. Clam chowder is still my favorite soup and I always get it when I go to the pier. It is also one of my favorite things to cook, especially with fresh clams.

  65. Monica says:

    My favorite soup memory is having this thick and creamy acorn squash soup my sister makes every time I go home for the holidays. Its a bit sweet, a bit salty and just perfect for the holidays. Can’t wait to have it this year.

  66. David says:

    Best soup in the world is Korean naengmyun on a hot summer day!

  67. Ottilia Schafer says:

    When I was little I was asked what I was thankful for at school during Thanksgiving. Most kids said their parents, super heros, or their pets, but I proudly announced I was thankful for “red soup.” My parents make a really good smooth beet soup thats chockfull of veggies and of course a deep magenta color.

  68. maren says:

    i’m a big fan of cream of mushroom soup – my fav memory was going to a cute little historic hotel in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin and having a big bowl of cream of mushroom with my grandmother a couple years ago during the holiday season!

  69. Caroline says:

    On two recent trips, I fell for the garlic soups you find at nearly every restaurant in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. So much that I ordered them during hot summer days. My favorite had slices of Camembert in it! I think this winter will be the perfect time to create my own version.

  70. Laura says:

    We’ve been trying to veganize all of our old favorite soup recipes. Broccoli, leek, potato from Essex Farm and a new-to-us cauliflower/fennel are our current faves.

  71. Rachel says:

    I’m 26 years old and I found out that I had mono a few months back. I was so sick that I went back home to stay with my parents for a few days. I was a miserable zombie who had no voice, but being able to be with my mom and eat her homemade soup was such a comforting experience. As much as she hated to see me so sick, she told me that she loved being able to take care of me once again. I recently followed her recipe for split pea and at first taste, I was instantly transported back to her couch, in my pajamas, watching countless episodes of House Hunters and Barefoot Contessa.

  72. Sydney A says:

    My favorite soup memory is when my dad would take my sister and I skiing as kids, and we would come home to soup that my mom made while we were gone! (She much preferred staying home cooking to going skiing…)

  73. becca f says:

    Being chilled to the bone, after shoveling snow and being able to enjoy a nice warm bowl of soup. The warmth in my belly is always satisfying!

  74. Lisa W. says:

    Every year, my entire family visits my grandparents in Kansas. In fact, I have never spent a Christmas anywhere but Kansas! My grandma is a wonderful cook and makes what we call “Mimi Soup” every year – it’s basically a type of vegetable soup. She has given me the recipe and it’s a fun soup to make. As she says, “add a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, and before you know it you got a whole lot of soup!”

    My favorite memory is eating a warm bowl of Mimi Soup after a long flight into a typically snowy Kansas City for Christmas. It’s the start of a great holiday!

  75. Joan says:

    My favorite soup memory is making broccoli cheese soup with my daughter. When she was in middle school, she was taking a Family Consumer Science class and started getting really excited about cooking. This was one of the first recipes she decided she wanted to make, and it was a huge hit!

  76. Samantha says:

    My mother’s post Thanksgiving is the perfect way to extend the feeling of the holiday meal! The broth is flavored perfectly with he blends of spices. The turkey is so tender and the barley is is just right! The veggies bring color and add to the freshness. I love adding a spoonful of squash to blend in!

  77. sharon says:

    I found little hole in the wall cafe that makes the best soups! I have made it my mission to become as good a soup maker as their chef and have had quite the success with several that I have attempted — a rich cream of broccoli, a polish sauerkraut and sausage, beet soup (wow!) and a robust mushroom and barley. It has been so much fun learning about and making soups that I’ve never made before, and my soup-repertoire is growing! I’ve started making and freezing my won chicken stock for many of them. Fun fun!

  78. Carolyn G says:

    When I was little my grandmother would make us Olla de Carne which translated means Pot of beef. She made it with oxtail and vegetables. To this day it is my favorite soup

  79. Lindsay says:

    Love this soup… It looks delicious!
    My favourite soup is my mom’s hearty beef & barley… Chock full of vibrant veggies, with a nice crusty bread, served up on a blustery late fall afternoon… Swoon :)

  80. sarah says:

    eating soup with my brother on snow days :)

  81. My favorite soup memory happened maybe 4 years ago with one of my closest friends. At his house we made a pumpkin tomato soup and it was really, really good. But what I remember the most is how much fun we would have in that kitchen together. We both moved houses and now when we see each other, we rarely cook together. I miss it, and I need to make more time to cook with him again. Because when we do, we just feed off of each others creativity and playfulness.

  82. Dalia says:

    Love making corn soup with lime/avocado salsa as a topping. I made it for new friends when we moved to a new city, and it was such a nice way to meet people!

  83. Alicia says:

    My favourite soup memory goes back to when I was a small child with my Dad’s chicken soup. He was strictly a meat and potatoes man and was horrified by my love of everything fruit and vegetable. Our compromise was his chicken soup. It was packed with barley, carrots, celery, corn, pasta and of course chicken. Unfortunately, my Dad passed away 15 years ago and I am almost 7 years vegan. However, my family enjoys when I make his chicken soup now. :)

  84. Nicole says:

    Every year, Thanksgiving is celebrated at my parents’ house with 20 or so of our closest family friends. After the inevitably massive turkey is carved, we use the carcass to flavor a soup. The only other ingredients are chicken broth, salt, cabbage, and white pepper, yet the resulting heartwarming and savory soup is the source of some of my fondest Thanksgiving memories!

  85. Jake says:

    My favourite soup memory actually occurred eating this soup! My parents are out of town so I borrowed their Vitamix and I fed this to my girlfriend. We were talking about our taste in food, and she said “I owe you a lot. Since we’ve been together I’ve tried lots of things I never would have thought I liked, but I did thanks to you. Including this soup!”. So thanks!

  86. Alana says:

    First of all, VEGAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, Miso Corn Soup? I feel so healthy just saying that out loud. And with that all ingredients are getting added to my grocery list NOW. Can I tell you about my super old dinosaur of a Vitamix? I am pretty sure I have the OG Vita and yet she’s still totally killing it. Gotta love her, even though I’m pretty sure I own the largest Vitamix ever made. Regarding soup memories, I still remember the first time I had French onion soup. It was with my grandparents at the Kula Lodge (so close to my house growing up that we could have walked). I loved it so much, all that stringy, cheesy goodness, saturated french bread and onions. I ordered it every time we were there for at least a year after that. Soup is always amazing but when you load it with bread and cheese, it’s unforgettable.

  87. Jillian says:

    My grandmother used to make corn chowder with potatoes in it, and as I child I wasn’t too fond of potatoes in my soup so I whenever I took a bite that had potato in it, I’d spit it back into my soup. Haha, ohhhh the things I did as a kid. So disgusting.

  88. mike aronson says:

    I love sharing tomato soup from our old coleman thermos after my daughter’s soccer games here in cold rainy Oregon.

  89. chloe says:

    The first soup I made was probably the first time I realized that I could cook! It was a South African Peanut Stew, from a NYT recipe. I hadn’t made anything intensive before and was so proud!

  90. Pam Whitley says:

    My most favorite soup is my mom’s Ant Eggs with Wild Mushroom…Exotic? Probably so. I grew up in NE part of Thailand. My mom would make her own soup paste mainly from dried shrimp, shrimp paste, tamarin, toasted thai chili, fish sauce, and little sugar. The star of the show is ant eggs. They must be from big red ants and they are seasonal. You can only find them during May-June. Besides the eggs and the wild mushroom, she’d also put young pumpkin leaves and tender shoots and top with grilled sundried fresh water fish before serving…..woo-hoo!! I can see smoke coming out of my ears now! Spicy, sour, sweet & savory! Love and miss it a lot!

    By the way, I just discovered your block…I do enjoy it a lot. Love you, love your food, love your block. Thank you..thank you!!

  91. Rachel says:

    My mom loves minestrone soup, so I thought I would make it for her on Mother’s Day. I was pretty nervous about making it from scratch, but luckily it turned out good!

  92. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite soup memory is from when I was a small child and would make homemade chicken soup with my grandmother. I would take part in all of the steps, from getting the vegetables out of the cellar to helping chop them and placing them in the pot. It is one of the fondest memories of my nan.

  93. Scott Goldberg says:

    Favorite soup memory is making a vegan version of Portugese kale soup with my girlfriend on our second date!

  94. Paula says:

    My grandma would make white bean and ham soup that we would eat with traditional Mennonite buns called zwieback. This is definitely my favorite soup memory!

  95. Rachel says:

    This recipe looks amazing. I will be putting this on the menu this week! My favorite soup memory is all season! Soup is my favorite thing to eat, so I make a ton of it every winter. I love making soup and leaving some on a friends front porch. They always appreciate it!

  96. glenn l says:

    I learned how to make chicken soup, jewish penicillin, by watching my mother, I have since improved it but beyond chicken soup I did not think I could pull soups off. Alas I discovered lentils and soups are a great conduit for lentils. I tried 3 or 4 recipes before settling on a nigel slater tomato and vegetable version. I have since made buternut squash; a hearty vegetable and udon soups. Soups are great, a meal in a bowl, winter warmth, vitamins and minerals in one sitting and for the most part…simple.

  97. Madeline says:

    My parents make a seafood soup every Christmas that we all adore. It reminds us of when we lived in Maryland.

  98. Kim says:

    My grandmother used to make chicken noodle soup, and I would help her make homemade noodles. I’ve never had chicken noodle soup that good. They were thick, dough-y noodles that you could just bite into. I’m still trying to recreate her recipe.

  99. Susan Swartz says:

    Summer means little more to me than bowl after bowl of fresh, fragrant gazpacho!

  100. Susan Swartz says:

    And winter, of course, is typified by warm, steaming bowls of creamy tomato soup with grilled cheese triangles on the side. My mom only ever made us 2 kinds of soups: Campbell’s chicken noodle and tomato. Chicken noodle was mostly reserved for when we were sick while tomato soup was always waiting for us when we came in from playing in the snow.

  101. Jandy says:

    When I was a kid, almost every Sunday before church my family would go to White Spot for lunch. We all had a weakness for their clam chowder and to this day, no matter where I am, if I see clam chowder, doesn’t matter if it’s Manhattan or New England, I have to have it!!! Just thinking about it is making me drool…

  102. anthony says:

    Growing up we had half days at school once a month. My grandfather would make pasta fagioli every time and I couldn’t wait!

  103. Lubov Grigoryeva says:

    My favorite soup memory was the first time I had potato leek soup. I as working in the field and one of my coworkers made the best soup I have ever had: it had smokey bacon with rustic roasted potatoes with leeks braised white wine, all simmered in a delicious stock!

  104. Cherry says:

    One of the first dishes my boyfriend and I ever decided to make together was Butternut Squash soup. It was a spontaneous idea and we found a quick recipe on our phones at the grocery store while picking up all the ingredients. When we finally made it one night, we had a good chat while chopping up veges and the soup itself ended up being delicious… so good in fact that we made more… and more… and before you knew it, we’ve been drinking soup for a month straight and both 5 lbs lighter! Although butternut squash is a seasonal item, we still try and pick one up when we see it available in grocery stores to this day… and when we do make it, we make a huge tub of it – freeze it and just defrost it every time we have a craving for something hot.

  105. Becca C says:

    Making matzo ball soup!

  106. Joe says:

    My favorite soup memory is Senate navy bean soup. I got the original recipe from the US Senates web site years back (its really a simple recipe). Raising four kids this soup is not only economical it really hits the spot on cold days with its smoked ham hocks. I have since altered it a little, I smoke my own ham hocks for seasoning purposes and such. The best part is even though my kids have grown they all want bean soup when they visit. And that warms my heart any day.

  107. My mom always makes wild rice soup the night before Thanksgiving. Such great memories of eating that during the holidays and with all the wonderful Thanksgiving leftovers.

  108. Jordan says:

    My grandmother was the queen of vegetable soup! After she died, my mom tried to recreate her soup but it turned out like sludge! It was so thick, you could literally serve it with an ice cream scoop, and it had a strange green-ish color. Some things are best left to the professionals.

  109. Loren Cherry says:

    I am a sucker for a great tortilla soup. My favorite is Rick Bayless’s simple tomato and chile broth with chicken chunks and garnishes galore. My mom and I used to love making it with leftover turkey after thanksgiving.

  110. Erin Ellis says:

    When I read your requirement, I had to laugh. My favorite soup memory is when I was probably 10 years old, and my mom had made a wonderful ham soup for Christmas lunch. My grandmother was chatting and eating, we were all having a fantastic lunch…and then…my grandmother’s false teeth fell right out into her soup and splashed soup all over her face. Just thinking about that day makes me laugh and appreciate what a fabulous childhood I had. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  111. jane says:

    roasted mushroom soup! not too creamy, but just enough creaminess~ eat it alongside some potato rolls~

  112. Hong says:

    Bun Bo Hue and pho are the best. My husband loves tomato soup, but we still haven’t found our “go to” version. Any suggestions?

  113. Shane says:

    My grandmothers Italian wedding soup recipe with using my TG turkey (smoke) wild rice and Kale.

    I can’t wait for thanksgiving each year so I can smoke my turkey on the grill, it makes the most incredible stock… the base of a good soup.

    I make the meatballs from ground turkey, pork, and bread crumbs…. it take for ever to roll at least 100 mini meatballs but totally worth it.

    I made about 3 gallons – gave some to friends and just put the rest in the freezer for the next time I need the warm hug of soup that take forever to make

  114. Jay says:

    Lobster bisque, made with enough cream to completely ruin any nutritional value the soup may have had.

  115. Starla says:

    Oh my goodness. That looks absolutely delicious. My favorite soup memory was actually a few months ago. My Nana and I were going to make a potato soup. We got the veggies sauteing and everything going great. We wanted to blend some of the potatoes to make it a bit more liquid. I told her to wait a min while I run upstairs for my water. As I was coming back down stairs I heard the blender and the words oh my gosh! She tried to blend the potatoes when they were to hot in our cheap blender and the top busted and their were potatoes everywhere in our kitchen. We laughed for a while then got to cleaning! Lol, this blender would be an awesome present to US! :) xo

  116. Heather R says:

    I had a roommate in college who was so sick and exam week was coming up. The stress of being sick with such a huge deadline looming was making things worse for her. I was not a great cook by any stretch of the imagination, but my grandma had a simple recipe for homemade chicken noodle soup that I managed to follow without burning the apartment down. It involved roasting a chicken and making my own stock, so I felt like Julia Child. It was an amazing batch of soup, and I’d love to tell you it healed her. It didn’t. But it did make her feel a little better, and it gave me the confidence to venture into the kitchen more often.

  117. Natasha S says:

    My favorite is lentil soup! It’s easy and the perfect fall/winter soup.

  118. Micky says:

    My mother makes a mean turkey & rice soup using all the leftover bones from the Thanskgiving turkey. She roasts them all to make a deep stock and adds plenty of vegetables and then rice for extra substance. This soup reminds me of warming my belly on thoMise cold winter days.

  119. Nate says:

    Eating Tomato Soup and grilled cheese on a lazy sunday watching the Three Stooges

  120. gal Flam says:

    My mom makes an amazing lemon garlic soup with rice. I actually have no idea what it’s called but know it is Egyptian in origin. Always makes you feel better when you’re sick!!

  121. holy crappp this giveaway!! my favorite soup memory is the huuuge pots of chili i would make during college and subsist on for days at a time! when i was too busy and poor for anything else :) haha

  122. lauren says:

    Ahhhh! I love soup!! Though I love all kinds, my fondest soup memory is visiting my mom’s office in downtown Denver on chilly winter days and eating lunch at a Chinese restaurant around the corner. From that, I’ll always love egg drop soup.

  123. Emily Love says:

    I studied abroad in Bangkok my senior year of college and it was by far the best semester of college. I fell in love with all Thai street food, naturally, along with the country and its people. One of my favorite dishes was tom kha gai, a coconut milk based soup with chicken (usually), along with galangal, kafir lime leaves, and chiles (of course!), and a million other delicious Thai spices. Sometimes I have dreams about eating tom kha gai at my favorite little stall, tiny plastic chairs and all.

  124. Dana S says:

    my mom makes matzo ball soup for the Jewish holidays and it’s an all day affair that I wouldn’t give up for anything. such s tradition and so so delicious

  125. rochelle rochelle says:

    yum I can’t wait to make the creamy corn soup! I love all kinds of soup! my favourite recent soup memory is that after three years of searching we finally found a delicious vietnamese restaurant in Montreal! they make an amazingly delicious, perfectly balanced broth that reminds us of our favourite pho joint in Vancouver.

  126. Audrey says:

    My favourite soup memory was when I was younger – growing up in a chinese household, you had to have soup with dinner. and it was always this gross herbal soup that was slightly bitter. I didnt really love it at all but forced myself to drink it every night. It got to the point where I got used to the flavours (it really did take awhile). But now it’s something that I miss having moved to the states. I love ordering soups in chinese restaurants – and not the hot and sour, egg drop type soup, but the ones with a deep fish broth flavour to it. Mmm. I miss home made soups.

  127. Yoojin says:

    my favorite soup memory is coming home after my first semester of college.
    that night, my mom made a traditional noodle soup where the broth is made of anchovies, kelp, chunks of radish, and shitake mushrooms.
    all you need is a side of kimchi and it’s heaven in a bowl!

    i remember taking the first gulp of the soup and tears almost started to come out!
    (it was a long semester of crummy dining hall food :) )

  128. BT says:

    It’s actually not a single memory, but one I have pretty much every year. After Thanksgiving, my mom uses the carcass, leftover meat, and leftover rice to make the most amazing turkey soup. I think my family looks forward to the soup more than the bird on Turkey Day.

  129. Calli says:

    I love making vegetable chili wit my mother. I remember going to he market to get the veggies and washing and cutting them all up together. So good!

  130. Deb says:

    I had never cared for soup because I always thought it pretended to be a meal, but was really just a beverage. But then I had (coincidentally) a cold, creamy corn soup with a drizzle of cayenne pepper oil at a local restaurant. The contrast of that hot oil with the cold, smooth corny soup was dreamy. Every sip seemed better than the last and seemed to encompass all taste sensations, sweet, salt, hot, cold. I can’t wait to try this corn miso soup recipe now!

  131. Holly B says:

    My best soup memory is my mother’s cream of potato soup on winter nights. My potato soup is NEVER as good :)

  132. Mabel says:

    My favorite soup will have to be the Korean seaweed soup. Mostly because if my mum prepares it, it means IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! (traditionally made and eaten in the morning of your birthday)

  133. Michaela says:

    My favorite soup memory has to be when I met my dad for lunch on a cold December day. It was my first year out of college, so I was a young adult lost in the intimidating post-college-you’re-a-grown-up-now world and looked forward to comfort time spent with Mom and Dad. My Dad and I met at an adorable little cafe downtown in New York City’s West Village. I ordered a cream of tomato soup with grilled cheese. The soup was creamy, smokey, and spicy. You could taste the bacon and chile pepper in it. And the grilled cheese was on grilled fluffy white bread that had the essence of butter and oozed aged Gouda cheese. Dipping the rich grilled cheese into the smoky tomato goodness was certainly a gastro experience not to be forgotten!

  134. laura says:

    broccoli, leek, potato from essex farm is our current fave.

  135. Kristen D. says:

    Favorite soup memory is coming in for lunch on a winter weekend and having tomato soup (from a can), and adding goldfish crackers on top. Don’t know why, but it was exactly the right combo!

  136. will says:

    I once went on vacation with my late aunt and her family at a house we had rented for a week at a small Texas beach town. I was young and anti “trying new things,” but when you’re with someone else’s family you often don’t have such a luxury. At one point, my aunt made avocado soup. I had never even tried avocados before (not even guac), but tried it anyway (she made it using a blender, too) and became instantly in love. It was the perfect accompaniment to a hot Texas summer. I’ve since tried to recreate it, but haven’t found anything that has come close to matching my memory.

  137. For nearly every day during high school, I would go over to my grandma’s house (She lived next door, and I was homeschooled.) to eat lunch. My favorite thing to have was her chili. I loved having that time with her. (She’s in heaven now.) I loved the feeling of freedom; it was just us 2 in the house, and she let me do pretty much whatever I wanted. Chili is still one of my favorite soups, and it always takes me back to that cozy place with her.

  138. Hana says:

    My Mom’s chicken soup with Chinese herbs, which includes dried jujubes and goji berries.

  139. Amy says:

    Coming from an Asian family, my mom used to make us oxtail soup. Whenever I have it, it’s totally nostalgic for me.

  140. CFH says:

    Matzo Ball soup. Watching my grandmother make it.

  141. Natalie says:

    One of my favorite soup memories was in Japan when I tried miso soup made with red miso instead of white miso! From then on, when I make my tonjiru (pork miso soup) I always use red miso instead of white. I just love the extra depth of flavors it adds!

  142. Spyros says:

    My absolute favourite soup is one that travels me back to my childhood and it is actually the easiest soup to make. All you have to do is boil a chicken for 45′ in water. When it is done, shred the chicken and add it to the broth along with a bit of rice. Boil for another 20′ and your soup is ready. Back home we serve it with a dash of lemon. First spoon full and you feel like your favourite person gave you the warmest hug!

  143. Paige says:

    My parents would host these incredible autumn soup parties – all fours burners keeping big pots warm, and the door was literally open to any neighbor who wanted to stop by – I dream of recreating those get togethers some day!

  144. Madeline says:

    My favorite soup memory is watching my dad make potato leek soup from Julia Child’s Art of French Cooking. He used an old mass market copy of the cookbook and an old blender to puree the hot potato-leek mixture. I remember green and white splatters all over the counter and over the pages of the book. I was never a fan of potatoes, but when I ate my first spoonful, I couldn’t believe that potatoes and leeks (which I thought were basically glorified onions at the time) could blend together into something so magical. Anytime I have potato leek soup or even see it offered on the menu, I immediately think back to the my father splattered with hot green-white puree and a huge smile on his face.

  145. Tara OBrien says:

    My mom made the best beef stew, which she made all winter long. I can almost taste it right now!

  146. Winnie says:

    My mother-in-law always has a pot of soup on and it is always amazing: ham and lentil, fish chowder, cauliflower…yum.

  147. Looks so lovely! I adore the addition of miso!

  148. Bethany says:

    My mom’s chicken noodle soup is a cure for anything that ails us! I remember how she’d make it whenever we didn’t feel well, and soon after we slurped up the last of the leftovers (if we were so lucky), we’d be all well!

  149. Brenda says:

    My all-time favorite soup was the pumpkin corn bisque at Cafe Medina in NYC. Unfortunately, they closed earlier this year, and I can’t find it anywhere else! Guess I’ll have to try making it myself.

  150. Karen says:

    My favorite soup memory was when I made soup from sractch while living it europe. It was a squash soup and took about 6 hours to make but it was the best soup of my life. Still trying to recreate it till this day!

  151. Soma says:

    I come from a very small town in India. During my childhood days, food was just a regular fare at home and was never interesting in any way. Soup was a fancy item for us. I have always felt excited to read new recipes and try them. The very first soup I made following a magazine recipe was of tomato soup prepared in microwave. I still remember my mom absolutely loved the flavor!

  152. KY says:

    My favorite soup is bitter melon soup. I used to hate it but my mom decided to add more bitter melon than usual into the water one day. The carrots balanced out the bitterness and the increased amount of ingredients produced a stronger and more delicious flavor.

  153. Jen says:

    Just out of college, a few friends and I were living in an inner city area of LA and invited some neighbors over in an attempt to get to know them. We served a light chicken (very light in the chicken department–we had like one grilled chicken breast in the whole thing) salad and a super tasty homemade butternut squash soup (which we’d slaved over the peeling of the squash and everything for quite a while). Our neighbor came with her very good-natured 15-year-old son, who bravely ate the weird, practically vegetarian food, but at some point his mom totally outed him by making a comment about how he must be feeling shy and not eating much, since he was usually such a voracious eater. This was the moment where my friends and I silently glanced at each other and kicked ourselves for serving college girl foodie food to a very normal, super hungry 15-year-old boy, ha. He would probably have been happier if we’d opened a can of spaghetti-o’s and microwaved it for him!

  154. Riddley says:

    I made a tomato soup using the last of the tomatoes from my garden. There was maybe four ingredients and it was the most simple and pure tasting thing I’d ever made. It really changed the way I think about cooking and made seasonality a dominant factor in my culinary thought process.

  155. Fanny says:

    Eating chicken and rice soup with a lot of vegetable in the cold winter months!

  156. Lori says:

    Easy – split peal when I first started dating husband, my MIL made it over and over for dinner. Then, when we had our first baby, MIL used to bring over buckets of it and leave it in the freezer. Never get tired of it!

    1. Lori says:

      Oops! Split pea, of course!

  157. Barbara T. says:

    When I was first married (40 years go) my husband and I lived with a military couple for awhile.The lady of the house was German….and boy could she cook! She made a steak soup that was just the best! It actually was made using lean ground beef instead of steak,so it was a cheap soup to make back then.The secret ingredient was Magi Seasoning.We moved on , and I forgot about the “steak soup”. I found an old crock pot cookbook at a yard sale a few years ago,and it had the beloved “steak soup” recipe in it. Needless to say, I have been making the soup every winter!

  158. Katherine says:

    My most memorable soup experience was when I made up a soup while recovering from oral surgery. I could eat anything aside from pureed soups, and after a month of eating the SAME DAMN THING EVERYDAY FOR EVERY MEAL, you are forced to get creative eventually (i.e. once the pain had finally stopped and you weren’t high on painkillers anymore). . . I roasted fresh summer tomatoes with basil and balsamic, and made the tastiest roasted tomato soup EVER.

    To be fair though, anything new would have been the tastiest thing ever. . .

  159. Linda says:

    My first ‘American-style’ soup was Campbell’s Alphabet Soup, and it tasted like heaven. I couldn’t believe that I was given such an awesome food and it was so different from the herbal thin broth soups my mom made!

  160. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been on such a soup kick and this one is definitely going to happen soon! Makes winter time almost enjoyable :)

  161. Marcelina says:

    During a semester abroad in Rome the little Italian ladies who made dinner for our campus every evening always had the most amazing pasta e fagioli soup. I have tried many a recipe and have failed to make the soup as good as I had it there..

  162. Kristina N. says:

    Every Christmas my mom and dad make us a kimchi and potato soup. My dad is Korean, but doesn’t cook it very often and my mom is German so it’s always so special to have them cook something together that we love and represents our family.

  163. Ellie says:

    Growing up, my Dad did most of the cooking as he is an excellent cook. However, my mom had her specialties, too- one of them being potato soup. It was incredible and creamy, and I’d crush some saltines into it, or we’d add sausage adn it was always just so good. Having developed a gluten allergy 5 years ago, I haven’t had it in or a suitable replacement in quite some time, but I still cherish the memories with that recipe. :)

  164. Joanna says:

    My favorite soup recipe was realizing my husband could actually cook a good chili!

  165. Christine says:

    I have a friend who really loves soup. Every time I have soup I think about her, it’s a memory that always repeats itself, which is awesome.

  166. Jeane Campbell says:

    My mom used to make potato soup from scratch and none of us kids would touch it. I can still remember the smell. Don’t remember why we wouldn’t eat it. But then one day, I had come home from school for the weekend and she was fixing the soup. I sat up on the counter (as always), watched and visited. The soup smelled sooooooooooo good. Tasted it and loved it. The smile on her face was (as they say) priceless. She has been gone for a very long time now. But whenever I have potato soup, mom is there with me.

  167. Hilary says:

    It’s a very basic memory, but my Mom was the master of making chicken noodle soup when I was sick as a kid. My Dad, too, actually. They would try to use the canned stuff as I requested, but then would add extra ingredients and serve it with fresh cracked black pepper and plenty of oyster crackers.

  168. Wendy says:

    There is nothing like clam chowder at the beach. Somehow, even though it’s humid, clam chowder manages to be exactly the right thing to eat. I love chunky, creamy New England style chowder, and if some fresh corn kernels and bacon ends up in there, that’s a bonus.

  169. Angel S. says:

    I love soup!!! Snuggling up with a warm bowl of soup is my fav!~ I remember my mom making her special ABC soup. SHe recently shared it with me and I made it for my family.Yum!

  170. Lily Sheng says:

    Growing up in China, I was used to having chicken broth made from “black chicken”. The skin of the chicken is pitch dark! I can’t find any of those in the states now that I live here and I remember one time trying to dye a cornish hen (similar in size to a “black chicken”) with squid ink and made soup with it. It was a big mess and the broth turned out dark, lol. Needless to say I’d never attempt to make that again. I’ll have Black Chicken Soup when I go visit China!

  171. Stardancer says:

    Ooh, I’d love a Vitamix! I hear such great things.

    My favorite soup memory is my mom’s jook (Chinese rice porridge). It’s our traditional day-after-Thanksgiving meal, using the leftover turkey carcass. My parents don’t live near us anymore, so my husband and I hosted our own tiny Thanksgiving, and I made the jook. I did it more because it’s tradition than anything else, but the very first bite tasted like home.

  172. My fav soup memories are learning how to make chicken noodle from scratch with my Nana..she is a doll, and must have taught me the same recipe 50+ times. I’d pretend to forget just to hear her talk.

  173. Laura says:

    Oh man, I remember the first time I had regular miso soup. I had spent the morning and better part of the afternoon freezing my butt off snowboarding in less than ideal conditions. I was cold to the core. On the way home we stopped to get food at this hole in the wall place and I ordered miso soup which I had never had before (after confirming with the server that it was, indeed, served piping hot). I could feel the first sip go all the way down and start to warm me up from the inside. I was sold on it immediately and it’s now my go to soup in the winter (or when I’m feeling sick).

  174. Kari says:

    It isn’t my favorite soup, but it is my favorite soup memory: My grandfather routinely makes oyster stew for Christmas Eve and I always enjoyed it but my favorite part was the grossed out look on my little siblings face. They were terrified of the idea of oysters.

  175. Sophie says:

    Sometimes I accidentally cook vegan, too, and then chuckle a little :) Vegan or not, this soup sounds wonderful! Corn and miso, yum yum. One of my favorite soup experiences of the recent past was making my own egg drop soup. It’s silly that I never realized how simple it is to make, and it’s one of my favorite things to eat! For me, it’s easily made vegetarian, and I love garnishes…. corn, water chestnuts, hot sauce. A tasty, healthy bowl for sure!

  176. Ellen H says:

    my mom makes an amazing corn chowder with admittedly some campbell’s thrown in… now every time i have corn chowder it tastes like home!

  177. Stephanie Zheng says:

    Nothing will ever beat my mom’s Thai chicken soup with macaroni. I get waves of nostalgia every time with the first spoonful I taste! It is so simple with carrots, shredded chicken, corn, celery and celery tops in a mildly spiced lemongrass chicken broth. MMMmmm YUMMY! How soup just warms the soul is like nothing else really!

  178. Jenna says:

    My favorite memory is making Broccoli Cheese Soup with my parents growing up. I was in charge of grating the cheese! The best is in a bread bowl too!

  179. Patrick says:

    My mom would make us the most unusual Chinese soup – pork meatballs and cucumber in a clear broth. The pale meatballs were made in a slight Vienna sausage/football shape and the cucumber chopped in long chunks. She has a way with cooking everything just right – the meatballs were tender and savory while the cucumber was past crunchy but not yet to soft. She added a few tendrils of egg flower, just enough to get a few bits. It was the most amazing soup and to date, I don’t know of anyone else who makes this soup. When she made it, I couldn’t control myself and would finish an entire bowl, fill the bowl with rice and then have a second bowl of rice in soup. So delicious!

  180. Molly says:

    Tomato soup and grilled cheese as a kid, with a big dollop of sour cream. Nothin beats the classic.

  181. Shelley says:

    My Dad travels all over for work, and he also loves foods from other cultures, so I had the opportunity to grow up with a diversity of foods in the house. One of my soup memories, is that when I was sick instead of chicken soup he would pick me up pho or some seafood congee. These soups are are imbued with added comfort to me now as an adult. Love your blog!

  182. Matt says:

    My favorite soup memory, purely coincidentally, involves corn chowder (although this recipe looks much better than the one I’m remembering).

    I graduated from West Point, where meals are served in the ancient and massive “Mess Hall”. The kitchens rotate through a set meal plan, which means that within a semester or two all the cadets are extremely familiar with each meal and its accompaniments. One particular lunch menu includes spicy chicken sandwiches, and comes with a steaming pot of corn chowder for each table. While the soup isn’t actually very good, there is a strange tradition attached to it (one that I’ve never actually had explained to me). Whenever corn chowder is served to the cadets, one plebe (freshman cadet – the lowest rank at the academy) will voluntarily ascend to the top of the “poop deck” in the center of the mess hall, and announce in his deepest and loudest voice, “Corps! For lunch we are having… COOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRN… CHOWDERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!” The goal of each plebe volunteer is to be the one to shout “corn chowder” for as loud and long as possible, and the entire mess hall will erupt into mayhem every time it’s announced. Poor showings are met with loud boos and insults, while admirable attempts receive thunderous cheers and claps. Each occurrence was a welcome reprieve from the daily humdrum of classes, intramural athletics, and parade drill, but one occasion in particular stands out in my mind. One noble plebe, whose name I shall never know, achieved greatness that day. His shout was longer and louder than anything anyone had ever heard in all their years at the academy, by a vast margin. He began low and slow, and as his call of “corn chowder” continued, his voice began to rise in both pitch and intensity, climbing upwards to impossible heights. Upperclassmen stopped mid-conversation as they realized they were experiencing something truly special, and by the end of the call, every single cadet in the mess hall stared silently and rapturously at the best and bravest plebe they’d ever witnessed. His voice pierced the rafters far above each wing, floated through the kitchens and the steam tunnels underground, threatened to shatter the stained glass windows above the main entrance. Tears streamed down faces, and all chests swelled in a collective pride that day. By the time he had finished the first word, “corn”, you might have heard a pin drop in the mess hall. We were entranced. But how could he follow such a dazzling performance? He had yet to announce the second word, “chowder”, but it seemed impossible to continue as valiantly as he had during the “corn”. Surely his lungs were spent, his larynx raw. As he paused and drew a deep breath, deeper, deeper, the mess hall drew one as well. And then he let loose with a bellowing crescendo the likes of which have no precedent, and which has never been equaled. His “chowder” reached the heavens, and brought us to our knees. Those of us who were unable to join the raucous celebration sank to our knees and wept openly.

    He remains unmatched, our nameless hero, and each attempt thereafter was met with derisive scorn. My only hope is that he knows the joy and elation he brought to each heart in grey that afternoon. Each of us stepped lightly that day, walking on a cloud of bliss after having witnessed greatness. The memory is certainly my favorite soup-based memory, one that I cherish. And I can say with surety that it is the same for all who were there that fateful day.

  183. Suzie says:

    My brother and I made loaded baked potato soup in my tiny college apartment a couple of years back and we still talk about how delicious it was.

  184. Nikki says:

    My favorite soup memory is of my mom making us clam chowder every christmas eve. Her’s was always so good that I haven’t dared to make it myself, but maybe this year will be the year!

  185. Carrie Lam says:

    Whenever I was sick, my mom would always make a Chinese carrot and corn soup that had the perfect balance of sweetness from the carrots and corn but saltiness from the pork. Now that I’ve moved away from home, I constantly crave that soup, especially when I’m sick!

  186. Terri David says:

    My favorite soup memory is the minestrone soup my mother made. Lots of veggies and rich broth. I’m sure it wasn’t vegetarian, but now I make a great minestrone that is vegan. Love it with crusty bread.

  187. Lauren says:

    I remember going to a tea room in Iowa as a kid with my grandma and having a cold strawberry soup that was sweet & lovely!

  188. Gail Marell says:

    Okay, my best soup story is from about 25 or 26 years ago.
    My big brother and his family came to California to meet my new baby. I was so excited they were coming I threw a party for all my friends to meet them. It was blustery weather and I decided to make Mexican Soup, after all those East Coast people don’t know about Mexican Food. The menu was Cervice, Assorted Quesadillas, various salsas and chips, AND spicy tortilla soup. 40 people. Well, I didn’t know about the varying degrees of hotness from different peppers. and I have never been one for following the recipe. i can’t tell you how many or what kind of peppers i put in the soup but…
    the first guest that had soup took one slurp…
    his face turned red….
    his mouth dropped open and he yelled: “OMG, this is inedible! ”
    My adorable husband rushed to the supermarket to buy sour cream to try and save the meal. But it was, indeed, inedible. To this day, among my family and friends, the measure of hot versus too hot is: “is it inedible?”.

  189. Jenny says:

    I love using Vitamix to make green smoothies. Add 3 portions spinach and one portion fruit (my fav is pineapple) and viola you got your self a healthy delicious drink!

  190. Heather Taylor says:

    The only soup I remember eating growing up is chili and I would forgo the spoon and just use Saltines to eat the whole bowl!

  191. Christine Mayfield says:

    My favorite soup recipe was a potato soup recipe we had at our first base in Missouri. It was perfectly creamy and delicious. I was pregnant with our 2nd child and ate it almost every week after I learned how to make it. I think I ate too much of it because now I cannot eat it, but I will eat a fotato soup made out of cauliflower.

  192. Natasha says:

    I remember my dad making cream of chicken when I was younger. It was delish! He would use canned soup but add he’s own flare by adding rice and any leftover chicken and adding vegetables in. It was so creamy, rich and full of flavor. I still remember eating the soup.

  193. Shawna says:

    My husband made a rich, hearty french onion soup. He got some Walla Walla onions from a local farmer and some cheese from a local dairy. It was so delicious – he even topped it with gluten free bread he made. I ask for this one to be served a lot.

  194. Sylvia says:

    OMG, a vitamix has been on my wishlist for ages! I remember being in awe that it was able to make hot soup at the store demo.

    I love soup, a favourite memory … probably the first time my mom made us hot and sour Vietnamese soup. We had it at a restaurant once and my mom went home to recreate it. Still remains one of my favourite dishes and I always get a thrill when she makes extra for me to take home. =)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  195. Bonnie R says:

    My mom used to make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and serve them to us with chicken noodle soup for us to dip in! Yummy! :)

  196. Jennifer says:

    My mom has made (miso) ‘seaweed soup’ ever since I was little. Every time we have it it brings back so many memories. It is surprisingly one of the few things she has always made and hasn’t changed (even when I became a vegetarian). This soup is also waay too delicious with rice. It’s funny though, because she makes it two different ways and every time she makes it the way we don’t like as much we think about how much we like the other way more.

  197. Trupti says:

    Love chicken noodle soup with lots of corn and to make it spicy I add garam masala to it. I make it with Maggi noodles instead of egg pasta. The best soup for a rainy day.

  198. Jen Hills says:

    On the first week my boyfriend and I moved into our new house, he decided to make bone broth, and it turned out well (although a little salty). We decided to make it chicken noodle so we put in chicken and celery, carrots, peppers, anything we had on hand really, we crammed that pot so full it was spilling over the edges, and then he had the idea to put penne pasta in it. Long story short, the pasta basically disintegrated! It turned out to be more of a chicken stew than soup, but hey, it was delicious!

  199. Trupti says:

    I love chicken noodle soup, I add some garam masala to it and lots of corn and scallions to it. Best soup for a rainy day.

  200. Elizabeth says:

    The moment I tasted my husband’s (then boyfriend) chickpea soup. I knew it was over for me, I was in love. :)

  201. L says:

    This looks amazing! I’m so glad you posted another vegetarian recipe. I love your creativity and have enjoyed trying several of your other recipes without the meat, but I always get excited to see another vegetarian dish on here. What kind of tofu do you use for the croutons? I make fried tofu all the time but always with firm tofu – I would think the silken would fall apart?

    Oh and thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway! I love making soup with my dad whenever I visit my family – usually pureed vegetable soups with whatever’s in the fridge. He calls it gomi-bako suupu (garbage bin soup in Japanese)

    1. steph says:

      hi! it’s silken tofu. you need to be careful when moving it around, but it fries up great! of course, you can go ahead and use firm or medium too!

  202. Matty says:

    Roasted Cauliflower Soup

  203. Jeremy says:

    Italian Wedding Soup

  204. Wardell Mayfield Jr says:

    My favorite soup I had when I was stationed in S.Korea. It was a beef soup that had vegetables in it and I wish I could get it stateside.

  205. Jessy says:

    My Grandpa, who passed away in 2007, used to make his special version of chicken noodle soup every Sunday when the weather started to get cold. He did this for most of my 30yr life.Along with my family, there were also 8 aunts(their spouses)and 20 grandkids that would pack in their house. He made homemade chicken broth and added shredded carrots and crushed tomatoes he had canned from his garden. The chicken would get shredded & fried crispy in a cast-iron skillet and served on the side. Grandma would make fresh buns or bread.

    My dad is the only one that can make it exactly the same and makes “Grandpa’s soup” now every Sunday for our immediate family. Love leaving my parents house smelling like soup! :)

  206. Dinah says:

    I luv onion soup so much, I sometimes use it as a base for sauces and gravies that I prepare. Onions do matter and the variety of onions oh my, heaven. Onion soup with noodles or rice so awesome.

    I once read somewhere that, “Onions are also a source of the strong antioxidant vitamin C that helps to combat the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer.”

    The types of onions oh my. Bermuda onions also know as Red onions, Leeks, Cipollini onions, Green onions also know as Scallions or Shallots, Maui Onions also known as Sweet onions also close to the Shallots family, Pearl onions also known as Baby onions, White Onions and lastly Yellow Onions or Brown Onions.

    Believe it or not, pickled Baby onions are one of my favorite snack treats.

    You should do a blog post on the luv of onions for fans/blog followers like me.

  207. Cora says:

    Omg…I love all soups! But if I had to choose all time favourites…coconut curry PUMPKIN soup and BROCCOLI pistachio soup :)

  208. Sam says:

    My favorite soup memory is the soup my boyfriend Paul and I made together — that was the first meal we cooked together. It was a black bean tortilla soup. That was our first time chopping up veggies, learning chicken/vegetable stock exists and trying to figure out when the soup was supposed to be ready. The hunt for chipotle peppers in adobo sauce took some time as well since we live in a small Midwestern town. We also made homemade tortilla strips in the oven.

  209. EVA says:

    Well, my family LIVED off of canned soup. Then, when I was around 14 years old, my parents FINALLY decided to attempt a homemade chicken noodle soup, as if it were the most difficult thing in the world to make! They made a HUGE pot and froze half of it. I just remember being so grossed out 9 months later when they pulled it out of the freezer for us to have for dinner. Nice effort guys, but me and my sis ended up having ramen instead because we were too creeped out to eat 9 month-old soup and the creepy texture of defrosted egg noodles!

  210. derek says:

    The first time I ever made Tom Yum my kids devoured it. Being a single father of two it’s difficult to find time to cook, much less cook something both my kids will enjoy. They also don’t routinely eat leftovers(I don’t know how they feel they’re “above” that, HA!) but they ate every last drop of that soup. They frequently ask me to make it again. A real homerun and a proud moment for dad.

  211. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    I love the memory of making homemade chicken soup with my mom. Now I make it with my son too

  212. Mark V. says:

    My favorite soup memory was the time I had french onion soup in france, honestly I love french onion soup but never realized how special and magically it is till you have it in Paris.

  213. Zoe says:

    When I went to Italy they served us a bean and pasta soup, and it was one of the best things I have ever eaten. I wish I could recreate it!

  214. Katie S says:

    My favourite soup is a variation of Martha Stewart’s Butternut Bisque that I made vegan. The heavy cream that was called for in the soup made me feel sick and when i subbed regular coconut milk it was a bit thin. Coconut cream was the key! I have changed most things about the recipe but I still give her credit or else I would never have concocted my magic soup. I can NEVER get sick of this soup even if I have it every week.

    Ever since I started cooking and eating healthier I discovered how great soups are! The only soup I liked growing up was Lipton chicken noodle. Soups have been the perfect way for me to rediscover veggies that I used to abhor (ahem, cauliflower). Now I can just throw veggies in a pot of stock with some spices, whiz it up, and drink up my veggies! Still as warm and comforting as the box soups from my childhood, but without the useless, empty calories

  215. Erin H says:

    My favorite soup memory is the first time I learned that you could dunk grilled cheese into tomato soup. We didn’t eat much soup as Californians, and it was on my first wintry trip to the East Coast. We hustled into a little cafe and my mom ordered a grilled cheese and a tomato soup. The rest is gooey, tomatoey history.

  216. Christine says:

    My favorite soup memory comes from my mom packing my lunch during the winter with her vegetable soup with pasta stars. I would bring the soup in a thermos to school and all of my classmates would be super jealous that I had hot delicious soup for lunch.

  217. Emi says:

    My favorite soup memory is of the homemade chicken noodle soup my friend’s mom made for us one bitter cold winter day when I was young. We spent hours outside in the snow, tumbling around making snow angels and building snowmen, until there was so much snow that had snuck its way into our coats that we were nearly frozen. As soon as I walked in the door I could smell the warmth of the broth, and the big bowl she gave me warmed me as it filled my stomach. It was so delicious, and to this day when I want chicken noodle soup, that’s the soup I dream of.

  218. sharon says:

    my favorite soup memories involve chinese new year and grandma’s homemade shark fin soup. mmmm (:

  219. Anthony says:

    My favorite soup memory is when my Dad made kabocha squash soup when I was little. He still makes it now from time to time!

  220. Michellephant says:

    Ramen noodles…every day after school…sometimes I wouldn’t even make the soup. I’d just eat it raw and dunk it in salsa (seems weird in retrospect).

  221. emily says:

    My favorite soup is 16 bean soup. It’s definitely not the prettiest soup but it reminds me of home. My mom always made it after the Christmas holidays with the leftover ham bone and it was THE most comforting soup in the cold dreary January month.

  222. Kari says:

    Homemade tomato soup – i’ll make a huge batch and freeze it – i hate leaving work during the winter and it being dark out – so it’s so nice to come home and pull out tomato soup to quickly heat for dinner…. bonus, if i have a grilled cheese. It’s a nice way to combat dark and dreary winter nights.

  223. Kat says:

    Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! Thanks for the giveaway.

  224. Blair says:

    My new favorite soup memory:

    My boyfriend, who is not nearly as soup-crazy as I am, recently said, “I really, really, want some soup. All I can think about is eating soup! What is wrong with me? Am I turning into you?!”

    I just laughed at him. And then I made him soup.

  225. Nicole says:

    The only soup I would eat as a kid was canned chicken noodle soup, but only the one with the star noodles!

  226. Sarah Nietfeld says:

    My favorite soup memory is definitely my dad making Udon. Having lived in Japan for two years, him and my mom get nostalgic and make the food they ate in Kyoto. It’s the perfect food for making a cold feel somewhat better, distracting from a bad day at school, or just making dinner more cozy in the cold weather.

  227. Sarah K says:

    My favorite soup is Thanksgiving turkey leftovers with veggies and the fresh turkey broth. I can get chickens all year and their soup is also good, but my area farms only raise turkeys for Thanksgiving so I wait all year for it.

  228. Vivian says:

    The fondest memory of soup for me was when I got really sick right smack in the middle of winter in 2003 in London. I had been in bed all day hoping to ‘sweat out’ the fever and only managed to wake up at 2am looking for food. My bf at the time isn’t really kitchen- savvy, so when I cried out for my mum and soup, he quickly scoured the pantry to look for alternatives. He offered to cook me instant noodles, but I was being a baby and demanded soup. He ended up creating one of the most comforting soups I can remember. It was a mix of V8 tomato juice, canned baked beans, chopped celery and snacking carrots, some dried Italian mix herbs thrown in together. He called it his very own minestrone!

  229. Molly J says:

    I fondly remember a winter night when I invited 10 friends over for peanut soup” It sure warmed us up! Yum

  230. Emily says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for months and only now getting up courage to leave a comment. Anyways, I love your blog! One of my favorites is your pulled pork- so simple and yet the best pulled pork ever! Ah, but you asked about soup. Used to love anything Campbells and out of a can. (Ugh, gross!) I have happy memories of opening up those cans though!

  231. Corrie says:

    The first time I tried real ramen, not the instant type out of a packet but from a restaurant, it became my newest favorite food. The combination of tender pork, green onions, noodles, spinach and the delicious soft boiled egg that absorbs all the flavors from the broth was so so good. The following two months I ate at least one bowl per week.

  232. Rachel says:

    One of my favorite soup memories is split pea with ham. When I was growing up my grandma use to make big batches and would bring it over in these big mason jars. It was always eaten almost immediately. I make it quite often in the winter and always add way to much ham on purpose. Such a comfort food for my family. Yum!

  233. Crystal says:

    My BF and tried to male crab and corn chowder soup. The list of ingredients were ridiculously long and expensive. We had already been in the store for an hour trying to find everything when we found a pre-made version of the chowder. We almost decided to give up and just buy that, but we ended up making the soup at home. It turned out delicious!

  234. Maria V says:

    Shark-fin soup in Chinatown San Francisco – that was ages ago!

  235. Ken Olmsted says:

    My favorite soup memory was helping my grandmother make her vegetable soup. She lived on a farm and had an amazing garden. We would pick what was ready and chop it up and make soup at least once a week. So good.

  236. Camille says:

    My favorite soup memory would have to be the time 9 or 10-year old me lovingly prepared onion grass (yes, onion grass as in from the lawn) soup for my dad then, equally lovingly, required him to eat it. I think the ingredients list was all of two items; onion grass and water.

  237. Megan says:

    I was making butternut squash soup, which tasted delicious, but not before I pureed it all over the kitchen counter!

  238. Anne Weber-Falk says:

    I remember walking home from school for lunch. Little Eddie would be waiting outside, jumping up and down when he caught site of me. Then after going inside after the cold wintery walk my mom would have a bowl of creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese on the table. The smells, the steam rising from that good soup, the crunch as I take that first bite into the sandwich. I loved to dunk into the soup. I can almost taste and feel those lunches again.

  239. Shunan says:

    My favourite soup memory is incredibly traditional? Almost old style… But it is very comforting and perfect for a cold winter day. Brr, the current season though. I really love egg drop soup. It is very simple, yet tasty and easy to make. I think it’s also because it reminds me of times when I would need to make the soup for sick family members who had no appetite. Pure comfort soup, but it also reminds me of really happy memories of taking care of my family.

  240. Nicole says:

    We lived in Europe while I was growing up. My favorite soup still is German goulash. It just reminds me if home, of my mom who is gone now, of fall, etc. It makes me happy.

  241. Tracy deVeer says:

    My favorite soup memory involves tomato soup (with a grilled cheese sandwich on the side). Seems like this was the soup I was served as a child after playing outside in the snow. I think it was Campbell’s soup then but now I use real tomatoes and silken tofu to get a very thick and creamy tomato soup that is perfect for my adult self :))

  242. Vaishali says:

    My favorite soup memory is when I was a kid and there was a snow day, we would play in the snow until we were too tired or too frozen (whichever came first) and mom would have hot homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches waiting for us!

  243. Hollie Black says:

    My Favorite Soup Memory.
    The first time I made soup was actually this year. I decided to try to make creamy tomato and dill soup. I added some of this and some of that, and by the end it tasted awesome. I looked at my soup, and then looked at the recipe picture and I knew something was off… I forgot to blend my soup! I searched all around my parent’s kitchen for a blender, Nothing. Zilch. Nada. All I could find was a tiny bullet blender stowed away under the counter collecting cob webs. I cleaned it off, and after ladling the soup into six separate cups, I was finally finished. It had somewhat of a frothy texture, but the taste was perfect. My parents were gone on vacation for a week, and I was stuck at home. Let me tell you, I ate that soup with grilled cheese for the whole week and never got tired of it. I was just so happy to have made something with my own hands that turned out right.

  244. Courtney says:

    My favorite soup memory… My daughter has a rare food allergy called FPIES. She cannot eat chicken so one day I decided to make pork and baked potato soup. She devoured it! I never saw my daughter eat so much until she had this soup! Then we went on to make tomato soup and vegetable soup. She is a soup princess now and requests soup more than cookies! She’s allergic to chicken, oatmeal, soy, and a few other foods she hasn’t yet tried (the joys of FPIES!).

  245. Victor Rangel says:

    We make soups all the time at home with almost everything, a couple weeks ago my wife did a soup of chicken broth and mix vegetables there were some leftovers of that soup so I walk up early that morning thinking on what to do with that leftover so it just pop to my mined to make a cream out of it, at first I was like this won’t work but anyways I trust my got and start making my soup I puree the whole soup with the mix vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and some mushrooms) combination didn’t sound yummy a lot but I did after that I use a little bit of bacon on my pot before pouring this weird mixture. Well after that I saw a couple Idaho potatoes on the fridge I told myself why not? so I cubed and boiled the potatoes and put them on the soup before serving the cream I decide to put some sour cream to finish my crazy cream. Surprisingly the flavor was amazing when my wife try it she couldn’t believe that the cream was made with his left over vegetables soup true story. LOL

  246. Sandy Gonsowski says:

    My favorite soup memory is my grandma’s chicken noodle soup. Of course, she made it all from scratch. The broth was rich and flavorful, a beautiful golden color. Her noodles were amazing! They were almost as fine as hair. She made an eggy dough, rolled it out and cut it by hand. Every Christmas my aunts uncles and cousins gathered around the table…….sometimes in shifts………to start our holiday meal with that memorable liquid. Other soups are delicious, and mine aren’t bad either

  247. Audrey says:

    I found a chicken tortilla soup recipe that is so easy and gluten-free! It’s made in the crockpot. I’ve made it so many times now, my family is probably sick of it! ;)

  248. Leticia Journee says:

    Chicken soup

  249. jan says:

    I love the corn chowder for the vitamix. On a cold day it is easy to fix and then take it and sit and sip
    watching the waves.

  250. michele says:

    Has to be my grandfather’s chicken soup. No one can replicate it. When they lived in Florida (we were kids), we used to pick them up from the airport and I was sure as we got closer, I could smell soup!

  251. Christina Lam says:

    My mom always whips up a pot of chao whenever I’m not feeling well. It’s simple, but it always hits the spot.

  252. itzia says:

    Growing up my dad would always make us albondigas soup. So when dad makes it now, and tells me he made albondigas, I’m there!

  253. shannta says:

    adding cracker in soups to make them thicker

  254. My favorite soups always come from the farmers market and random, clean-out-the-fridge soup cravings on cold days. I love to put pistou in a homemade vegetable soup or beef stew, and one of my favorite all-time soups anywhere is the ubiquitous tortilla soup, found in many variations here in Central Texas. My favorite is one with a clear, tomato-y broth with avocado, cilantro, chicken, and gooey cheese and lots of lime squeezed in at the last minute.

  255. Ben says:

    My wife introduced me to the joys of a hearty, chunky, noodle soup. I love it when her turn to cook comes up and she announces that there will be soup for dinner! The perfect combination of Miso, tofu, a generous helping of mushrooms, and whatever Soba noodles we have on hand. In addition to this, soup also serves as our fridge cleaning meal. Whatever happens to be on hand goes in there. Wilted Kale? Check! Random frozen veggies? Check! Chunks of roasted squash? (No, we will eat that on its own!) Soup also allows us to use a combination of chopsticks and spoons, making for a fun meal while keeping our hipster street-cred current. We excitedly sit down to the meal arming ourselves with the sriracha and braggs, delivering generous portions of each into our already full bowls. As we devour the soup and begin to heat up and wipe our runny noses, we shed layers, adding some extra fire to the evening. Soup nights nourish, hydrates, and feeds warmth to our souls after a cold dark day in the depth of winter.

    Hmmm, I think I know what I will be making for dinner tonight!

  256. Lou Ann Liebman says:

    My earliest memory of eating soup is my fondest. Great-grandma always had a pot of the best homemade chicken soup simmering on the stove. My mother would take my grandmother and us kids to visit regularly. I loved listening to grandma and great-grandma speak rapidly in Czech even though I couldn’t understand a word, but occasionally I would sneak off to explore the old-fashioned sewing machine. There were also sometimes cooking lessons, where no bowls or measuring cups were ever used. You scooped a mound of flour onto the table, made a “well” in the middle, and added the wet ingredients. I still remember the day my mom stopped great-grandma after every step so she could scoop the ingredients back up and measure them. The house was filled with four generations of family, love and wonderful aromas. Then, before we left, great-grandma would make a pile of egg drop noodles. Soup time at last! And that is why I love soup.

  257. Amy says:

    It sounds gross and I wouldn’t eat it now that I know better, but my favorite soup-related thing growing up was a bowl of Campbell’s green pea soup filled up with crumbled saltine crackers.

  258. Kim says:

    I love the cheesy potato soup that my dad makes….one step inside the house and you know what’s cooking. It’s by far not the healthiest dish, but it’s a family favorite and usually only made when the entire family gets together so it’s extra special.

  259. Kimmer says:

    Making pea soup for my son, he was always such a picky eater, but he liked frozen peas, so when I suggested pea soup, he was eager. Naturally I filled it full of carrots, onions, leeks, and any other leftover veggies in the frig, blended it all very smooth and he loved it!!! He has been eating ‘pea’ soup for years now, I always have to make a batch to freeze for his apartment at college.

  260. Kris says:

    My favorite soup memory is when my mom would make us tomato soup with swiss cheese in it and grilled cheese sandwiches. We’d dip our sandwiches into the soup. When I was a kid I wasn’t a huge fan of tomato soup but I like it now. Now I only like fresh homemade soups! :-)

  261. Vera says:

    Oh man, a Vitamix has been on my wishlist for SO long! My favorite soup memory would have to be this time in France… We were staying out in this rural area and wandering around this cute little town. We chose a random place to eat and it was this amazing little cafe that served us literally the most incredible soup of our lives. Angels and orgasms danced on our tongues. I live to taste that soup again.

    Getting to sit at the table next to Susur Lee at my favorite pho spot is also a cool memory because it solidified my love for that place even more. I didn’t want to bug him while he was eating, but it was cool just to sit next to a revered chef, both of us as customers, while we ate the same thing in a humble pho restaurant.

  262. Kelsey Grmek says:

    My favourite soup is my Mom’s Beef Barley. She used to make it for the local craft fair every year and would save me a bowl. I love it so much!

  263. katrina says:

    making cream of chicken soup and grilled cheese with my sister back in middle school

  264. Joe Gersch says:

    My favorite soup memory is my sisters home made 5 cheese soup

  265. Judy Schreurs says:

    My father whi is now passed used to make a potato broccoli ham soup, with cheese added at the very end.. I used to look forward to weekends in the winter when he would make this soup and it made the house smell so good as it was simmering… ah the memories!

  266. cat says:

    my mothers matzo ball soup. I make it too, but hers is better!

  267. JulieJags says:

    My favorite soup memory came to me just this year. My sister took me to Paris! She started college the day I started kindergarden, so we didn’t really know each other until we became adults. After many medical issues she decided, life is short, we need to have french onion soup in Paris! LOL I was the best! I would love to have a Vitamix to experiment with a healthy version of this soup!

  268. Amila says:

    My favorite is black bean soup. Sometimes I swich for chick peas( the rest ingredients are the same).
    My secret ingredient is bay leaf. It gives so much flavor.

  269. Stacey says:

    My favorite soup would be butternut squash porridge/soup or also known as Hobakjuk in Korean. When I was younger, my grandma would have it made ready to eat when my sister and I got home from school– especially on those cold chilly days. She knew how much I loved the rice cake balls in the soup and would always put a little extra in mine. I always knew she loved more me more :)

  270. Alisha says:

    It brings a smile to my face when my husband requests my stew/soup! I also have fond memories of my grammy when I eat homemade chicken noodle soup.

  271. Kirsten Kimball says:

    My favorite soup memory is from when I was sick a couple of years ago. I have an aversion to canned chicken noodle soup. I don’t care if I am sick or not there is no way you are getting me to eat that. So I was laying around miserable when my daughter, who was 12 at the time, set before me a steaming bowl of noodle soup she had made herself. Now, I realized that we had been giving her free reign of the kitchen for a while..her father cooked with her, I baked with her…for the most part. But this was such a surprise. It was delicious and I swear I was better within a day. Probably an exaggeration in my mind but definitely something I now look forward to when I am sick. I love her soups.

  272. Beth says:

    Love that this soup is vegan :) If I had to pick just one favorite soup memory, it would have to be during my childhood, when I was sick and stayed home from school the countless times I had the flu, strep, a bad cold. My mom gave me comforting Chicken n’ Stars (when condensed Campbell’s soup was still the way to go in our house, eons before I went vegan). Soup has such a warming, snuggly quality, and all those tiny little star noodles were perfect for scooping up on a teaspoon and slurping from a big Winnie the Pooh mug, spending the day curled up on the couch with mom periodically offering hot tea and blankets in her sweet way. Brings me back to young childhood bliss…reminding me how strong our mother-daughter relationship is and how sweet she still is today. Love her and her chicken-soup-cures-all mentality, to this day. :)
    AND that reminds me! A book from my childhood about Martha the talking dog and her alphabet soup! Haha if you ever read those books you’ll understand what I mean…if not, I hope you chuckled regardless at the thought of a goofy smiling dog named Martha that talks and scares the bejeezus out of whatever human she passes :) Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing your beautiful blog. xo

  273. Ellen Wallseck says:

    My step-dad makes the BEST soup! No recipes, everything from scratch. Delicious. One evening many, many years ago he was carrying a freshly made pot (and I mean a BIG pot!) of soup from the kitchen to the refrigerator in the basement. All of a sudden he lost his grip and the pot hit the floor. Soup was EVERYWHERE!! There were noodles hanging from the light above the kitchen table, peas rolling out into the family room and broth all over the ceiling and walls. What a mess! We had a good laugh after we cleaned up the mess. Cleaning it up wasn’t the hardest part – missing out on all that good soup was!! My step-dad turned 86 this year. He still lives alone and still makes AWESOME soup!!

  274. JON RAMBOYON says:

    My favorite kind of soup I like is creamy tomato soup with basil and croutons and a sprinkling of shredded cheeses(all kinds). Yummm.

  275. George Tuxbury says:

    My favorite soup is this tomato soup that the diner in my hometown used to have, it was many years ago, and before I was vegan, but I would love to recreate it!!!

  276. Eva says:

    All of my mama’s homemade soups bring back memories of my childhood. My favorite is tomato soup with rice.

  277. Lynn says:

    Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches as a kid. especially great after playing in the snow outside all day.

  278. Monica Carter says:

    My mom used to make French Onion soup for Christmas Eve late supper. She passed away 27 years ago – for the first few years, I didn’t make it,but then I wanted my children to have that memory so started again. Now,if it looks like we aren’t making it,at least one will ask, “when”. It is definitely as much about the finished soup as it is about making it together and sharing, and for me, thinking even more about my mom.

  279. Rita says:

    Mom made a corn chowder with chunks of potato. It was so warming and filling in Maine in the winter.

  280. Meghan says:

    My favorite soup memory is from when I was about 12 and started really getting into cooking. I made a ridiculously complicated vegetable soup that included making my own broth and felt like it had half of the produce section in it! It was a time-intensive labor of love and fortunately turned out truly delicious. Fortunately I’ve now built up a repertoire of much quicker and easier recipes!!

  281. julianne says:

    my favorite soup memory was probably the first time i made it! it was sausage, kale and potato and it was delicious! fortunately, i made enough for a small army so there were plenty of leftovers.

  282. Elizabeth M. says:

    Honestly…I would love to be able to make a soup with a Vitamix. I have simply heard so much about what it can do and I do not know what I am going to eat next month when my wisdom teeth get taken out because soup and soft things sound like they are about it. I cannot afford a vitamix though. I see this recipe, and it would be a dream to be able to say that this is my favorite and to know where it came from. You are amazing for even doing this. If I were to reflect on one soup dish prior however, I would say that it was a vegan tomato soup that I made. I did not know what I was doing, but I did it in a pan, and although it was not as creamy and smooth as yours was, it was very nice. I would love the luxury of trying out your recipes here! It would mean a lot. Thank you very much again!

  283. Sherril Theis says:

    I remember being on a very rustic fishing trip off the Texas coast years ago. After a LONG day of fishing, we came in…got cleaned up and had a fabulous dinner that started off with cream of jalapeno soup. This was the most wonderful soup that I had ever eaten and I know that I will never forget the trip or the food!

  284. Lisa Tressel says:

    I made a soup over and over one winter. It was a sausage, white bean and delicate soup. It was perfect and reliable and comforting.

  285. Cheryl says:

    When I was 6 years old we visited my grandmother in the states from living in central america. We went to a restaurant and I ordered Chicken Noodles soup 6 spoonfuls later I threw up ejection vomit all over my grandmother.. Needless to say I don’t eat chicken noodle soup when I am sick any longer.

  286. GINGER says:

    My Mom used to make soup for my brother who passed away from cancer every other week about 2 gallons of TRIPE soup. And anyone who has made tripe soup knows the odor. The flavor does not matter. I would come home and have to leave, the aroma always got to me as a young child and young adult. This memory will never go away. I still talk to my sister-in-law about how much my brother loved that soup! My Mom is not with us anymore either, but this soup memory will live on!

  287. Dee Gray says:

    I remember watching my grandma make saturday night soup…taking all of the left over meat and veggies from her garden and cooking it all in her jet black pot….. (witch brew pot LOL) It made me feel like we was doing something magical. (it was her soup was the best!!!)

  288. Sarah says:

    It’s silly, and the soup itself was far from amazing, but I distinctly remember growing up a day when one of my older sister’s friends (who we as a family adored) came over and sheepishly asked my mother if she would heat her up canned chicken noodle soup–the girl’s mother was a trained chef, and she just wanted the plain, cheap stuff for a change! I still find this funny after all these years.

  289. Tara Bat says:

    My mom’s lentil soup-❤!!! Always silky smooth-and full of flavour!

  290. Shant Manguelian says:

    My favorite soup recipe is pretty much the same. That velvety, noodle-y, silky textures… Wether it’s a potato leek soup to a full flavoured mulligatawny! It’s a meal that brings a whole family together to a warm and inviting place. But my favorite moment was when I was first introduced to it by my mom. It was a beautiful carrot and ginger soup. The spicy ginger the sweet carrot mixed all together to give this creamy and smooth burst of flavor in my mouth! And until this day when I taste it, brings me back to my childhood!!

  291. Zhyldyz Kudaibergenova says:

    When I got pregnant with my son I could not eat anything at all. My friend invited me to a mediterranean restaurant and there I tried lentil&vegetables soup puree. I fell in live with that soup full of nutritious ingredients. I found a recipe and since then for special occaisions I have made it million times. That is my favorite!

  292. Pam says:

    My very favorite memory of soup is the Homemade Potato Soup that my Mom always made me when I had a sore throat or a cold. It was just so comforting and I knew that anytime I was home from school, not feeling well, that was the go to lunch. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  293. Adilya says:

    I love soups, all kinds and the favorite soup memory is of my childhood when long time ago back in Russua my grandparents were hosting yearly a big gathering of friends and family (they had 7 children and 15 grandkids, and I never counted how many grand-grand children) and making the traditional Tatar soup (shurpa) with homemade noodles and served it to about hundred people in one day. The preparations took days (there were all sorts of food and sweets prepared) and I was taking part in making of the noodles sometimes (tiny egg noodles all cut by hand). The pot was huge about 20-30 quarts, soup was always delicious despite its simplicity, I wish I could replicate the same taste now but it seems impossible – there was definitely some grandma’s secret to it.

  294. Ashley H says:

    I don’t know if this counts but back in college I would whip up some top ramen and add all sorts of goodies to it. Eggs, scallions, sriracha, even lemongrass!

  295. Katy Emanuel says:

    We are big soup fans in this house as well. Favourite soup memory is my grandmother’s lentil soup. It was always served before a family dinner and as kids we all hated it and so would pour our soup into any other of our cousins bowls if they got up during this course as we had to finish our soup before we got supper. Nowadays I actually crave this soup all winter long. The recipe was never written down and my grandmother has bad dementia so unfortunately I think the recipe is lost. I am forever in search of a lentil soup that at least tastes similar.

  296. Jennifer says:

    I would have soup all the time in the Winter, always with oyster crackers. I pretended to like vegetable soup more than I actually did because my dad liked it. My real favorite was chicken noodle though.

  297. Danielle says:

    When we moved to Hong Kong from the US when I was in elementary school my brother and I had shark fin soup for the first time. We thought it was the coolest thing.

  298. Maija Williams says:

    My favorite soup memory is of my son. He’s 4 years old and loves tomato soup with a grilled cheese on the side. Funny thing is he actually enjoys the soup more than the grilled cheese. He will eat the grilled cheese first so he can save his soup for last and slurp it slow to enjoy it. At 4 who knew he would be a soup lover and tomato soup for that matter. I remember the first time he had the soup at daycare he came home face red and clothes messy. His daycare teacher said to me your son loves soup. He asks for seconds. I made it for him and sure enough he devoured it. If they have tomato soup is on the menu at school I know to send extra clothes since it will definitely make it on his shirt. But not to much as he tries his best not to waste any. My CJ the tomato soup lover.

  299. Matthew Modesitt says:

    My favorite soup memory is loaded baked potato soup. My grandmother would make it for me when it would be a cold, winter day. She would also make noodle soup when we were sick. I still think of her every time I I make a batch of potato soup.

  300. Janice Gardner says:

    It would be so wonderful to make these delicious soups and smoothies! I would be thrilled to get this machine!

  301. Janice Gardner says:

    My favorite soup memory is eating chicken noodle soup with buttered bread and dipping it in the soup! Yum!

  302. Annette says:

    I’m so crazy about soup and could it it morning, noon, and night. My favorite memory was making a big batch of Tuscan Vegetable Soup and freezing some for later. The leftovers from the freezer were so healing when I wasn’t feeling well.

  303. Suchi Modi says:

    Cold day and tired body needs only one thing for supper hot and peppery tomato basil soup. And if I get a fresh baguette or better a crispy cheesiest grilled cheese will take me to my childhood with every single bite. Truly said in Hundred foot journey ‘ Food is Memory’.

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